Schools could learn a lot from last year’s best hires

Click on the photo of Wisconsin's Gary Andersen for the five best first-year coaching jobs of 2013

Click on the photo of Wisconsin’s Gary Andersen for the five best first-year coaching jobs of 2013


75 thoughts on “Schools could learn a lot from last year’s best hires

  1. does anyone know anything about the WR that signed yesterday, another two star recruit?

  2. yes, he’s from a Catholic High school in Albany, N.Y. Caught only 15 passes for the entire senior year. I hope they were running the wishbone. His highlight film looks pretty good, but then again I haven’t seen a bad highlight film.

  3. so much for Rhule being a good recruiter…, this class is nothing to brag about.., appears Daz was/is a much better recruiter.., TU is so frustrating

    • KJ, can’t disagree with you about the recruiting so far, but I’m not sure how much to put into those star ratings anymore given that the 2 highest rated DBs on the roster, Dondi Kirby and Nate L. Smith could hardly get on the field this year. Then again, maybe that is just the symptom of another problem this team as in that if this staff can’t get 3 and 4 star players ready, what are the chances that they will be able to “coach up” some of those 2 star recruits. I just don;t get the feeling that this staff can find and develop those diamonds in the rough (no pun intended) that AG could. Plus if Franklin or AG end up at PSU, I’ve got to think recruiting will be even tougher for Temple going forward.

  4. Off topic, but thought you’d like to know Todd Bowles is considered one of the finalists for the Vikings head coaching job. GO OWLS!!

  5. And I’m sure whoever Penn State hires will do no worse than the 7-5 record BOB achieved with the team this year even though it will be the 3rd HC there in 4 years, and even though we all know no program can be successful with that kind of turnover.haha

  6. Someone please remind me, or explain to me, about how we had a solid amount of talent going into this year. Someone explain to me how there was any hope that we would be better this year despite losing an All-American caliber running back and we got blown out of almost every game against a team that was better than us. Again, I GET that 2-10 is unacceptable and that you can’t lose to the teams that we lost to, but the expectation that we were going to improve basically “just because” was short-sighted in my opinion. This defense was AWFUL last year and Snow only made it worse but it doesn’t change the fact that we weren’t ready this year. Have your pipedreams about how with a proven HC we would have been a bowl-caliber team, after NEVER BEATING A MAC TEAM despite all of the NFL talent we had before that is now gone. If we don’t see progress next year, now that we’ve given young talent a chance to develop, then we’ll talk

    • (And sorry for the shoddy grammar)

      • *MAC team with a winning record*

      • Owls13, you make some good points in your last post and that’s why I think the 2014 season is so important. As I said in an earlier post, the team should benefit by the experience gained this years, looks like at least with the JUCO signings some of the holes on the defense are being addressed, hopefully some of this year;s red shirts will step up and the offense will continue to improve. Plus with transitional issues with at least 7 of next year’s opponents (PSU, UConn, SMU, USF, Tulsa, Tulane, ECU), at worst the schedule will be no tougher than this years and the team will be able to turn some of those 3 point loses into 3 point wins.

      • Meant to say UCF

    • Owls13, I think most folks are on the same page as you statement “If we don’t see progress next year, now that we’ve given young talent a chance to develop, then we’ll talk” I didn’t expect that this year’s team was going to be much better than the 2012 team, what I didn’t expect was how much it regressed. While he may not have been the long term answer, I do think Daz would have gotten 5 wins out the team this year, which really would have just been at the upper end of most pre-season predictions. If you go back and look at them most had Temple at 3-9 worst case to as good as 6-6 at the best case.

      • Yes, the team regressed in terms of record and you can’t allow teams like Fordham and Idaho to stick around, let alone beat you. However, I felt like we were in more games this year than we were last year. The closeness and drama of the games and some mistakes that could have gone either way at the worst time combined to make Rhule look like he was way over his head. There were some games that Addazzio won where if we ended up losing, people would have seen him as a completely different coach. Sometimes 3 points in a game here and there can totally change the perception of a coach, and I get that and get he should be held accountable. This season was the “if something can go wrong, it will” season.

      • And it overshadowed how well we played, despite us being so young. You can argue that Rhule totally corrupted a program , or you can just accept that sometimes a few plays that don’t go your way can make or break you. I remember a few years ago we almost lost at home to an inferior team but they went for two to win it instead of playing for overtime. Sometimes you just get lucky. The basketball team is experiencing a very similar situation, except it hasn’t been in the situation in a while and there’s no clear way out. With the football team there is more reason for optimism once we get accept what happened and move on

  7. JD, PJ Walker was a 2 star recruit. I think they did a good job of “coaching him”. So was Tyler Matakevich. I think they did a good job of coaching him up. U should know that recruiting is an in exact science. That’s why 4 star recruits like Nate Smith turn into busts. I’m happy wit out class so far. Aaron Ruff is gonna b a stud OL. The JUco guys will help the secondary. Michael Dodge the LB outta Jersey is a beast. And Anthony Davis is the cream of the crop. Lets think positive!

    • With a player like Walker, I think his on field performance in high school was a better indicator than the star rating which is why I agree with your assessment of recruiting. I agree with you regarding a guy like Matekevich as well, even though not everyone does if you look at some of the other boards. The interesting thing about both players are that they were recruited and in Matekevich’s case was starting under the regime that supposedly “left the cupboard bare”. Right now I think the JUCO DBs are the biggest plus with the current recruiting class.

    • With the report today of Franklin hiring Terry Smith, wonder if Davis will become the cream of PSU’s crop. Loss him and the other Gateway recruits and this year’s class starts to lose some of it’s luster. Rhule better be a good recruiter going forward because it looks like Franklin is a guys who is “out for blood” in the state.

  8. Owls13,
    You’re spot on. Ive been saying that for a while. I am disappointed with the 2-10 season, but I def didnt expect them to be any better than the 4-7 team.

    First, we’re not in the MAC, so success wont come as easy anymore. The same people that complained about AGs skills and Daz’s stubborness will ALWAYS have a bone to pick with a coach…but thats expected with sports with any of us fans.
    However, im not making any concrete judgements til I see how this season plays out.

    As with our recruits. I think they will develop and our 2 star guys will excel…guys that I think will be all-league players before they graduate…Jahad Thomas (special teams/db), Sharif Fynch (lb), Averee Robinson (dt), Nate D. Smith(lb). Guys who have the potential but Im not totally sure they’ll turn into all league players are….Jihad Pritlow and Stephaun Marshall at safety..both can be good..but they need to be developed properly. And of course we have the main guys like PJ, Zaire, Robbie, Tyler. I also believe it used right…Khalif Herbin and Romond Deloatch can have great seasons next year. To be honest..I think we’re going bowling..because they players are going to take the bull by the horns.

  9. Also..I believe the hidden gems in our incoming class will be..Sean Chandler (Camden) so confused why nobody else had pulled the trigger on this kid. Heard he excelled the penn state camp. So im suprised not even rutgers or uconn offered. Cuse picked up a dback from cherry hill that we offered..but i dont even think hes better than Chandler.

    Also Anthony Davis has not committed yet…Randall and Thrift did. As for the Florida guys I think you can always get a steal because the state is so deep and theres so many high profile guys and schools fighting for the big guys you can get steals. We havent real recruited in the Miami Dade area this year but there are gems in the other Florida metros of Orlando, Tampa-St.Pets, Jacksonville, Ft. Myers area.

    Also I think some of the best hidden gems are in northeastern urban schools. Traditionally, northeastern urban public schools are known more for basketball than football. This makes sense because many lack resources and good coaching. I teach in an NYC public school that doesnt even have a football team but we have so many guys walking down the hallways who have no idea of the potential they have. Often these schools are not dominant but they always have at least 1-2 DI caliber athletes on the team who if developed properly can be great. I.E. Jaiquawn Jarrett (Brooklyn), Tahir Whitehead (Newark), Amara Kamara (Newark), Mo Wilkerson (Linden, NJ), Andre Neblett (Rahway, NJ). Theres talent..although raw in NYC, Essex County New Jersey especially! Union County ,NJ. If we visit every public school in Newark, Brooklyn, Jersey City, Paterson,..we can find a DI athlete on every roster. I think this NYC metro, north Jersey area has as much athletes any part of America…they just need to be developed properly. The few that are go play at Don Bosco, Bergen Catholic, St. Joes etc..and excell. Jabrill Peppers is from Essex (East Orange) but was able to develop properly at DB and Paramus. The guys are out there..we’ve got to find them.

  10. hello everyone, do you think it is possible for every team to have a few players over and under ranked? our inability to make elevate the lower ranked recruits and inability to get our fair share of four stars recruits spells doom…., look at the bright side you say? we’ll I’ve been looking since Rhule arrived and have only seen darkness, the guy sucks and will not be our coach in for the 2015 season

  11. Hard to believe Matt is going to get a brain transplant in the offseason and I saw too many bone-headed decisions to have much hope for 2014. Neil Theobald is going to have to have huge gonads to pull the trigger if the best we can do is 4-8.

    • Mike, while I tend to agree more with your and KJ’s assessment, I am looking at 2014 with a more positive spin right now, given some of what has or is happening to teams on next years schedule. I do think that 2014 is or has to be considered a make or break season for Rhule, too many teams are able to turn things around in 2 years to have to wait 3/4 years here.

      Some of my reasons for being a bit more positive for 2014 are:
      1. Potentially 3 of next years opponents will have new coaches with new staffs, systems, etc with PSU having their 3 coach in 4 years and UConn 3rd coach in 3 years.
      2. USF and SMU losing key offense weapons
      3. ECU, Tulsa and especially Tulane moving up to a higher level of competition
      4. The 2014 Owls will have a decent core of junior players who have seen substantial playing time over the past 2 seasons at the BE/AAC level.
      5. A year of experience with the system Rhule is putting in place which has already shown improvement on offense and I would expect with a year playing for Snow at least a modest level of improvement on defense.
      6. With a year running the team, hoping Rhule will learn from some of the mistakes he made last year and continue to mature as a HC

      So given all of that, I think that at least a .500 record for 2014 is a reasonable expectation

  12. Good points, JD. Three more reasons for optimism:
    1) The two new JC safties look like solid starters;
    2) Rhule coached one good game all season (Memphis; I’m not counting 3-9 Army) but it was the last game of the season;
    3) He had the opportunity for 4th and 1 3 times after the RU disaster and went for QB sneaks all three times (and got first downs);
    So he learns a little at a time. The learning curve is at a snail’s pace. He needs to pick it up.

  13. looks like we are going to get beat by two Franklin teams next year ;(

    • I don’t know KJ, while you’re probably right another coaching change at PSU may cause some transition issues that Temple could take advantage of. That being said wish we were still playing them at the start of the season and not November due to that Dublin game with UCF

  14. With Franklin getting the PSU job, thoughts on whether Larry Johnson stays on as D-line coach up there. If available and interested seems like he would be a great addition to Rhule’s staff to replace Noble

  15. according to published reports, Johnson does not want to stay there. I hope MR can convince him to come to Temple as the DC and make Snow the DB coach if he’s so intent on keeping his buddy around.

  16. Even if Snow remains DC next season, which I think he will be, getting assistant coaches of Johnson’s caliber will one hopefully put some pressure on Snow and two give Rhule some options either during or after the season. Plus, I think if the defensive line were better coached this year you would have seen some improvement. I mean look at the way the DE’s were always rushing straight up field and not even trying to collapse the pocket, most times no d-lineman was playing in position to cover the qb scrambling out of the pocket. What I would like to see would be to bring Johnson on board as d-line coach, Vanderlinden for LB, move Saravo to DB coach which he did at Boston College and maybe move Bacon over to special teams or something.

  17. Sound like you have a better handle on the staff’s ability than even MR does and I mean that seriously and not jokingly or sarcastically. Hard to find where Snow fits in as a position coach. His last job as a position coach was DB coach for the 0-16 Lions. I’m sure he had them in perfect position for all 16 losses.

    • Mike, don’t know if I have a better handle on the staff, just basing my thoughts on observations from this past season, If Snow is going to be DC next year then let’s get the best position coaches available, especially when there are openings on the staff. I mean with 2 more sacks this season at opportune times there is a good possibility of 2 more wins, UCF and Fordham. I know there are some here and on other boards who seem to think this coaching staff can do no wrong and it’s all on the players but I think the play of the DEs demonstrated poor coaching. Every game, lined up wide and rushing straight up field. Look at a player like Hersey Walton, I thought at the end of the 2012 season he was playing on par with Levi Brown. Aside from Brown’s performance this season, he did make a couple of all Big East team selections in 2012. So you would think Walton would have continued to improve yet this year he seemed almost a non-entity until late in the season. So with all that I think things can be done to improve this defense with Snow still serving as DC.

  18. Absolutely, you make very good points. I’m very concerned about the future of Temple football when we have someone in charge who cares more about his friends than Temple football, which is and has always been the thing I care most about.

  19. extremely disappointed in the AD, Pres and BOT….., collectively they are responsible for reinforcing failure and throwing good money after bad…., Rhule sucks and but we shouldn’t blame him…, he is doing the best he can.., nor should we blame Snow who sucks even worse…., both of them wake up everyday with great intentions…, bottom line is they just aren’t capable…, blame goes to the people who continue to pay their salaries…, pay more and get less? what a concept!!!

  20. I think the philosophy on sports is to let all the contracts play out until the end, which is really a bad philosophy. When the AD before you came in makes a mistake, it should be OK to correct the mistake in mid-contract.

  21. Hope that isn’t true as I see next season as pivotal the which direction this program is headed to in the future. Let’s assume that Franklin is as good a recruiter as the folks at PSU are portraying, that coupled with Rutgers now recruiting from the B10 are already going to make things more challenging going forward. Recruiting against that after another poor season and I think Rhule’s rep as a recruiter will start to take a big hit. Also, this team needs to be able to take advantage of a talent like PJ Walker to elevate the standing of the team, much like Bridgewater at Louisville. I don’t want to see another Henry Burris scenario, great qb, exciting offense but losing records. For me, anything less than 6-6 in 2014, barring key injuries, should warrant a house cleaning of the entire staff.

  22. Why don’t they clean house? Because Temple football is Temple football. We committed to a guy for the long term (hopefully he can win and he’ll stick around) and while the first season had lots of disappointment, I don’t think anyone was expecting much out of this year. Addazio’s own 9-4 team went 4-7 the next year. He inherited a great situation and turned our offense into one of the most mind-numbing things you could watch. And look what the defense did last year! You guys are saying we can’t afford to have Rhule and his staff around because time is precious, and we’re blowing our chances. We’re not a major power team where we can send the “win now or get fired” message. Who would come here and believe that’s fair? Who really WANTS to coach here? I’m afraid we can’t afford to clean house, but I think we will see progress next year. Also, I think everyone is playing up the Snow-Rhule “buddies” thing too much. Snow sucks, yes, but I don’t think they’re keeping him around because they’re best friends. Most coaches hire off of professional relationships and I don’t think this is a favoritism thing

    • Owls13, I don’t think it is a case where Temple is a major power team but rather how the environment has shifted around Temple football. With a Penn State program looking like it will get back to pre sanction scholarships and bowl eligibility sooner rather than later, with Rutgers moving to the B10, recruiting is only going to get tougher. I think Temple will be better able to hold it’s own with getting into bowls, even the second tier ones and getting closer to competing for an AAC title within the next 2 seasons. That is why I think pressure needs to be put on this staff to be at least a .500 team next season. I’ll give Rhule last season to start getting his system in place and as a learning curve for being a head coach. Also, to say anything less than a 6 win, bowl eligible season next year is progress, I would disagree. Look at Franklin’s record at Vanderbilt, 2-10 the 2 previous seasons before he took the HC job, bowl eligible his first season. Curtis Johnson at Tulane, 2-10 his first season, 7-5 and in a bowl his second, with a program that had not won more than 4 games a year since 2004.

  23. If he doesn’t know or trust anyone BETTER than Snow to do that job, he’s cheating Temple.

  24. If Matt Rhule hasn’ called Larry Johnson yet, it’s another reason to worry about the future. Not only is he one great coach and recruiter he’s a better person. Larry Johnson as assistant defensive coordinator or head coach would go a long way in securing a successful future.

    • Looks like he is on his way to Ohio State. What I worry about most with this whole situation regarding getting a new DL coach and beefing up the staff on the defeinsive side of the ball is if Rhule is not calling a guy like Johnson because the University can’t afford him. That is the one really troubling aspect I keep seeing pop up in all of these coaching discussion, Temple doesn’t have the $$, doesn’t want to get into an “arms race”. If that is the case, how serious can the university really be with regards to competing at this level in football.

  25. Either they want a competitive team or they don’t/ From what I see, they want a cadillac for the price of a Yugo. Something’s gotta give and it’s the competitiveness of the team. Time for TU to poop or get off the pot.

  26. John, not sure many bloggers on this site beside you, myself and Mike know what a Yugo is….., lol

  27. Good hire. Comes highly recommended by Todd McNair, a Temple guy who was USC offensive coordinator. Not Larry Johnson but the next-best hire. Now if we can only get rid of Phil Snow. ….

  28. looks like we 9 DBs out of 25 total in the next recruiting class…, indication of a problem? biggest problem is all are under 6’1 and none of them run can run a 4.4 or better…, stuck on stupid? has anyone seen the Seattle DBs? shouldn’t those guys represent the model?

  29. I think he’s trying to get the 4.4s. Golden, with the power of his personality and charm of the mothers of recruits, could do it. 2-10 is not a good selling point. At least Golden was building from scratch. No way Rhule had to build from scratch. It’s looking bleak. Also not very impressed with this recruiting class. ESPN has it ranked only above UConn. Not impressed with Snow still having an office here. Robinson was a good hire, but the schools who are at the top of the conference hit on everything (recruiting and coaching).

  30. It is depressing that Phil Snow is still here. Can’t imagine what, if anything, he brings to the table. I doubt he’s a great recruiter if he still recruits and we’ve seen his coaching ability over the last nine years. He must have incriminating photos of someone important because he’d be gone if he didn’t. LOL.

  31. again, AD, Pres and BOT are the root of all evil in his equation…, “Rhule is an unproven coach with tremendous head coach potential, and he is a great recruiter”, that is what they told us and only the first part is true, the rest is all lies…, still unproven but he does not have potential and his peers are better recruiters.., this recruiting class is in the half that makes the top half possible…., last year’s team should have won 8 to 9 games….the new teams in the AAC are explosive and they have better coaching and more talent…look at the class Houston and the Florida schools are bringing in, plus Houston get a new stadium really soon – that is a program on the rise…, where does this leave Temple? more excuses, more empty seats, another bottom 50 recruiting class, and looking for a new head coach in 2015…, hard for me to witness this mess…, this whole gang would get voted out of office if the students and alumni could vote…., worst of all is Rhule and his staff can’t develop players and scheme the players they do have…,

  32. And it’s only going to get worse with the news today about PSU hiring Terry Smith, well so much for that western PA recruiting pipeline moving and I wonder how many of this years class will now de-commit. Must be nice to have a HC who targets areas to improve his team and goes after it. Don’t want to open up this old can of worms again, but I’m starting to wonder again what this move to the AAC gets us?? I keep hearing more $$, but the team never seems to be able to pay better coaches when they are on the market.

  33. So we are judging a recruiting class b4 signing day? And even on signing day u can’t really judge a class. Tyler Matakevich was a 2 star recruit. Walker was a 3 star recruit! But we already r calling Rhule a terrible recruiter. What’s next…Rhule is the cause of cancer? U guys (JD, KJ, Mike) hatred of Rhule simply blinds yall. And I’m not a RA or hater. I’m a Temple fan whose excited about next season. PJ for Heisman! What’s wit all the depressing talk about the program? Sheesh! It’s getting tiresome guys. I come on this site to find out more info about the program n there’s always just gloomy talk about Rhule n Temple. I get it. I know we r frustrated but give it another year. Someone said Rhule couldn’t develop players…how about the development of PJ or Anderson? U can’t pick n choose what u want to further your argument.

    • Not a Rhule hater, I just look at results. I’ll give you that the team did so some improvement, though inconsistent, towards the last 1/3 of the season. But I look at a coach who other than “he’ll stay here” the rabid Rhule boosters really can’t point out anything else on his résumé as head coaching potential. You have a DC who in his last 3 stops before coming to Temple left the defense in worse shape than before he arrived. As for the current recruiting class, sure you have to wait and see, but I don’t see it rated by folks that know more than me as earth shattering. Plus you mention guys like Matekevich and yes from what I understand Rhule was the big force in pushing for him but if you are going to give him credit for that under Daz you have to also put some of the responsibility for the poor 2010 class, which is more a root to some of the issues on this team than the oft repeated “Daz left the cupboard bare” . I agree PJ is exciting, so was Henry Burris and Walter Washington

  34. Copied this from another forum:

    Our recruiting class ranking has risen with the addition of Cequan Jefferson a VT de-commit who is ranked as a four star recruit by ESPN and a high three by the others and may climb higher with the inclusion of Anthony Davis who has committed to Temple but is only listed by one service for some reason. They are the two highest rated players of the 2014 recruiting class so far.

    This incoming class is rated third or fourth best in the conference as it will be configured in 2014.

    ESPN 3rd (23 recruits , Davis not included)
    Rivals 3rd (23 commits including Davis)
    247sports 4th (Listing 25 commits ,Anthony Davis not included)

    Scout has us ranked 5th but is lagging behind or they know something the others don’t, only listing 18 recruits , Davis not included.

  35. JD, afraid you are right about the negative impact of Smith’s departure will have on this class. here is what PSU’s Franklin had to say about the recruiting environment today,

    Franklin believes half of recruits commit for the coach.
    “I think, for a lot of kids, it’s about the school, but if they don’t have a connection with the coach, they’re not going to go there,” he said. “For some kids, it’s about the relationship, it’s about the trust.

    “For some families, it’s about the man that’s going to lead their son and build on the foundation that they’ve built for the last 18 years. It depends. I’d say it’s 50-50, or even 60-40 in a lot of cases, with the coach.”

    think Smith will take at least four of our committs with him to Penn State…., this really sucks

    • Are KJ and JD the same person? I’ll agree that this Eeyore pessimism is getting old. Go Owls

      • So Kevin, give me just 3 reasons to be optimistic, aside from PJ Walker will be exciting and Matt Rhule will stick around. I like to think of it as being realistic. I’ll give you that the Rhule seems to really put 110% into the recruiting aspect of the HC job in college, but sooner or later he needs to focus on what is being done on the field. If he is still promising recruits immediate playing time 2 years from now this team is in trouble. And no we’re not the same people.

  36. Good news: The Gateway three are committed to Temple. Bad news: Where does this “belief system” in Rhule as a HEAD COACH (not recruiter) come from? There is absolutely no basis to believe that Rhule is/will be a great or even good head coach.

    • Well Mike, we will know the answer after next season! If the team sucks then I will b rite next 2 u calling 4 Rhule head. But I’m thinking positive!

  37. TU football is being attacked from all sides. Terry Smith leaving, Rutgers going to the Big Ten with its unlimited funds, and the new PSU coach just exacerbate an already dire situation. And next year’s schedule does this team no favors. If the coaching is as sub-par as it was this season, the team could realistically go 1-11. Delaware State is the only game where TU will be favored. Vanderbilt, Navy, and PSU look like losses at this time. If the team goes 1-11, I can see the Bd. of Trustees ending the program. Hopefully, Matt Rhule’s supposed potential becomes a reality next season because, if it doesn’t, all TU athletics might be in danger because the new conference will oust the basketball team if the football team is disbanded.

    • Ending the program? They just approved a on campus stadium.

      • I’ve seen this posted on the other boards as well. Please provide link to “official” announcement, timeline for construction, etc. of the on campus stadium.

  38. Don’t care that they did. Until I see a crane and construction going on, I’ll believe it when I see it. Ask the three teams that were cut if they had any warning.

  39. I hope you like table tennis, because that’s all that will be left.

  40. just thinking out loud…, our recruiting class is in the half that makes the top half possible; however, it is probably better than any 2-10 team in the nation. But, why did last year’s team finish at 2-10? dog chasing the tail?

  41. briefly, blowing a 28-7 lead at SMU (not running the ball and chewing clock), blowing a 21-0 lead vs. UConn (again, trying 20 passes in the first 23 plays of the second half), not sneaking your best player behind your physically strongest player for THREE inches that would have (not could have) won the RU game, losing to Fordham (not running the ball with FBS recruits averaging 306 across the OL against FCS recruits averaging 247 across the DL) and losing to the worst team in the history of FBS football (2013 Idaho) by trying to throw 10 fifty-yard bombs 5 yards over the heads of receivers. Does this kind of thinking all magically change next year? Dog chasing the tail is an apt description indeed.

  42. In an honest attempt to raise the level of discourse here, what is to gain from the constant negativity? Do the few persistent naysayers on this board think they have the ear of Rhule or the administration? If that was the case Snow would be in Eastern State Pen and the OT-eligible pass would be a staple. IMHO Temple was a few plays from 6-6 and I tend to focus on how Rhule outcoached O’Leary for 59 minutes. He will get better and so will Owls. See you in September.

  43. If we had playmakers on defense Rhule’s rookie mistakes wouldn’t have been illuminated so much. This team did a lot of good things this season and hopefully next year we will see how much it grew. Remember, Addazio made a 9-4 team a 4-7 one. Yes, he coached the 9-4 team but people should see the point. Also, people want the BOT to fire Rhule? Because we’re Alabama or Notre Dame and we have coaches lined up to take the job and we can afford to lure them in with big money and because we can afford to fire someone in their first year? Because after our brilliant 4-7 year with no proven talent returning everyone expected us to win and everything else was unacceptable? Yeah

    • There’s the post I have been waiting for, does everyone forget we got thrown all over us during that 4-7 year. Once teams figured that out we got blown out in conference play. Hell we made Gary Nova look like the best QB in history

      Also agree with the coach point, The college rule of thumb is 3-4 years, let them get their guys in to fit their system. As well as Alderman and Christopher played they aren’t guys for a spread offense. Robby Anderson types are which Rhule has done well recruiting. I’m not a defensive guy, but its pretty obvious our safeties just can’t play and our D Line does not use their hands whatsoever to shed blocks. .

      • Matt, I think now days the college rule of thumb 2-3 years. A lot of current examples of that anymore, Curtis Johnson, Tulane 2-10 first year, 7-6 second and in a bowl, James Franklin, Vanderbilt 2-10 the 2 prior years before he took over the HC job, 6-7 second year and in a bowl, George O’Leary, UCF, 0-11 his first year 8-5 second. Plenty more examples that I think expecting this team to be competitive for bowl eligibility next season is not unrealistic and certainly in a bowl by 2015 at the latest. If Rhule doesn’t have this team in a bowl by 2015 then he shouldn’t be here for the 2016 season.

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