McNair Would Be A Great Addition to Rhule’s staff

Todd McNair, coaching the Cleveland Browns, has Temple running through his blood.

Todd McNair, coaching the Cleveland Browns, has Temple running through his blood.

A little over a year ago, then Temple athletic director Bill Bradshaw walked into a room full of Temple football players and told them their head coach at the time, Steve Addazio, was leaving for Boston College.

Partly out of courtesy, partly out of curiosity, Bradshaw asked the team what they thought he should do.  The players shouted out one thing: “Hire Matt Rhule.” Bradshaw had other ideas, even mentioning to several fans that it was his desire this time to get a guy with winning head coaching experience.

Paul Darragh finished his first season as head coach at Bloomsburg with a 10-2 record.

Paul Darragh finished his first season as head coach at Bloomsburg with a 10-2 record.

As it turned out, though, what the players had to say carried an awful lot of weight when Bradshaw was weeding through the interview process. Like a couple of years before, Rhule interviewed well and was liked by more than just the players. The parents also liked him, as did some key administrators who remembered Rhule’s time as an assistant coach for both Addazio and the guy before him, Al Golden.

In the end, Rhule’s knowledge of the program and the kids and that support won Bradshaw over. That, and the fact at least one other key target was coaching his team in a bowl game and did not want to give that up to get to Temple early enough to secure a shaky recruiting class.

Rhule had a rough first year, going 2-10, but he has secured a couple of decent recruiting classes and one of the only things left for him to do is to hire a guy or two with Temple connections as a key position coach. It’s one thing to have Temple-made guys like former quarterback Adam DiMichele and former safety Kevin Kroboth as grad assistants, but it might be helpful to get a guy from Temple as a position coach as well.

I think the next step for a guy like Matt Rhule is to hire an assistant coach with Temple ties to a winning past, a guy like Paul Darragh or Todd McNair. Darragh finished the season as a 10-2 head coach at Bloomsburg University and McNair was one the offensive coordinator for powerhouse USC under Pete Carroll. McNair, a NFL running back, was also an assistant coach with the Cleveland Browns. Other coaches with Temple backgrounds include (but are not limited to) Dick Beck, the North Penn High School head coach and Rich Drayton, the Central High School head coach.

Even the Florida Gators once feared Todd McNair.

Even the Florida Gators once feared Todd McNair.

I thought about Todd the other day when  he posted that he was happy with the addition of Elijah Robinson to the Temple staff. I thought, “Why not Todd?” Todd is a great guy and a great coach who has a National Championship under his belt at USC and, while at Temple, played in a game against defending national champion BYU in front of 52,945 at Veterans Stadium. (Temple lost that game, 26-24.)

Why not indeed? He would be a great role model for the present-day Temple kids.

You can never have too many good coaches on the staff, especially guys with “Temple-made” stamped on their farheads.


20 thoughts on “McNair Would Be A Great Addition to Rhule’s staff



  2. Todd’s around and he’s waiting. He has plenty of experience as a great recruiter at an inner-city school.

  3. The loss to BYU that year was another one where TU should have won. Despite the fact that the BYU punter was kicking line drives, he did not call for a return until the second half which turned into a touchdown. Then, he didn’t use Rienstra on defense until the second half and he promptly had a couple of sacks. Some things never change.
    Regarding Todd McNair, the Owls couldn’t do better. he’s a well respected coach who would bring a wealth of experience to a staff that needs it. He also would be an asset in recruiting. Hopefully, Rhule pulls the trigger and brings him home.

  4. The he I was referring to was Bruce Arians, who was not the best game day coach at the time. That’s surely has changed.

    • amazing that Bruce had to fight for jerseys and practice on a rock-strewn field and went 6-5 twice against a top 10 schedule. Firing Bruce was the worst decision this uni ever made regarding football. Every team Temple REGULARLY played, including Boston College and Rutgers, all had dedicated football facilities even then. Temple was the only school that did not.

  5. Unfortunately I just don’t see a guy previously on USC’s staff with current NFL credentials picking up and leaving to accept an assistant position at a program like ours. The Offensive Coordinator position isn’t open and even if it was I don’t think he would take a step down and take it. And Temple guys in general would be good for the job, but in my opinion high school coaches should not be mentioned

  6. You mean high school coaches like Terry Smith of Gateway? Some of the best football coaching anywhere is being done by high school coaches.

  7. I guess the head coach of the Cleveland Browns, Mike Pettine, Never coached High School Ball?

    Get a clue

    • “Get a clue.” Thanks, Jay, your logic is often too sophisticated for me to understand but I’ll take your sagely advice. I just love how you guys moan over not having “proven college head coaches” on the staff but because Mike Pettine coached at North Penn High School he’s an example of how we shouldn’t be afraid to hire a high school football coach. I’m not so obtuse as to think that college coaches don’t start out coaching high school, I’m simply pointing out the hypocrisy of the board.

      • Amazing how the Matt Rhule Apologists are quick to dismiss hiring a high school coach, yet I don’t remember reading a single word from said MRA criticizing MR for hiring Terry Smith out of high school. Just pointing out the hypocrisy of MRAs.

  8. I was at that game and your dam right we should have won. BYUwas terribly overrated and reinstra blew through their line line he was playing a CYO team when he was on D. Such is the life of a temple football fan

  9. Here we go with the MRA nonsense again. I’m not a Matt Rhule disciple and I haven’t worshipped the guy and every move he’s made like you think. I never even said I was quick to dismiss hiring a high school coach. To be truthful, I didn’t even know he hired Terry Smith out of high school, you’re better informed than I am, and I am not surprised nor do I have an opinion on it. I know it’s commonplace and my past opinions about the head coach (responding to what I felt were overreactions; I never said he was doing a perfect job) have nothing to do with what I think of the matter. I was just pointing out the fact that in one sentence you wanted a guy that coached at USC and in the NFL and in the next you’re talking about high school coaches. I trust your opinion that the high school coaches may make fine additions to the staff, it just seemed out of place. I guess the point I take away from all of this is you never know where a good coach is going to come from.

  10. Isn’t there some kind of NCAA coaching sanction issue with Todd McNair based on the whole Reggie Bush episode at USC? Even if there were interest in adding him to the TU staff would that make it a problem?

    • I am pretty sure he still has an ongoing lawsuit against the NCAA which would make him unable to coach at the college level?

  11. I’ve heard from two pretty good sources that Matt wants to hire him and Todd wants to come on board, but it has to be approved at a higher level. That’s the holdup. I don’t think the NCAA has banned Todd from coaching. It’s sort of like when Bobby Wallace wanted to hire Hal Mumme as OC but David Adamany (who ironically knew nothing about football) nixed it.

  12. Hal Mumme would have been a great hire and probably would have resulted in TU settling on one offense instead of changing it five times in six years. Mumme is the only coach who was able to raise the stock at Kentucky, if only briefly. Bobby Wallace was completely lost He had Tornado Sharps, the leading rusher in the Big East the previous year, and he goes to a read option offense with a pure drop back quarterback (Mike McCann fro St. Joe’s Prep) who couldn’t run. i’d sit in the stands and gaze in shock at Wallace was doing. Given the string of coaches TU has had (Hardin and Golden excluded) over the last forty years it’s amazing that there’s still a program here..

  13. Loved Tanardo Sharps. Temple is Tailback U. …. Mike Busch, Tom Sloan, Anthony Anderson, Zach Dixon, Stacey Mack, Elmarko Jackson, Paul Palmer, Todd McNair, Ventres Stevenson, Kevin Duckett, Bernard Pierce, Matty Brown, Montel Harris and now Zaire Williams, who has a chance to be real good (maybe not AS) good if he gets it 20-25 times a game.

  14. Todd petitions to get the NCAA to release information about the investigation that let to his suspension to clear his name. The NCAA is pushing back because there are probably additional skeletons in the NCAA’s closet that they need to hide. If Todd comes back to coach in the NCAA, there will be retribution. He’s better off in the NFL, and so is Temple. We had enough bad calls last season.

    I will be cheering for the Browns next season along with the Cardinals, Jets, Giants, Broncos, and any team that has an Owl in the rafters.

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