Wayne Hardin and Mike Pettine, Sr., the two greatest coaches I have ever known

Click on the photo of Mike Pettine Jr. to see why I think he will make a great coach of the Cleveland Browns.

Click on the photo of Mike Pettine Jr. to see why I think he will make a great coach of the Cleveland Browns.


19 thoughts on “Wayne Hardin and Mike Pettine, Sr., the two greatest coaches I have ever known

  1. My junior year in high school, my coach had us do the same thing. perfect plays he called it. I hated the drill because when it was first implemented we would be on the field twenty minutes longer than the defense. However, as the season progressed, the mental errors disappeared and we went to the NYC championship game where we lost in overtime because of a bad call. The ref called simultaneous catch on a clear interception. Here’s the picture (my team, in white, was on defense and the guy who intercepted the ball played at TU):

  2. Great photo … indisputable evidence.. … did you get the feeling watching Temple this year that the Owls were a well-drilled team? Mike Pettine Sr. and Jr. would have stopped the game and grabbed the facemasks of our DBs every time they played the receiver and not the ball. Temple DBs faceguarded every pass this year and the coaches didn’t do a damn thing.

  3. The feeling I got this season was that the coaches did little, if any, correction of errors. That’s evidenced by the four hail mary passes, two of which occurred in ONE GAME that opponents completed against them. The odds of that are astronomical unless the kids weren’t coached, which was obvious. Add to that the play call at Rutgers, the inexplicable “bombs away” strategy at Idaho, the failure to beat up Fordham with TU’S size advantage, and the sinful misuse of Chris Cuyer all manifest the extreme lack of coaching. Chris Cuyer was a special athlete who should have had 15 touches a game be they on direct passes, laterals, as a QB, or as a running back a la Mike Zordich at Penn State. Only a lack of imagination held that kid back. It’s a true shame. By the way, Mike Pettine senoir would have won 7-8 games last season. He surely would not have blown the games this coaching staff did that’s for sure. By the way Mike, the ref who made the call against us in high school had a tooth knocked out after the game by an irate fan.

    • It is facts like these that make me puzzle at those who defend the coaching, saying we just lack players. I always thought the best coaches were those who got the most out of their players. That is where I think this team of coaches, especially the defensive coaches, failed. I think Rhule improved as he learned from his mistakes this season, although his mistakes certainly hurt the teams record. I don’t know if he learned enough, but i don’t think the defensive coaches showed any improvement in coaching against the pass.

      And Mike, I agree, Hardin was among the best, if not the best I have ever seen.

      • The fact that he hasn’t fired Snow is Exhibit A that he hasn’t learned enough. We can only hope he’s waiting for after signing day to do that; if so, he gets a pass.

    • I wish we had fans like that.

  4. any big surprises between now and national signing day?

  5. Temple was always known for doing more with less. Despite the lack of facilities, average recruiting, and and a rabid but small fan base, football, at times, and the basketball team regularly excelled. Now, both teams have resources that past coaches could only dream of having. That though has not led to success and it seems that TU is now doing less with more. This better change soon because the future of the sports’ teams may be at risk.

  6. Mo money, mo problems as the song says. $50 million hoops facility and we’re 5-13. $17 Million football facility and we’re 2-10. Something is very wrong with this picture.

  7. great observation and very strange…., past Temple coaches were famous for doing more with less and their efforts resourced the much needed facility improvements. so we now have more to sell but that has not resulted in more wins…., lack of clear vision, ways, means and ends from the worrisome terrible triangle at the top – AD, Pres, and BOT. they suck!!!

  8. from their perspective, they think building the facilities should result in wins. People are the most important ingredient in programs and that’s where they failed miserably. I have no doubt that Matt Rhule is a “nice guy” who “wants to” win more than anyone else, but I do have doubts about his innate intellect to get the job done on gameday. Above average recruiter (I won’t call him great until he’s got Temple ranked No. 1 by all three scouting services) and an extremely below average to poor coach on Saturdays (and the way the team is prepared, Sundays through Fridays, too). The “want to” is there. The “how to” isn’t. As far as Fran, he’s a great coach seven days of the week who has a distain for recruiting. I need a Fran coaching my football team and a Matt recruiting for my basketball team.

  9. Great point. Coach Dunphy has to realize that despite TU’s BB success, he has to sell the program to kids who are inundated 24/7 with news about Duke, Kentucky, MSU etc. That being said, reputation alone won’t keep a program at the top. Look at UCLA and even Duke the year Coach K was out. I don’t know the members of Dunphy’s staff all that well but I don’t believe there’s a ace recruiter in the bunch. If I were him, it’s time to get one especially given that TU’s facilities have all the bells and whistles kids are looking for and their conference schedule is truly national and contains some great teams. As far as Matt Rhule goes, I would have hired Vanderlinden as a mentor after he was so unceremoniously let go. He was a head coach and did a great job at PSU. I think Vanderlinden would have provided Coach Rhule with necessary guidance about what it takes to succeed as a head coach.

  10. Vanderlinden or Bradley, who was a more successful head coach (although it was a smaller game sample).

  11. Rutgers hired Ralph Friedgen as offensive coordinator. TU, after a 2-10 season, sits on its hands.

  12. Fridge knows offense. Team scored 52 points in a bowl win and then he gets fired and Edsall goes 2-10 the next season.

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