Recruiting class arrives in a week, but redshirts could make bigger impact

Click over photo of Robby Anderson and P.J. Walker to see who could have a similar impact with Owls.

Click over photo of Robby Anderson and P.J. Walker to see who could have a similar impact with Owls.


22 thoughts on “Recruiting class arrives in a week, but redshirts could make bigger impact

  1. Hopefully, Rhule has the imagination to use DeLoach on defense as a pass rushing specialist. let’s face it while the dbacks were horrendous, the pass rush was equally as bad. Jabo Lee is the real deal. Hopefully, like other players who suffered an ACL, he comes back stronger than he was before the injury.

  2. Jabo Lee has more ‘make you miss’ than any player on the team.., the offense should be able to score consistently if they learn how to avoid the drive killing penalty (coaching).., our O-line is starting to play the way it did 4 yrs ago.., the defense is the nightmare.., looks like we are bringing in a plethora of new DBs this year (they can’t be any worse).., the pass rush maybe the worst in college football…, nowhere to go but up…, if the D can hold teams to 24 or less ppg we should win 6-7 games…, BL: can our coaches step up and develop, teach, and scheme? that is question numero uno

  3. Deloatch probably would help the team more as a DE. Nothing helps a pass defense more than the other guy’s quarterback flat on his ass.

  4. Any word on the wide receiver coach vacancy?

  5. Hopefully, Todd McNair. He wants it. Matt wants him. Waiting for it to be approved by the powers-that-be.

  6. Do we have a redshirt defensive coordinator? Because that’s what we really need most

  7. It was almost disheartening that Rhule hung onto the DC. Hopefully Rhule will have long sessions with him to change the defensive schemes. That D was responsible for most of last seasons losses. Scoring a lot doesn’t matter if the other team scores more. Pleeease make some dramatic changes and don’t just blame it on the players.

  8. This blog never blamed the players for a poor defensive showing last season. As a matter of fact, most followers wrote about how great of an effort the players were giving, but repeatedly begged for better leadership from their coaching staff. Last years team played hard for group of guys who didn’t have great coaching. Provided better schemes and game plans, I think last years team should have been a 6-6/7-5 year with the talent they have. If they can straighten out this coaching matter, success will follow suit.

  9. The Snow case, I believe, is a matter of Rhule not seeing the forest through the trees. He still sees Snow as the great UCLA DC of the 1990s. I (and most Temple fans) see him as the bum over-the-hill assistant in Hoosiers to Gene Hackman. Until Rhule gets an Ephinany, Temple’s defense won’t reach the heights it had under Chuck Heater in 2011. If I were Rhule, I’d reach out to Heater and give Chuck any deal he wanted. At least when Chuck was here, the fundamentals were coached. Now that Chuck could be inheriting better players, that’s all the more reason to go after him or an unemployed guy like Tom Bradley.

    • Heater’s D in 2012 was just as bad against the pass as last year, correct me if i’m wrong but after the 1h of the Rutgers game @ the Linc most teams just threw all over us.

      • Heater shut out UConn in the second half in 2012 with the same defensive players who gave up 28 second-half points to a worse UConn team. Ask Urban Meyer who is a better DC, Snow or Heater. He’s probably say, “Snow who?”

      • Matt, yes, the 2012 D was not good, especially against the pass but I think the concern with Snow is more about his track record this century as a DC. In all of his collegiate stops he has left a defense either worse or at best no better than before he was DC. At UCLA (2001-2002) total defense ranking went from 27th to 51st. Washington (2003-2004) total defense ranking went from 51st to 67th and from 7th to last in the Pac-12. At EMU his total defense rankings were 118th to 61st to 111th. 2 of his 3 years at EMU defense was last or next to last in the MAC. You can say a good defense starts with good recruiting but if that is the case in addition to coaching I would think as DC Snow would be involved in recruiting in which case he doesn’t seem to have done much to help himself at any of the schools listed.

  10. Snow’s demise is concurrent to the modern spread offenses, which he has never stopped. Look at this year. His most impressive defensive performance came against Army, which still runs a 1960s-style triple option. The modern game has passed him by and there is plenty evidence of that.

  11. great points…,,Snow has not kept up with the latest trends in college football which is a fact supported by his record. the real question is Rhule’s poor judgement by keeping him on the staff? and, the AD for not intervening? coaching today is all about recruiting, developing, and scheming the players you have on the roster. Snow gets an ‘F’ in all three categories and Rhule gets an ‘F’ for keeping him on the staff. the team last year had the talent to play and win a bowl game…, don’t think so? well how many games were we ahead at halftime, and how many games did we lose in the 4th quarter?

    the recruiting class coming in will not be on the top 50, but as it is proven every year, you don’t need a top 50 recruiting class to play and win a bowl game..,, coaching is the BIG difference

  12. The formula for winning at Temple is a proven one with Wayne Hardin in most of his 13 years and Bruce Arians in two of his five. Get kids in here who are under-the-radar recruits, maybe a inch shorter than the bad guys, but kids who are tough as nails (Temple TUFF) and intelligent and then stir in great coaching. Even a top 50 class coached down is going to get you nowhere. The 2013 team should have gone from 4 to 6, not from 4 to 2. Great coaching would have accomplished that. The Cincinnati Model is the Model for Temple to follow. Get great coaches in here 2-3 years at a time. If they leave, they leave. If they stay, all the better.

    • 2-3 years is too long for me

      • Great coaches in here for 2-3 years. If Rhule doesn’t have us bowling next year, he SHOULD be out but I know how Temple operates. It always is a day late and a dollar short or, as in the case of Bobby Wallace, eight years late. In my mind, Rhule has only next year to prove he’s a winner and I’m being very generous giving him another year after this one.

  13. is Anthony Davis Temple’s most recruited athlete to commit in the last 10 years?

  14. good question. studying the histories of well-recruited players like Adrian Robinson, Kee-Ayre Griffin and other Golden-Era players, I would say yes. Remember, Temple beat out Nebraska for Walter Washington and just about every big-time school in the country for Kevin Harvey, but that was more than 10 years ago. So I would think Davis and Aaron Ruff definitely are the most heavily recruited athletes to commit to the Owls.

  15. If we don’t get any defections, third, behind South Florida and Cincy. There’s always a surprise. Mark Guibilato, a big fan of Temple Football Forever and a guy who sent me emails saying how excited he was to come to Temple, defected on signing day to go to Pitt, where he became a three-year starting fullback. There have been other surprises, too, both ways. Guys who have come who I wouldn’t thought we’d be able to get and guys who left (Tyler Haddock-Jones last year) who I thought were totally committed.

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