National Signing Day: One of 5 Best on Sports Calendar

Click on photo of Will Cummings dribbling against Victor Oladipo and go to Slide No. 3.

Click on photo of Will Cummings dribbling against Victor Oladipo and go to Slide No. 3.


16 thoughts on “National Signing Day: One of 5 Best on Sports Calendar

  1. looks like we lost three recruits…, can’t figure out who ..,, I have just been looking at the top.., any clues who the three are?

  2. Morehart, Kenny Randall and Kip Patton. What’s SOFB mean?

  3. 3-9 is optimistic. This team could go 1-11 if the coaching doesn’t get better.

  4. Humm, with 2 of those recruits being defensive lineman, I guess we’ll hear more of Phil Snow just doesn’t have the “playmakers” on defense. If the same things weren’t said regarding the poor defenses he coached at Washington and EMU you might put some credence in that claim but when the same excuses are offered at multiple jobs when does it get to the point where it’s coaching.

  5. why my posts keep getting deleted? twice I posted about LOI and they both never received approval.

  6. So let me get this straight… entering the 2012 season people were talking about the possibility of us going to the Orange Bowl (this is not a joke, I doublechecked the archives of the blog just to make sure) and we followed up that prediction by going 4-7, including a 4 game stretch in which we were outscored 161-54. Our offense was one of the most painful exhibitions to watch of all time and our defense was equally as bad as this year’s defense (yes… I know we shut out UConn in the second half…….) Why weren’t people so angry after last year? You had more expectations going into this year than you did last year when you talked about the possibility of going to the ORANGE BOWL? Seems like everyone is either doom and gloom or proclaiming our team the next Boise State. There’s no in between. If Temple football fails next year, you’ll all say “see, I told you. Coaches and BOT’s fault.” If they win next year, you’ll say, “see, I told you, the players won despite the ineptitude of the coaches and BOT.” And for the record, for the last time, I’m not an “MRA.”

  7. People were angry during and after 2012 season because Adazio put a leash on the offense, which was best exemplified during the Rutgers games with its endless string of QB sneaks. That anger mostly dissipated after he left for BC. There was no need to vent that anger at that point.
    Frankly, all who write here hope the team does well and if they are successful next year, the coaches will get a lot of the credit. Unfortunately, with Phil Snow running the defense, the odds are against the Owls because he’s demonstrated here and at his most recent stops that he lacks a grasp of how to stop today’s offenses. Hey, if the defense gives up less than 41 touchdowns, no hail marys, and doesn’t blow leads late in games, Phil Snow will be duly acknowledged for that improvement.

  8. hey, we are all ardent TU football fans..,, we express joy, frustration, anger, hope, hopelessness,etc…, that is what ardent fans do…., is being realistic is a good course of action? if the coin comes up head, then it’s a head? if Rhule were a coin that fell to the ground what would be the call? last season was nothing to be excited about and having a bottom 50 recruiting class is also nothing to get excited about…, but I am a proud TU graduate and give money to the program every year, throwing good money after bad…, and I enjoy venting on this blog!

    • I will say that defensively last year was nothing 2 get excited about but I am very EXCITED about r offense. Walker, Zaire, etc should only b better next year with the additions of Herbin, Lee, etc. Yes last year was frustrating but more to the defense that couldn’t stop anybody. If we can just get a decent effort by the defense next year I truly believe we can win some games. And that’s something to get excited about. But of course I look at life as the glass half full!

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