The company you keep's list of Temple commits (above and below)’s list of Temple commits (above and below)


You are pretty much judged by the company you keep.

So it is with the Temple recruiting class of 2014.

By all accounts, it will be a good class. Will it be ranked  by any of the three services (Rivals, Scout or 247) as high as No. 55?

Probably not, but we won’t know for sure until 3 or 4 p.m. Wednesday afternoon when all of the faxes with the LOIs will be received at the E-O.


Click over the black image above for a TV link to coverage of the faxes coming in starting at 7 a.m.

Fifty-five is a magical number, because that’s how high Steve Addazio’s 2012 recruiting class was ranked and that was the highest-ever in the history of Temple. Addazio was able to put that class together even after a few great  recruiting classes by Al Golden, who had three straight recruiting classes ranked No. 1 in the MAC.

Of course, current head coach Matt Rhule was part of putting together those classes and now he appears to have put together a good one.

More than whether the class is ranked No. 55 or better is really not as important as how many guys Temple signed who were “offered by” BCS schools and not “received interest by.” When the bios start coming in, that’s a thing to pay special attention to before judging.

If Temple beats out a guy who was offered by say, Stony Brook and Kent State, that’s not as impressive as  Penn State and Rutgers.

If Temple gets a late commit who turned down a Sun Belt school to take a Temple scholarship, that’s not as impressive as Temple beating out a Big 12 school (as it did when a West Virginia commit flipped at the last minute two years ago).

There will be those who say “trust the coaches” but I say “trust, by verify.” If more successful coaches than 2-10 coaches like our recruits, I will be impressed.

Let’s hope that’s the case once the faxes start rolling in and Temple gets guys who can play anywhere. We should know by this time Wednesday night.


10 thoughts on “The company you keep

  1. I would go liberal arts and load up on criminal justice and Norm Kaner’s “Sports in America” classes before taking on that kind of workload. But that’s just me.

  2. Taking Anthony Davis out of it, Temple recruits chose the TU offer over OFFERS from Virginia Tech, South florida, Georgia Tech, Michigan State, wisconsin, UCF, iowa State, USC, Rutgers, Syracuse, Pitt, WVU, and Navy. We also got a running back with 4.4 speed, a corner with 4.4 speed, and probably the most highly recruited kid to come to Temple in a long time, Anthony Davis. All in all, i think this is a great day!

  3. Given the 2-10 season you do have to give Rhule credit for keeping this recruiting class together.

  4. Solid solid class. Even if the class is not ranked 55th I think we have some great SLEEPERS…
    Here’s my top sleepers on the list…Sean Chandler (a huge steal), Michael Dogbe. How the only other fbs offer was Rutgers who came on late still befuddles me! Chandler dominated at Penn States camp.

    Cequan Jefferson is a steal…but mostly because we got a steal with his old Henrico teammate Sharif Finch! I know Sharif helped swing him over here. Sharif Finch had no other FBS offers and piled tons of tackles in talent rich Virginia. Finch WILL make noise on our defense next year.

    I don’t know if we’ll be able to go into Western PA the way we did this year now that we lost Terry Smith but it seems like we got a couple steals from Florida. Al Golden said Florida is a great because a 200 ranked kid in FL gets overlooked…especially in the non Miami-Dade areas like Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Naples etc. Overall i like this class.

    Lets be positive for the day, and enjoy it. Also lets stop counting the team out for next year. Its getting tired and pushes me away. Lets let things playout. What we say here doesnt fix the problem. Let things play out…

    • Don’t know if you put them in the sleeper category but I think Lovett and Wells can have the most immediate impact in the defensive backfield. If Dogbe can play as a freshman, big if I know, the pass defense gets better right away

    • Players don’t get overlooked in Jacksonville and Tampa. Jacksonville was traditionally Florida’s recruiting grounds while Tampa was traditionally FSU’s. While that has changed as the big 3 in Florida have become national brands if you look at where their commits come from there are still those tendencies.

  5. “I mean, it was tempting. I’m not going to lie about it. But my mind was made up. One school, they were [still] messaging me every day. This is during the season. They said, ‘It ain’t looking good for you [the Owls lost their first six games], why not come play for us? We’re only a few hours away, your parents can still come see you in every game.’ But I was like, ‘No, I’m good.’ The only thing that would make me change is if coach Rhule left. And I don’t see him going anywhere soon.”

    This was a quote from the article on Aaron Ruff about how he feels about Temple!

  6. And don’t forget the redshirts like Jabo Lee, Buddy Brown, Khalif Herbin, etc. Looks like a massive infusion of talent.

  7. Great News!

    Today is a day to be positive for sure!

    Go Owls!

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