Temple 2014 Recruiting Class

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Back when Temple played UCLA, I had an Epiphany.
Watching that game on that brutally cold afternoon, one thought kept occurring to me over and over.
“Geez, their talent level is so much better than ours.”
Because no matter how hard Temple huffed and puffed, things seemed to come relatively easy to the UCLA players even in an environment far away from the friendly Southern California beaches.
Yes, Temple had a 21-10 lead at halftime and, yes, Temple’s top player (Bernard Pierce) left the game with that darn sensitive hamstring of his, but the players UCLA had kept coming in waves.
Hopefully, I thought then, Temple’s talent level will do the same to another overachieving team someday.
Today might have been one of those days.
The Owls filled areas of need in pass rushers and defensive backs. Pass rushing seems to come easy to the Michael Dogbes and Jacob Martins of the world. The same can be said for defending the pass for the top DBs the Owls recruited. The Owls got one four-star offensive lineman, Aaron Ruff of Philadelphia’s Imhotep Prep.
The day Matt Rhule was hired as Temple head coach Donald Hunt of the Philadelphia Tribune asked Rhule if he was going to sign the city kids and Rhule remembered that today at the press conference. Hunt asked the first question. It was about Ruff.
“I could not wait to see you and say I signed Aaron Ruff from the city,” Rhule said. “Not every kid in the city is going to want to come to Temple but I want every young man to feel that Temple is a good place for them.”
Also, for the third-straight year, Temple signed a Newark Star-Ledger New Jersey State player of the year. This year, it’s Dogbe, a 247-pound defensive lineman who benches 415 pounds.
Coaches coach, but players win games and now the Owls have the players.
Hopefully soon, it will be enough to win big bowl games.

Temple Football 2014 Recruiting Class

  1. Cequan Jefferson | DB | Richmond, Va. – Bio
  2. Shahid Lovett | DB | Vineland, N.J. – Bio
  3. Derrek Thomas | WR | Albany, N.Y. –Bio
  4. Alex Wells | DB | Baltimore, Md.- Bio
  5. Michael Dogbe | DE | Morris Plains, N.J. – Bio
  6. James McHale | OL | Dunmore, Pa. – Bio
  7. Ventell Bryant  | WR | Tampa, Fla. – Bio
  8. Shamir Bearfield | DB | Jersey City, N.J. – Bio
  9. Lenny Williams | QB | McKees Rocks, Pa. – Bio
  10. David Hood | RB | Galloway, N.J. – Bio
  11. Aaron Ruff | OL | Philadelphia, Pa. – Bio
  12. Frank Nutile | QB | Ramsey, N.J. – Bio
  13. Sean Chandler | DB | Camden, N.J. – Bio
  14. Freddie Booth-Lloyd | DL | Cocoa, Fla. – Bio
  15. Anthony Davis | DB | Monroeville,Pa. – Bio
  16. Jaelin Robinson | OL | New Haven, Conn. – Bio
  17. Derrick Ingram | WR | Tampa, Fla. – Bio
  18. Brodrick Yancy | WR | Bradenton, Fla. – Bio
  19. Brenon Thrift | DL | Monroeville, Pa. – Bio
  20. Jyquis Thomas  |DB | Plant City, Fla. – Bio
  21. Jacob Martin | DL | Aurora, Colo. – Bio
  22. Delvon Randall | WR | Monroeville, Pa. – Bio
  23. Jared Folks | LB | Harrisburg, Pa. – Bio
  24. Matt Eaton | WR | Pascagoula, Miss. – Bio
  25. Khiry Lucas | DB | Cleveland, Miss. – Bio

39 thoughts on “Temple 2014 Recruiting Class

  1. After last year Rhule did a great job recruiting this class and keeping it together. What’s your grade for the class?

  2. A … for keeping it together with no major defections. Even Daz and Al had defections. Now let’s recruit a DC.

    • When talent is level coaching plays a more prominent role in the outcome. We need to out-talent a few teams to make up for the aemic work of the DC. I hope this group is as talented as you think and I hope MR’s first year was an abberation.

      We certainly seem to have addressed some of the talent needs in key positions now it’s up to the coaches to levreage this talent.

  3. Is Kip Patton going the prep route?

    • that’s what I’m hearing (unofficially) … that or greyshirt. ….like I indicated earlier, Patton, Kenny Randall and Connor Morehart would not be “officially” signing today.

  4. Mike, is that bench number correct for the D end? Did you mean 415?

  5. Great News!

    Today is a day to be positive for sure!

    Go Owls

  6. Good to see the Fordham and Idaho losses didn’t kill the program.

  7. Hey fellas! Good news!

    RIVALS final ranking has us at #60. But we are #2 in the AAC (they didnt remove Louisville and Rutgers yet so on the site we are #4). But we are actually #2. According to rivals the only AAC team with a better ranking is South Florida. We’re on our way up fellas! Go OWLS!

    • today was a good day for Temple football, we can all agree. Temple was No. 60, which would put it in the upper half of the 125 FBS teams. Like to be higher next year and it’s a step above last year. Much more impressive to me was fixing need areas (DL and DB).

  8. Hate to add some bad news to the signing day discussion, which has been good, just read the Robby Andersen is no longer enrolled at the university and not listed on the roster for spring. Mike could you get any confirmation on this?

  9. Yes, he’s no longer enrolled and it’s academics but MR will not comment on this until later. He’s probably devastated, as am I. Another in a long line of Temple curses. Why is it our best players (Gilette, Elmarko Jackson, Kamal Johnson, Wyatt Benson, Anderson etc., etc.) get in a discipline/behavior/academic problem and it’s never the expendable third-string OG or backup kicker?

  10. If I were Anderson my course load would have been this: Basketweaving 101, Norm Kaner’s Sports in America (is Norm even still alive), Physical Education, Introduction to Criminal Justice, Fran Dunphy’s Philosophy of Business Class. Then I would leave after 3 years for the NFL. Except for the Dunphy class, Joe Klecko skated through Temple taking those courses and he’s no smarter than Robby Anderson (except in picking a course load).

  11. RIght now, until we see if any of the freshman can step up, I would say Fitzpatrick needs to be the guy that has to step it up in 2014. Christopher looks to be a good possession receiver and with Hebrin coming off his red shirt year along with Benjamin and Deloatch coming back from injury there should be enough targets for Walker to still have a good passing game. May also need to use Harper more out of the backfield as well.

  12. It can be done. Benjamin and Christopher are more possession-type, while Anderson was explosive. Herbin is explosive (bubble screens would be best patterns for him) and can go deep, but he’s easier to cover than Anderson, who could outfight taller DBs for TDs. Hopefully, one of these new tall guys will prove to be as explosive as Anderson with his hands. That’s a tall order (no pun intended). Remember all the drops we had two years ago?

  13. Just finished 8 years substitute teaching at Lebanon School District (PA) and was at the HS the day M. Satterfield came to see Maxwell Award Winner and All-State First Teamer, MARK PYLES. (By the way, Mark is also #1 in his class academically.) I know Mark and the Head Football Coach at LHS personally. Mark attended Temple’s football camp and was determined not “fast enough” to play LB for Temple and Owls dropped him as a possible recruit. BIG MISTAKE. Pyles went on to record one of the greatest years of any PA football player (both at QB and LB) in history. The fact is that Mark wanted to play for Temple and despite his phenomenal year, would have honored his commitment to the OWLS. (He wound up accepting a scholarship to Bucknell, after receiving interest from Army and many other D-1 programs.) Just look at these stats and awards and “weep”:




  14. This is Ridiculous

  15. Why didn’t’ you post my true and factual reply about Mark Pyles?? Email me, if you would like to explain. Thanks.

    • Thanks for posting the Mark Pyles story. What a shame that Temple used a stopwatch to disqualify a superior student with exceptional character, who wound up as Maxwell Club PA Football player of the Year, 1st team All-State, as well as Maxwell Jim Henry Award winner. Not too often that an All-State QB with thousands of yards passing and rushing also rings up 100+ tackles at linebacker! Temple should have found room for such an outstanding scholar, leader, and athlete!

      • I trust the kid is of the highest quality character and he would have been a great effort guy and person in the locker room but looking at his list of schools I don’t think Temple was passing up on a can’t miss guy (no disrespect to him at all, he’s still a great athlete who is going to go on to do great things.) Division 1 college athletes are athletic freaks.. His character and heart might not be a dime a dozen but unfortunately his talent is. Most of the guys in Division 1 sports, even the ones who aren’t the stars, were heroes in their home areas and the best anyone has seen. I’ve noticed most of them play multiple positions very well, too, since they are all so athletic

  16. The Temple curse continues. I swear this program is snake bitten. Just as we start feeling good about signing day we get smacked across our face wit today’s news. I’m over here shell shocked! I know Anderson father so I’m gonna call him to see what he knows.

  17. what happened to our academic coordinator? was everyone asleep at the wheel…, this is where the coaching staff has got to step up and intervene.., did anyone have their finger on the pulse of one of the five best talents on the team? holy crap…, another edition of amateur hour…, this is not good and does not speak well for the systems and processes the head coach has in place to track the status of his team…., another coaching failure.., the AD should be having a piece of Rhule’s butt for letting it come to this…, take responsibility for what happens and fails to happen

  18. 3-8 football team


    Enjoy Rhule Apologist Morons!

  19. I swear Rhule Haters will find any reason to pour it on old Matt. As I said in a previous post, your hatred of Rhule blinds u. Didn’t Norte Dame lose there starting QB to academics. Was that a system failure? It happens to all programs! At the end of the day it’s the student/athlete responsibility to make sure he’s doing what he is supposed 2 do academically! Y’all love to blame Rhule for everything. It’s getting kinda old!

  20. Definitely not blaming him for this, but there were bad students on Hardin’s and Arians’ team and Temple found a way (within the rules) to keep these guys eligible. Easy courses. Football-friendly teachers. Tutors. Rooming with smart players, etc. Did you think Jimmy Johnson’s Miami players were any smarter than Robby Anderson? Or applied themselves more? This kid was that important to the uni. They should have been all over him and his course load. Somebody dropped the ball other than Robby. This ain’t Harvard or MIT (the fact that I used ain’t and graduated is proof.)

    • Sometimes 18 year old and 19 year old kids make bad decisions, regardless of who is looking out for them. Best of luck to Robbie Anderson, but we have to move on. The offense will be fine. Glad it wasnt Matakevich!

  21. Even John Chaney lost Duane Causell to academics back in the heyday of the late 80’s. It happens to the best of coaches

  22. It’s a devastating, debilitating loss. As good as Fitzpatrick is (and now he’s probably our best receiver until the freshmen get acclimated), we saw the difference between him and Robby is like an NFL all-pro vs. an average Arena League regular. I wish MR would fly down to Fla. or wherever Robby is and convince him to come back for both summer sessions. Get Chris Coyer Jr. to help him with the subjects if necessary.

  23. Employ an army of people to get this kid back. This kid is throwing his life away or at least a chance at a better life. If he has another season like the last he could wind his way into being drafted. With PJ at the helm, he could catch 75-100 passes next season. Come back Mr. Anderson, you won’t regret it.

  24. I agree. I hope Matt Rhule is working the phones, to Robby, his mom, his dad, his friends (I can’t believe P.J. isn’t one of his best friends), his high school guidance counselor, anybody. I hope he doesn’t take the attitude “next man up.” When your man is Jerry Rice and the “next man up” is Jason Avant, that’s not the way to win football games.

  25. This is what Robby’s mom (unedited) posted on Owlscoop.com this morning:

    First of all I would like to say to those that have looked at this as an unfortunate situation for my son. And it is! There is always more truth to a story. Unfortunately Temple will release a statement to protect themselves, as evident by Coach Rhule’s no comment. You can lead a horse to water, but when the horse identifies a problem and it falls on deaf ears what can the horse do. Robby will be successful. He does have tremendous talent and it will not go wasted. This is his journey and no one else’s. Assuming a kid with his talent doesn’t have his priorities in check is a false assumption. As always we wish the Owls success and thank those that have continued to support Robby through everything. God bless.

  26. My comment:
    Robby is a horse, no doubt. I wonder what problem he identified to Temple that fell on deaf ears? To be fair to Matt Rhule, he cannot say anything due to federal student privacy regulations. To be fair to Robby Anderson, if something could have been done about the problem that fell on deaf ears, it should have been done.

  27. That statement by Robby’s Mom SPEAKS VOLUMES about “Coach” Rhule.

    This program is doomed with Captain Imbecile in charge.

  28. I have my doubts anything can be done about RA, but we can sure keep close tabs on our players in house now that this alarm has been sounded (probably should have been doing it before) and make sure guys like P.J., Zaire, Matakevitch, etc., etc., are getting all the help they need within the rules. We can’t afford to lose another superstar and RA was a superstar.

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