Dunphy Will Bounce Back

Click on the sold-out crowd to find out that this kind of season happened to five other great  Temple coaches, too. Also, find the three (3) Temple football references in this story.

Click on the sold-out crowd to find out that this kind of season happened to five other great Temple coaches, too. Also, find the three (3) Temple football references in this story.


18 thoughts on “Dunphy Will Bounce Back

  1. Dunphy DESERVES a chance to redeem himself. One lousy season and throw him under the bus? No! But if he doesn’t rebound with his returning starters (except Pepper who will be missed) and experienced solid subs, injury free kids coming back, solid transfers and a top 100 big man recruit with a weaker conference schedule, than maybe reconsider. This season does make one question his game-day coaching at times and over 20 losses IS unacceptable. I think part of fans reactions here stem from 2013-14 being one of if not the worst season for Temple athletics in their history – football, basketball and dropping 5 sports. But the competitiveness is there for possible big improvement. Time will tell but let’s give Dunphy and Rhule at least one more season.

  2. I think the gameday coaching questions were answered in wins over Georgia and UAB (which beat North Carolina) and SMU. He was playing severely undermanned in all of those games and coached the team up to a win. When was the last time Matt Rhule coached the team up TO A WIN despite being severely undermanned? (Don’t say Memphis, most people predicted Temple would beat Memphis before the season started; only Rhule’s piss-poor performance in his first 11 games made the Owls an eight-point underdog.)

    • The UConn loss was the ugliest. No wait: SMU for sure. No that’s not right, Rutgers was fugly. Hold on, Fordham was a holy mess, and Idaho was “you-da-worst.” There’s a lot of gristle to gnaw on. Sounds like a good poll question.

      • Already had it. Temple fans voted for the Fordham loss as the worst in school history. Then I had a poll two weeks later, “Which was worse, Fordham or Idaho?” Eighty-seven percent of Temple fans said Idaho. Thankfully, we didn’t play West Chester or Lafayette (which beat Fordham) after Idaho. Epic Fail on part of coaching staff, not the kids.

  3. I love Temple basketball, but this year has been painful. Fran is one of the best X’s and O’s coaches out there. His problem is that he is a lousy recruiter. I don’t see the next rising star coach on his staff either. One bad year should not get you fired. I think he has built up enough equity at Temple to survive one bad year. I mean he won an NCAA tournament game last year. I would like to see much better recruiting. There should be no reason Villanova out recruits us every year!

    • Concur. Fran should be coaching in the NBA a la Chuck Daly, Jack Ramsey, Paul Westhead, Jim Lynam, Jack Mckinney, and Don Casey. Fran can’t be traipsing around the countryside looking at high school players. Tony DiLeo should have hired him to coach the Sixers.

  4. Comparing Dunph to MR is comparing an apple and a duck. Dunph has enjoyed success and respect from his peers everywhere he’s gone. He’s not a great recruiter but makes the most with the talent he has on the team…at least until March.

    MR is a decent recruiter who has yet to evidence he can assess, develop and utilize his talent. He has demonstrated an inability to develop effective gameplans and make the requisite adjustments during the game. Plus his DC is a joke.

    • Great point about “requisite adjustments during the game” … also you can add the head-scratching (in-game decisions) that cost the Owls wins over Fordham (should have scored 55 points on that team by throwing only 5 passes), RU (4th and inches call the worst ever by a TU head coach), UConn (20 passes to start the second half with a 21-0 lead; got to run the ball), Idaho (ten 50-yard bombs against the 125th rushing defense in all of college football); SMU (Zaire Williams had it going against a porous defense and he gets the ball only 8 times; with a 28-7 lead, it should have been a steady diet of Zaire and Kenny). Since Vince Lombardi’s brain has not been cryogenically frozen and therefore no hope of MR getting a brain transplant, these are the types of decisions we can expect in 2014.

      • My prediction for 2014 is another disastrous season highlighted with losses to teams we outman resulting from amateurish coaching decisions. I think at the end of the season MR saves his bacon by bouncing Snow (two years too late) which buys him another bad season and he’s gone after 2015. I really hope I’m wrong but I feel like I’ve seen this movie before.

  5. Fran Dunphy is a genius. How quickly people forget six straight NCAAs, several of which came in years the Owls were picked to finish in the bottom half of the Atlantic Ten. And this season, but for a dubious foul line infraction (Texas), and three missed open shots (Memphis) Dunphy would have had wins against three top twenty-five teams playing with seven guys. He does deserve some blame ,for not qualifying the three players currently ineligible but there were mitigating circumstances. In any event, it’s a guarantee that the Owls will have twenty wins next season..

    • Who would have gotten Temple to six-straight post-seasons after JC (John Chaney)? Bruiser Flint? No. Rick Brunson? No. Aaron McKie? No. I’m glad Bill Bradshaw picked an established Hall of Fame HC to succeed John and not taken gamble on a guy with dubious credentials (Flint) and guys who never been a HC anywhere else. Wish football would do the same.

  6. Dayowl, I saw that movie before. It’s called “The Ron Dickerson Story.” I would cast Denzell Washington as Dickerson, the caring nice guy who was a great recruiter but clueless on game day and cried after losses because he knew he was made to be a career assistant and not a head coach. Don’t know who would play Matt, but it’s shaping up as the caring nice guy who was a great recruiter but does not YET know he was made to be a career assistant and not a head coach. Doesn’t cry after a game but blames the players for “not doing what they were told to do.” One is believable; one isn’t.

  7. FYI-heard at the basketball game last night that the Cherry and White game is being held at Cardinal O’Hara High School because the turf is being replaced at Edberg-Olsen.

    • It seemed like only yesterday (or the day before) that we put that spongy brand new turf in for $550,000. Hope it came with a warranty. Of course, when I played hs football we played and practiced on a lump of dirt behind the school and Washington High school’s field had a big hump in the middle for games … and I walked to school uphill (both ways) 3 miles every day. 🙂

    • … and why O’Hara? Isn’t Northeast available?

  8. Have no idea. LOL. Was told last night that the turf is 12 years old.

  9. The original turf was 12 years ago. It was only a couple years ago it was replaced. I think that’s right.
    Everyone criticizes Dunphy’s recruiting. I think he’s gotten some darn good players. Lee is a problem because he just can’t hold his own under the basket, gets pushed around a lot. He obviously does a lot of good but allows too many scores, over and over again. The Owls need a big, aggressive and strong guy under there so Lee can be a formidable forward. But the outside shooting D hasn’t been good either. Hopefully next year with a full roster and a top-100 center coming in things will get back to where they have been before this year.

  10. Having seen all but one of the home games this season, the Owls will be back next season with the three transfers, the big recruit, and Daniel Dingle. If there is a silver lining the Williams kid, a freshman, got a ton of experience he likely would not have received had the three transfers been eligible. If that kid loses ten pounds of baby fat and replaces it with muscle and improves his jumping ability through weight lifting and plyometrics, he will be the big body the Owls need. Lee has been a disappointment. His hands and play around the basket are atrocious. He just throws the ball up hoping it will go in. He has no moves and looks lost. Brown, the other freshmen, 147 in the Rivals 150, cannot shoot. Never saw a major college player so clueless when firing the basketball. His hands and form need major adjustments. While he plays great defense and can bring the ball up, he is a non-factor on offense and because of that the Owls literally are left playing four on five. Good thing is that those things can be fixed. DeCosey shows flashes of brilliance but dribbles too much and is lazy on defense. That too can be remedied. All in all, as with the football team, things aren’t as bad as they appear.

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