Spring Practice Starts Today


Click on the photo of P.J. Walker scoring a touchdown (give it time to load; the headline loads first and the photo comes about 10 seconds later).


27 thoughts on “Spring Practice Starts Today

  1. Going to practice this Saturday. Will let you know how they look. Will not know how to feel if P.J. throws a bunch of bombs.

  2. I’d say it’s OK if it comes with a lot of play-fakes and an equal number of runs. I’m really interested in how No. 36 looks (Jabo Lee) against live tackling, but then again Myron Myles (the kid from Wissahickon) looked great a few years ago in the C and W game and he bombed out in Division II (Millersville, I believe).

  3. Heck, if St. Francis of Loretto can have a back run for 293 against Fordham, one of our backs should have been able to do the same.

  4. nice article…., every year we seem to be missing ‘just one’ essential piece to have an explosive and dominant offense. all the pieces are there this year, great QB, mean experienced o-line, good group of RBs…, the essential piece missing this year is the WR position.
    PJ is vey limited in his choices downfield…., we don’t have a WR worthy of double coverage, or someone who can stretch the field, or even a ‘dependable’ possession guy…, nor can I imagine any WR on the team now with the talent to play on Sunday…, where is Rod Streater? we need a guy like him this year…,

    opposing defenses will crowd the box knowing they can get away with single coverage..,

  5. True. Hoping that one of these Florida freshmen coming in by August is probably too much to ask.

  6. Christopher looked to be developing into a good possession receiver towards the end of last season. I think if Deloatch a combination of a healthy Deloatch and Hebrin in the mix could provide the ability to stretch the field. Also with what looks to be a strong ground game the offense needs to be geared towards making defenses pay for crowding the box with play action

  7. ideal mix is one possession receiver (Christopher), one explosive receiver (Herbin or Fitzpatrick) and one play-making TE. That’s why I want Herbin to play the Matty Brown role. Him and Fitzpatrick on the field would be counterproductive. Don’t think Christopher can fill the Robby Anderson explosive role, but he certainly can emerge as the best among similar types (Karpinski and Benjamin).

  8. 3-9

    expect it, know it, embrace it.

    We are an impotent football program.

    Losing Robby Anderson seals the deal.


    • I don’t expect it or know it and am certainly not embracing it but if I had to bet 3-9 vs. 9-3 and those were the only two choices I had, I’d go 3-9 due mostly to bad coaching in Week 1 being reinforced by worse coaching from 2-10. The only day it got better was the final one.

  9. Just read that PJ was selected to serve as a counselor at the Manning camp. Given his enthusiasm and work ethic this will reap many benefits down the road.

  10. PJ will play pro ball if he stays away from game changing interceptions, injury, and of Rhule can bring in a pro talent at the WR position.

  11. P.J. will play pro ball if he is a good student in the classroom and of the game and I understand he is both. One of the many qualities I like very much about him is his mechanics. Doesn’t throw sidearm like Chester Stewart did. Doesn’t fidget and panic in the pocket like Vaughn Charlton did. Doesn’t put the ball up for grabs over the middle like Mike McGann did. Hopefully, the new WR coach will also coach the QB, too.

  12. just think where Temple football would be now if PJ were the QB during the BP years…., OMG

  13. Zaire gets caught from behind often, good college player is the cap…, Jabo may have potential, can he stay healthy? not willing to bet until after next season. the BP teams had college football stars catching the football…, this team has none.

  14. someone once did a story about NFL backs who sustained severe knee injuries and chart accompanying stories showed that the 40 speed dropped .2 tenths of a second for all the injured players post-rehab. No one caught BP from behind. If Zaire and Jabo get caught from behind, their chances of having a BP-type career diminish a great deal. I’m hearing great things about David Hood, though.

  15. On the subject of nepotism, the entire staff is someone either MR has coached with before, gone to the same school as (PSU) or has coached before. That’s a very small circle. Would like for Temple to seek the best assistants out there, not just because MR is comfortable with them. Even Al Golden went out and hired an older guy (GDL) who he never worked with before. I think Temple probably has the worst DC in America, but to MR he’s the best he ever knew. Not a good blueprint to build a staff.

    • Mike, unfortunately Snow probably was since his 2001 UCLA defense was the last well performing D he coached. I’m assuming that he used the old “can’t recruit at EMU” excuse to explain the awful defense Snow put together there. Trouble is the same excuse was used when he was at Washington, so to me that shows that Snow either is not a good recruiter or the unluckiest guy out there. That being said the new line coaches look like they might be good pick ups on both sides of the ball. I wonder how much is Rhule’s small circle of contacts and how much is insecurity about having a potential replacement on staff.

  16. I know the word is that coaching is an old boys club, but this is getting ridiculous. How can a team get better if every coach possesses the same background and philosophy. it would be one thing if they had a history of coming from consistently successful programs but that’s not the case.

  17. Coach Hardin told me he meant Vince Hoch at a coaching clinic. Never coached with him before but heard a few of his ideas for defense and hired him. Hoch became one of TU’s greatest DCs

  18. The only small bright spot I see is that coach Rhule realizes that this is his one and only shot at being a head coach at a D-1 school. Lets hope that fear is a great motivator and he corrects the mistakes he made last season. Let’s face it, but for a couple of hail marys and a change in strategy, that team could have gone bowling.

  19. Every time I think blowing the 28-7 lead at SMU bothers me the most, I think about the 21-0 lead over 0-9 UConn bothering me more.. then, no, I think not running the ball down a high school JV D-line’s throat (Fordham) bothers me more than that or the whole Idaho game plan against the 125th-ranked rushing defense bothers me or that the 4th and inches call bothers me … the fact is they ALL bother me equally and cause me a great deal of pain when I think about them. Hopefully, it causes MR as much pain but my biggest fear is that it does not and he thinks he and his under-qualified staff made all of the right calls in those losses.

    • MR just blame the players and sleeps well.

      • If he doesn’t learn from his mistakes, we’re doomed again. I have this gut feeling he doesn’t feel a 5-yard handoff into the backfield on 4th and 3 inches is a mistake. He probably still thinks it’s a smart play.

  20. Attended practice today and can say that the offense is way aheadPractice moved at a high pace and the kids seemed to be into it. Despite the conditions, PJ Walker was throwing darts and was accurate both short and long. Receivers had too many drops (conditions again). Waiting to see how much they’ve improved by the 26th.

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