Five Likely Anderson Replacements

Robby Anderson

Click on the photo of Scott Walcoff checking his cell phone messages to see who could replace Robby Anderson.


10 thoughts on “Five Likely Anderson Replacements

  1. All Coach Rhule has to do is coach them up a little bit. If PJ continues to develop, one or more of these kids is going to have a hell of a career.

  2. If I hear that any of our other key players flunk out, I’m going to scream. I know the kids are responsible for their own academic work, but there should be a coach overseeing all of this and staying on top of it before anybody gets in jeopardy. Speaking of Jeopardy, don’t think we’ll ever see Robby Anderson on Jeopardy but I do think we’ll someday see him in the NFL.

  3. Nice review. At least one receiver will fill the shoes of Anderson. Hopefully they’ll fill the classroom also. These kids run some textbook routes, so…fill in the textbook joke.

  4. Waited a couple of years since Rod Streater to see a receiver with ability to come to Temple. I hope the wait is only a few months to see a receiver with Anderson’s ability and, more importantly, results. Have my doubts.

  5. Went to the scrimmage today and the offense beat the defense. Still a lot of mental mistakes-offsides and such. D-Backs seemed more active but appear to be very small. Hope the freshman can produce. P.J. Harper, and Zaire looked good.

  6. I thought Zaire was underused last year, particularly in games against Idaho, SMU and UConn. Give him the ball 25 times a game all 3 and Temple has 3 more wins.

  7. Mike, what do you think of the Inquirer story re Temple and the Eagles? Do you think Theobald planted it solely to get ahead of the story or is there any truth to it? Also, heard that TU is contemplating selling Ambler Campus. Wouldn’t that money look nice as a down payment for a stadium.

  8. I will have a story up on that tomorrow but I will say this: I’ve never understood the concept of the Ambler Campus. Rome, Tokyo, yes. Not Ambler. I would buy up all the houses between Norris and Columbia Avenue (CBM) and 16th Street West to 22d and make that the Ambler campus. Neighborhood suddenly gets a lot safer.

  9. I hate to say this but the Eagles’ side seems more believable than Theobald’s.

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