5 Things to Watch in Spring Game

Temple football

Click on the photo of last year’s spring game for 5 things to watch at this year’s spring game.


14 thoughts on “5 Things to Watch in Spring Game

  1. Defensive backfield, more than any other position will be key to success next year. As far as running backs go, I’d use some two back formations and even incorporate some Wayne Hardin veer into the offense. Don’t know if the veer would work today because of the realignment of the hash marks toward the center of the field since the 70’s. Wayne Hardin says that the veer could work today but I’m not so sure given how much faster across the board athletes are today.

  2. Heard today that Hairston might be switched back to WR. Hope that means Jefferson is nailing down one of the corner spots. The two safeties have looked good, supposedly. We’ll see on Saturday.

  3. What we won’t see in the Spring game is whether the coaching staff has learned from last year’s disaster. We had a few glimpses at the end of the season that suggested they might be learning, i.e. they learned to use a quarterback sneak on short yardage instead of handing the ball off 5 yards behind the line. The things Coach Rhule has been quoted as saying about our running game are encouraging. But we will have to wait until game time in the fall to learn if the coaches have really learned.

  4. Two QB sneaks for 2 first downs gave me a glimmer of hope in the UConn game. Still, can’t wash the other bad taste stuff out of my mouth (no COMMITMENT to the run against the 125th-ranked rushing D in the country, no COMMITMENT to the run with a 28-7 lead against a superstar quarterback at SMU, no COMMITMENT to the run with a 21-0 lead against an 0-9 UConn team, no COMMITMENT to the run against a 247-pound DL Fordham) … this DESPITE THE FACT that you had a pretty good offensive line that averages 306 across the front, PLUS the best center in the conference in Kyle Friend. Duh? Garrett Gilbert had the ball 8 times in the second half at SMU and scored TDs 7 times. In the spirit of an Easter confession, for these and all of the past sins of his life, Matt Rhule should be sorry.

  5. And there’s NO WAY Gilbert sees the ball even 5 times in the second half with a steady diet of Zaire Williams right, left and up the middle.

  6. completion percentage, dropped passes, and someone who can consistently make FGs from inside the 40 yard line? usually a team with this many question marks entering a new season enjoys only limited success. DBs, WRs, DL, Special Teams, coaches, etc… A team can reasonably expect to correct two major deficiencies between seasons.., three or more usually equals a .500 season or worse…, but heck, a six win season would be a minor miracle… all things considered.

  7. Six wins with that schedule, he’s a candidate for coach of the year.

    • I actually disagree somewhat with the feeling that this year’s schedule is that much tougher than last years and think 6 wins isn’t a huge stretch, given that the team should have won 4 to 6 games last year with just competent coaching. If you compare it with last year by opponent I think you really have 2 tougher games: Navy in place of Army and Vanderbilt over Idaho and with that Phil Snow has shown he can defense the option attack that Army and Navy run. Now that I think of it your probably right, with a competent coach 6 wins probably an expectation this year with Matt Rhule that probably would be a coach of the year performance.

  8. Amazing that the Penn coach beat Lafayette with Ivy League recruits (which really means a 55-man team of FBS walk-ons) and Lafayette beats Fordham and you know what Fordham did. Difference? Penn had an outstanding head coach and a group of qualified assistants, including a DC, Ray Priore, who is SOOOOO much better than Phil Snow it isn’t even funny (well, it is if you hate Temple). Doesn’t give me the warm and fuzzies about 6 wins this year. In fact, last year’s coaching performance makes me less optimistic about a Temple season than I’ve been since Bobby Wallace. The kids? I like the kids and think this is really one of the more talented teams SINCE Wallace. If they could only coach themselves …

  9. Mike couldn’t comment on Facebook regarding your query why the spring game isn’t being held at Ambler. The reason I was told is that Ambler’s fields are in horrible condition and the coaches didn’t want to risk injury and TU didn’t want to spend money to fix them.

    • TU not wanting to spend money on sports? Is this something new? I’m not digging the Theobald Regime so far. All talk, no action. Should have hired Rendell. he would have got stuff done and he loves football.

  10. I agree with your feelings regarding the Theobald admin so far. Talked a good game when he was first hired, humm much like our HC, regarding sports, especially football and basketball then all of the stadium talk but very little action. As for the coaching at the 3 top positions. We have a head coach who so far has shown he isn’t ready for game day coaching at this level and I understand the importance of recruiting but a couple of more 2 win seasons and he won’t be doing well in that regard either. A defensive coordinator who has coached nothing but mediocre to bad defenses since 2000. At this point I would say the offensive coordinator at least looks like he is on the upswing.

  11. PJ Walker would make any OC look good.

  12. Good point. The OC did not even look good pre-Walker (24 points against a team Fresno State hung 63 on and North Texas State hung 41 on?) Un-bleeping-believable if I didn’t see it with my own two eyes. Temple should never be mentioned with teams like North Texas State, let alone Fordham and Idaho.

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