5 Takeaways from the 2014 Spring Game

Temple football spring game, Cherry and White game, Temple football,

Click on the photo of fan to read five things learned from the Cherry and White game.


10 thoughts on “5 Takeaways from the 2014 Spring Game

  1. Herbin should be returning kicks and punts. Last year Matt Rhule opted for safety in the kick return game and the stats showed it. Last year also exemplified how great a player Matt Brown was. He was threat to run one back every time he touched the ball.

  2. I was all for DeSean Jackson returning punts, too. Slot receivers only touch the ball 5-7 times a game, tops. When you have a player of this ability, got to get him 10-15 touches and punt/kickoff returning would do that.

  3. Mike, John, how does this Spring game compare to last year? is the overall talent level better, worse, or the same? same questions with regards to team speed and intensity? last year’s team had 6 win talent, same this year? WR is a glaring weakness but it appears the defense will be better overall? thanks

  4. It was a game where the teams were evenly matched because the players picked the squads. I thought it was better doing it this way than having the first teams going against the third and fourth teams. PJ looked good at times and hopefully he learned that he can;t force the ball. Also, he could have run a couple of times which he’ll do in a real game. Defense looked good but that could have resulted from familiarity with the offense.

  5. I’ve seen so many C and W games I’ve known by now not to take too much from them. This is what has me optimistic, though: The 2011 State Player of the Year in New Jersey is playing like a POY in one of the largest states of America, we have a proven QB, an improved pass rush and 2 JUCO All-American safeties that picked off Division I QBs yesterday. A pass rush and safeties can cover for a lot of past coaching sins on that side of the ball.

  6. strange news concerning the new PSU coach during his tenure at Vanderbilt…., can’t see how he stays if true

    • I can. They want to win. By hiring him (disregarding his hands-on alleged coverup of the rape scandal at Vandy), they sent a clear message they don’t care about scandals as much as they care about filling their 106,000 stadium. They’ll keep him and sugarcoat the Vandy stuff. It’s pure PSU.

  7. Saw the story on Philly.com, does start to paint a picture of Franklin as a guy who doesn’t have a problem “bending” the rules. For all the talk from the PSU zombies about how JoePA did things the right way (and we all now that was a total load) I really don’t think something like what it is implied Franklin did at Vanderbilt would bother them if it got top recruits to PSU.

  8. I’m excited to hear about Buddy Brown. After a redshirt year, did he get bigger, smarter, faster? How did he look in the cherry and white game?

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