Two Ways To Look at Cherry and White

Not much to take from the Cherry and White game other than this:

Either the defense is much improved or the offense has a lot of work to do. I’m leaning toward the former. I liked the play of the safeties and I’m not concerned about P.J. Walker’s “off” game, if it really was that.

P.J. Walker is a proven commodity. The Owls’ defense is not. However, if you put two safeties in the middle of the field and are able to find two good cover corners that the defense is 100 percent improved. I have a feeling Cequan Jefferson could be a better cover corner than anyone Temple had last year.

What I don’t like about the offense is that Temple seems to have two similar-type players as receivers. I’d prefer a tall receiver, a Rod Streater-type, to go along with a Jalen Fitzpatrick-type. Maybe that will happen, but there is just as good a chance that both Khalif Hebin and Fitzpatrick will be on the field at the same time. To fix that, I’d move Herbin to a running back and hopefully have one of the taller freshman wide receivers win the WR spot opposite Fitzpatrick.

Plenty of time to fiddle. Hopefully, the Owls will put the right pieces in the right spots.

Why We Post stories:

Before the Cherry and White game, I received a few inquiries about why readers have to click on a story to get to a post I would normally put on Temple Football Forever.

The answer is simple: For every click on story, TFF gets a very minimal fee, as small as a penny and as high as 5-10 cents. Since we’ve only had two donations so far this calendar year (one at New Year’s and the other a couple of weeks ago), we’ve used this method to generate income off the website. This is a labor or love but, with two other jobs, putting time into this has to generate some income. Thanks for supporting TFF however you can.


2 thoughts on “Two Ways To Look at Cherry and White

  1. smart move

    The owls have to get creative too.

  2. There’s a lot that remains to be seen. But you’re right Mike, hopefully they’ll put the right pieces in the right spots. Seems like there is plenty to work with as long as it all is used wisely.

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