Temple Football Spring Wrap-Up

Click on the photo of P.J. Walker for a Temple football spring wrap.

Click on the photo of P.J. Walker for a Temple football spring wrap.


18 thoughts on “Temple Football Spring Wrap-Up

  1. how many huge question marks does this team have? 1. wide receiver; 2. defensive back field; 3. defensive line; 4. sideline and second half coaching ability; 5. Special teams.., can Temple count on automatic field goals inside the 40 yd line?; 6. Turnover ratio; 7. Swagger

    PJ Walker’s success will be severely limited by the profound lack in ability of playmakers with size and speed at the WR position

    hard to cover if you can’t rush the passer

    in 8 out of 12 games our coaching staff was out-coached in the second half last year

    our kickers are below NCAAA averages

    no swagger is a result of having very few/if any leaders

    4-8, or 5-7 at best in 2014

    • KJ, unfortunately you are probably more right than wrong with your predictions for the 2014 record. 5-7 while still bad I might look at a little more positively depending on how the team plays in those loses and who it is they lose too. 4-8 then let’s end the Matt Rhule head coaching experience, at that point I don;t care that he wants to be here. I know the Rhule apologists will say he doubled the wins from last year with that record but to me winning 4 games in 2014 with a team that should have at least won that many in 2013 and could have won 5 or 6 would be a further indication of this program going in revverse.

      • JD, you are exactly right. IMO the team last year had more talent than the 2014 team does on the roster now. the 2013 team was outplayed in the second half all season, and should have beat Fordham, Utah, Houston, SMU and the Florida team. SMH.., last year should have been a bowl year…., and Rhule should pack his bags if the 2014 team does not win four games…, hard to believe this program has fallen so far in such a short period of time. this is a case study on how not to run a major college program.

  2. Kicker (Austin Jones) could be a big-timer … his measureables (distance on kickoffs, FGs and accuracy of FG/XP) blew away anything Cooper did in high school. The punter from Palisades is supposedly very, very good, too. These kids don’t arrive until the summer.

    • Mike, cooper came in with very high expectations and frankly had a disasterous freshman year. Until a kid faces the pressure it’s really hard to gauge how he’ll be at the D1 level.

      I think the comment above regarding PJ walker is on point in that he’s an incredibly talented kid without any real big play weapons. He’ll need some time in the pocket which will require either very solid line play or someone to emerge in the backfield to keep defenses honest. Unfortunately neither offensive nor defensive coordinators demonstrated their ability to create plays or manufacture wins consistently lost to teams with worse talent.

      I want to remain optimistic but feel 4-5 wins this season is the upper limit. Go owls.

  3. Cautiously optimistic. The two Florida WRs have much higher profiles than Robby Anderson had when he came out of Florida as Robbie Anderson. I’m not enamored with our current receiving core. We have Matty Brown (Khalif Herbin) playing in the slot when a slot receiver gets no more than 5-7 touches a game. The gross (criminal) under use of Chris Coyer last year is all I think about when I think how we might underuse Herbin this year. Coyer could have had 12 games like Memphis had he been targeted like he was in the Memphis game. Otherwise, our receivers remind me of a bunch of Jason Avants–possession receivers who don’t get RAC yardage.

  4. Agree Mike. As I said all last season Coyer should have had 15 touches a game and should have been moved around the offense including running back. This season, it’s clear that running back is one of the strengths of this team and it thus should implement some two-back sets. Let’s see how often that happens. Also, given P.J.’s mobility, I would put in some Wayne Hardin veer, which not only would take advantage of PJ but also the running backs. The backs on this team are as good as Mark Bright, Anthony Anderson, and Duke Joyner and PJ is a better athlete than Brian Broomel. I just hope they don’t throw when they should run and vice versa as they did last season.

  5. Love the veer for P.J. Don’t know if Satterfield knows how to run it. Maybe coach Hardin should send him tapes of the 1974 team with Steve Joachim running the veer. If P.J. runs the veer, he will win the Maxwell Award next season like Joachim did. Heisman is 2 years away.

    • Do you really think this coaching staff has the ability to utilize different approaches, better match their schemes to the kind of skills on the team etc. I really think with this staff the team will have to win on their talent when superior or even with their opponent, in spite of the staff. I don’t see this team winning many games when it depends on coaching to come up with something.

  6. By the way, just watched Gruden’s QB camp with Blake Bortles and got queasy again when they high-lighted his hail mary against us. It is simply unbelievable how open that kid who made a remarkable catch was.

  7. The pass rush where we ran all the way into the end zone and then looped back 35 yards to get to Bortles (and almost did) was the thing that had me scratching my head. It’s like we almost didn’t want to tackle him. We’ve got to get the killer instinct rushing the passer we had with Arob and Big Mo.

  8. 3 wins


    Time to come back to Earth, guys.

  9. I’m an optimist and say we get six wins because the coaching cannot be as bad as it was last year. These guys know that they’re coaching for their jobs and will step up. They have five months to get ready for Vanderbilt, which I believe can be taken because of the change in coaching and the pilfering of recruits by Franklin. If the Owls look as pathetic in the defensive secondary against Vandy as they did against ND, it’ll be a three win season, Navy, Del State, and Memphis.

  10. I think they should be ABLE to beat Tulsa and UConn as well. Tulane will be a nail-biter.

    • I’m not as worried about the kids as I am the coaches. We’ll need a couple of games this season to see if the coaching staff has progressed.

      I’m concerned that rather than having MR own the fact he had just a handful of wins against a fairly easy schedule he’ll default to the idea his team was competitive and could have won four more (of course due to his players inability to execute not poor coaching). Being competitive is a losers mentality and I hope this staff accepts the fact ‘that every team is exactly as good as their record’ as bill parcels says.

  11. I agree with John that this staff “should” be coaching for their jobs but when I see the lukewarm commitment to athletics at Temple at the top, I’m not so sure. If I were President, I’d be thinking that if MR and staff don’t go bowling this year, he’s out. “Cannot afford to waste any more time. Must get a proven head coach in here.” Those words would be written and underlined on my legal pad. I don’t think Theobald thinks like me and he’s willing to wait out 4-8, 5-7 seasons that might lay ahead. Geez, I hope I’m wrong about that.

  12. That’s because he’s from Indiana where waiting for football success, like waiting fro Godot, never really happens and where a coach who gives a good effort deserves to stick around for a while despite a mediocre record.

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