a final (OK, more than one) word on temple baseball

temple baseball,

Click on photo of Rosenbaltt Stadium in Omaha, Neb., where Owls reached their greatest heights.

first team (1927):

first team

Last team (2014):

last team




3 thoughts on “a final (OK, more than one) word on temple baseball

  1. Update: temple wins, 9-4, in final game ever. I know they had a losing record, but fewer teams in the long and storied history of Temple sports represented the university any better. they beat the No. 5 team in the country (Louisville) and, in beating Uconn today, beat a team that made the aac final last year. also beat Houston and UCF during the regular season. All this done with 7 key players transferring out of the school. God bless those kids and that coach. Shame on the two carpetbaggers from Indiana (Theobald and Clark) who are making important decisions at the school now. Would say, Ed Rendell, if he were president make the same decision? Hell no. John is right. These two carpetbaggers from Indiana making important decisions on Temple sports need to be closely monitored.

  2. speaking of those two from Indiana, does anyone know the latest on the where Temple will be playing football in 2020?

  3. the same place the temple baseball team is playing next year if MR is allowed to go 2-10 again without repercussions. heck, even if he goes 4-8 or 5-7 the program cannot survive the cumulative effect of 4-7 (not his fault), 2-10 (his fault), 4-8 (his fault).

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