5 Sideline Mistakes TU Must Avoid to Have Breakout 2014 Season

Click on the photo of the infamous 5-yard deep in the backfield handoff photo to see how the Owls must improve their decision-making

Click on the photo of the infamous 5-yard deep in the backfield handoff photo to see how the Owls must improve their decision-making

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24 thoughts on “5 Sideline Mistakes TU Must Avoid to Have Breakout 2014 Season

  1. better than average coaching decisions last year would have resulted in a 7 win season, a bowl appearance, increased ticket sales revenue, and a head start in recruiting for 2014. bad news is the talent last year is decidedly better than the 2014 team.., good news is the coaches can’t get any worse…., good coaches steal wins, bad coaches give wins away…, no more excuses from Rhule

  2. KJ have to agree with you on your point about coaching decisions last year. All of the games covered in this article could have been wins. Fordham, Idaho and UConn should have been wins. Throw in the chance for what would have been a potential signature win against UCF and the worst the 2013 should have done was 5-7. For 2014 this team needs to at least turn half of the these types of “mistakes” into wins. This coaching staff needs to show that they took a 2012 team that was losing “big”, to a 2013 team that was losing “small” to a 2014 team that starts to win some or all of those “small” losses. Otherwise rather than 2015 being this big breakout season that a lot on the other boards are talking about it, some are even suggesting Temple drops either the game against Charlotte or UMass and picks up Alabama because they still need a 12th game, it will be just part of a continuing nightmare. FOr me 2014 is put up or shut up for Rhule.

  3. Frustration is the best word I can think of as a fan to describe last season. What certainly COULD and SHOULD have been turned into a mess. Now we face a tougher schedule, so better coaching will be absolutely necessary to improve the record from last year. If they do make the right calls and with some luck I guess a bowl game is possible but hate to say, unlikely – still don’t trust these coaches. They have a lot to prove.

  4. when you go down the credentials of each coach, dubious credentials at best. matt rhule got the job because he was a “nice guy” who endeared himself to a lot of good temple people his first time around. don tollefson was a “nice guy” once but he has another thing in common with MR and that’s neither one has proven they can be a winning college head coach anywhere else and one isn’t in the business of trying. the fact that MR surrounded himself with friends who went 0-16 as a DB coach in the NFL and coached at Tennessee-Chattanooga as his top two Lts. doesn’t fill me with a whole lot of confidence going forward. but I hope they surprise me. this team needs to execute a viable running game when they get 28-7 and 21-0 leads.

    • As i read his comments, Rhule plans to have a viable running game this year. We can only hope that he does and that he knows when to turn to it. It will be a long season if he doesn’t.

      • 28-7 and 21-0 leads were a gift from God for a running game. we returned that gift. I think our offensive line was one of the strengths of our team in 2013 and pounding the ball with big leads is something we should have done. (also under-utilizing coyer was borderline criminal). coyer showed what he could do in the last game at Memphis. give him the ball and he would have done the same in the 11 previous games as well.

  5. Great analysis. It’s as if the coach threw last season under the proverbial bus. I hope it will be one step back and two steps forward this year. If MR learns from and corrects these simple mistakes, we’ll be bowling in December.

  6. And I just read that the AAC is dividing into 2 divisions when Navy joins in 2015. But why the heck is Navy in the west and Cinncinati in the east? Also it looks like the east is somewhat tougher than the west. Just Temple’s luck.

  7. From everything I’ve read it seems that given their national fan base and recruiting Navy wanted to be in the west for the regular Texas exposure. Don’t know how true that is

  8. Dave, I know what you mean about “throwing last season under the bus.” No adjustments with that pass defense all season long, which lost several games by itself and not using the running game in obvious situations, among other things. It was almost like Rhule was just messing around – kind of like the Sixers this past season, only Temple doesn’t get high draft picks!

  9. good point, Jon. we didn’t have to tank. we made more “dumb” coaching decisions in four months than I saw in the seven prior years under golden/daz. of course, ron dickerson had a couple of those type of seasons with talented teams.

  10. JD, your note about “some boards suggesting the Owls drop Charlotte or UMass to pick up Bama” would be typical – Temple shoots themselves in the foot, again. Remember years ago when Temple actually had some decent teams but kept scheduling major opponents (SEC teams for instance)? Yes, top 10, top 5 schedule nationally, but it killed any chance of good records – and they did it year after year. Made me groan after a while. So why start that stuff again? The Owls are simply not good enough to be thinking national championship anyway, so keep it simple and reasonable and give yourself a chance to grow a successful program – step-by-step. We’re just not ready for a steady diet of the big boys yet and we already have just enough high level competition (PSU) as it is. And yes, 2014 better be decent or the program won’t be going anywhere soon.

  11. I also think we should holdoff playing Alabama until the National Championship game … :)… but I would not be adverse to replacing delaware state with delaware. not thrilled with UMass … if there’s any way to get ru back on the schedule, we should do that and go for the QB sneak next time.

  12. JD, I think you’re arithmetic should add up to at least 6 wins last year. Throw in what should have been a Rutgers win and there’s your 7. Were the coaches really that inept?

  13. Yeh Mike, Rutgers is our real and natural rival – get them back soon if possible. But y’know? Umass could be a pretty good rival too and they’re Div 1-A now. And you’re right, (if TU is going to schedule 1-AA teams) Delaware is a good natural choice – so is Nova (and heck why not Penn for that matter? or Lehigh?) All close, no travel expenses and there’s local interest to attract fans to the stadium. Just thinkin…

  14. Penn has got to think they can beat us due to the fordham debacle. Penn 27, Lafayette 7; fordham 30, temple 29 and lafayette 27, fordham 13. shakin my head. shakin my damn head.

  15. Every Temple fan should be shakin’ their damn head! If Rhule messes things up again this coming season the damn school should just get rid of him or, perish the thought, drop football and bring back those other sports and add wrestling again. Me thinks I’m really getting sick of all these inept football program decisions.

  16. I root for him (people don’t believe that) because I love temple football above all other sports teams and he genuinely is the nicest guy–with thhe possible exception of Bruce–that I’ve ever met who held the position (Wayne is a nice guy, too, but he was tough as nails as a head coach and his players never really loved him until years down the road). all that said I was so stunned by the enormity of poor first-year gameday decisions I really fear for the future of the sport at temple under him.

  17. Being “a nice guy” can be (but not necessarily) an important asset in guiding a successful program of any kind. But more importantly, being successful means getting the job done, making good decisions, producing, etc. That simply wasn’t accomplished last year. Like I said, another God-awful season and Temple football will be right back where it was before Golden. Why the BOT, administration and AD can’t make the right decisions for coaches but only occasionally means they’re not getting the job done to begin with. Mike I’ve been a fan and following Owl football for decades but damn it, its about time for Temple to get their head out of there ass. They can never raise funding enough and had to slash some teams. Its ridiculous. I’m just getting tired, sick and tired (as the Coz said in one of his skits). And like I said, another crappy season if they don’t make a change they’re simply not doing their job. Sorry for the rant……Go Owls.

    • don’t be sorry. i felt the same rage after fordham, uconn, idaho, smu, central florida and rutgers. being close matters only in horse shoes and hand grenades, not football, and there are a couple of teams in there we should have blown out like what daz did to army.

  18. And another thing, Arians never should have been let go. He was a good coach. Softening the schedule is what should have been done and give the guy a chance. And on and on it goes, where it stops we’ll never know, following Temple football.

  19. Al Golden was not a football messiah, but he pulled Temple out of the sewer with winning seasons, a bowl game, cleaned up an apparent behind-the-scenes mess and showed Temple can recruit some darn good players. He wasn’t great on game day, but he gave us fans some hope and set things up for a successful future. Miami saw all that to clean their mess up. But whether he can bring them all the way back on the field is questionable. So what happened after him? Same old crap from the higher ups and the program already is headed downward, again. Rhule has a chance to reverse that. 2014 will be pivotal. I have my fingers crossed. Go Owls.

  20. Me, too. Me, too. Nothing would make me happier than to see Matt Rhule succeed at Temple in the same way Al did. I’ve seen more red flags in the first four months of Matt Rhule than I did in all five years of Al. So I have my doubts. Don’t kill me for those doubts because I love Temple football and hate to see a 2-10 hanging next to it.

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