The Greatest Commencement Speech I’ve Ever Heard


… by Lewis Katz only a few days before his tragic death. ….


9 thoughts on “The Greatest Commencement Speech I’ve Ever Heard

  1. Thank you. It was a great commencement speech. He went out in style.

  2. plenty of lessons in that commencement speech, plus one I don’t think even Mr. Katz realized. … that you never know when it will be your time to go. He had plenty of good stuff he was planning to do for both temple and the inquirer and fans of both were robbed of his vision.

  3. Temple lost a great alum and benefactor who supported football wholeheartedly. He will be sorely missed.

  4. you got that right. he would have never let us go back to franklin field. Not sure I can say the same about Mr. Theobald.

  5. RIP Mr. Katz.

    Now for the poll question: stadium or Sugar Bowl? Since the Sugar Bowl is a semi-final game in the college playoffs, for Temple to be there means first, an undefeated season; two, winning all OOC games by big margins and crushing American opponents; three a little luck in that 2 of the power 5 conferences don’t get in. This would be a phenomonal accomplishment for our school and team. And would most likely lead to…an on campus stadium.

  6. logical and therefore correct. …. momentum of going a sugar bowl … ucf went to a similar bowl last year would build the stadium. building a stadium would not necessarily lead to a sugar bowl (see akron).

  7. is Robby Anderson really trying to come back to Temple and play this year? is there a scenario that could make this a reality?

  8. probably not unfortunately.

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