5 Ways Temple Can Get to a Bowl Game

Click on the photo of Gary Nova going down hard to see the path to a bowl game for the Owls ....

Click on the photo of Gary Nova going down hard to see the path to a bowl game for the Owls ….


Bruce Arians or Todd Bowles checking in? If so, thanks.



25 thoughts on “5 Ways Temple Can Get to a Bowl Game

  1. With this coaching staff I think the team will need tickets to get into a bowl game. Please prove me wrong MR.

  2. yeah, that’s what keeps me awake at nights. With Mario Cristobal, Dave Clawson or Pete Lembo at the helm, I’d sleep a lot better. Knowing there’s an Idaho game plan or a Fordham defensive alignment or a Rutgers’ shotgun handoff at fourth-and-three inches around every corner are not comforting thoughts.

    • If also feel better if the head coach manned up and said “yeah, I’ve made some mistakes but I’m adjusting and learning” instead of laying some of these losses off on the kids.

      As the Tuna so prophetically stated “every team is exactly as good as their record” and these guys don’t have much to stand on in that regard.

      I hope the kids rise to the occasion.

    • I agree with all that is said here, but I can’t help but get excited as the season approaches. I try to keep myself grounded and realistic, but hope springs eternal. I guess that is what keeps me an Owl fan over all these years.

  3. those kids—and I’m especially referring to guys like Chris Coyer and Cody Booth–deserved better leadership than they got a year ago. I hope these kids get what those kids did not. That was six-win talent.

  4. think we had 8 or 7 win talent last year…, this year Rhule should be smart enough to keep Snow in the closet and let the other defensive coaches develop talent and coach on game day…., this 2014 team has two huge weaknesses: no proven, big-time play maker at WR; and, absolutely terrible game day coaches on defense.

    one other huge point is being out coached in the second half of seven of the twelve games last year. good teams outplay and out coach their opponents in the second half. last year we were probably one of the 20 worst teams in that category.

    wonder if Rhule reads this blog?

    • the answer is yes. at least it was BEFORE last season when he was coaching for the Giants. I try to be as honest as possible and, as much as I like the guy as a man, I’ve had serious concerns about him as a head coach (assistant coach he was fine; not every good assistant–and he was a good assistant–is made to be good head coach). they are two different jobs. Wayne Hardin had that “head coach” makeup. So did Bruce and, to a lesser extent, Al. Daz and Matt don’t IMHO. Great point about the first and second halves of Temple games. We walk out of the locker room and everybody figures us out and we don’t figure anyone out. What’s that tell you?

    • 7-8 win talent? So a team with zero kicking game, arguably the worst secondary in the NCAA, and no pash rush had 7-8 win talent? That’s just delusional. I’m sorry but if you can’t beat Fordham and Idaho on talent alone (regardless of coaching) you don’t have the kind of talent you speak of.

      Also, give Rhule a little bit of a pass considering it was his first year. He put together a successful recruiting class last year and is having a good start to the class this year. Getting legit talent like Anthony Davis, CeQuan Jefferson, Aaron Ruff, and Delvon Randall to come to Temple is no small accomplishment and is something I don’t see bloggers on this site give Rhule enough credit for.

      • a team that hits 7-7 extra points against smu doesn’t have zero kicking game. the punter was arguably the best in the league, too. visco was the kid, not cooper and the staff stubbornly stayed with the scholarship kicker too long. that’s on them. saying this team did not have the talent to beat fordham and idaho is laughable. Laughable. because the coaches were out there (telling them to throw 15 50-yard bombs against the No. 125 run defense in fbs football) they lost. because the coaches were out there (telling them not to run the ball against a 247-pound defensive line that gave up 297 yards to a division III running back the next week), they lost to fordham. rhule owns this 2-10 record. no one else.

    • Mike, you are seriously going to use extra points as an example of a kicking game? It’s D1 football, everyone should be able to make extra points. (and i was criticizing the field goal kicking, punting was fine) We couldn’t even attempt a FG that was outside the ten yard line most games. Cooper was dreaful, but Visco wasn’t very good either (60%). And I was clearly saying if you can’t win on talent alone against teams like Idaho or Fordham you don’t have 7-8 talent. We played with so many freshman and sophomore starters, some of which were not ready or capable of starting. I just can’t understand how anyone could argue the talent level on the team was 7-8 wins. MR make some poor decisions no doubt, but large part of the 2-10 record was talent level.

      • a lot of those 7-7 kicks against smu (he really didn’t get many tries otherwise) would have been fgs good from 40, straight and true. he was 3-5 in field goals. according to many players I know constantly outkicked cooper in practice but they were stumped why rhule went with cooper. I said temple had six-win talent, not 7-8. when you return 16 starters from a 4-win team, you’ve got to win six. there were no fordhams and idahos on the daz 2012 schedule. very disappointed in rhule’s coaching the first season.

    • Just to clarify, I was referring to kj saying that we had 7-8 win talent. And I hope you are right about Visco, we desperately need a kicker who can consistently make 30-40 yarders if we want a chance at a bowl game.

  5. Halftime Adjustments?

    Game First Half Points Second Half Points
    Notre Dame 6 0
    Houston 13 0
    Cincinnati 20 0
    UConn 21 0

  6. great point ref Daz…, outstanding assistant coach, marginal at best head coach…, remember the Peter Principle? Matt and our AD should do everything they can to bring Bruce back to Philly at every opportunity to talk to the team and soak up wisdom. How many college teams have former head coaches who are current successful head coaches on Sunday?

  7. Nice posting. I agree that will be some fun things to look for. I think we have a Golden Rhule situation. Great recruiter. By the way, only six college HC are NFL HCs: Eagles, Seattle, Detroit, Houston, NY Giants, and Phoenix. It is not common for a college HC to succeed in the NFL Good Old Boy network. I’ll be pulling for the Cards and Owls this year.

  8. one of six…., hmmm…, that is a quite a differentiator…, shame on Temple if the AD and Rhule can’t figure out how to leverage this fact to market the program, recruit better players, and win more games…., this is not rocket science?

  9. 9 (nine) commits so far and 7 (seven) of the 9 are two-stars…, and we have a coaching staff that is weak in player development.., why did i buy season tickets again? fully understand why PSU is paying Franklin so much.., not sure i understand why Temple is paying Rhule so much when the return, and predicted return on investment is poor at best…, we are throwing good money after bad

    • 247 sports (in my opinion the best recruiting site) has more favorable ratings for our current commits. Check out the site if you haven’t already, it has a lot of good info and a great way to stay current on our recruiting for football and basketball. Rhule’s recruiting class last year was very impressive for a team that went 2-10 so I wouldn’t rush to judge the 2015 class so early in the process as so much can change from now until signing day.

    • for all of the hype surrounding Matt Rhule’s 2014 recruiting class, got to remember it was ranked No. 4 in the aac (and behind daz’s 2012 class nationally). Yet, according to the MR apologists, daz left MR with “no talent.” can’t have it both ways. can’t say MR is recruiting great and daz left him with no talent at same time when the only objective measure of said talent rates daz’s talent better than rhule’s. plus, if you go from a florida-centric staff (daz, heater, scot loeffler) to a tenn-chattanooga and eastern michigan centric staff (mr, snow, satterfield) got to coach the kids up way more. the logic doesn’t add up.

      • I think #4 in the AAC is actually pretty good for our program, considering what little we have accomplished in recent history and lack of our own stadium. Only when we can win consistantly win our recruiting get anywhere near 4 or 5 star players. We might get one or two every year or so but to expect anything more than #72 (2014 class) with our current limitations nd lack of succes is unreasonable. And according to 247 (my go to recruting site). Daz’s 2012 class was ranked 73rd…Rhule’s class was 72nd. Either way, I am very omptimistic about the potential impact of the 2014 class right away this coming season.

  10. great, thanks.., 247 sports has us rated next to last in the AAC for average rating per player at 78.01…., being this far down so early in the process it would take a miracle for Temple to finish in the Top 3 in the conference.

    • I think the average is being brought down because 247 hasn’t rated 3 of our recruits yet. Because if you average out the rankings that they have given the other 6 players it is 82.167, which looks significantly better and only behind South Florida and UCF (which is expected being that they are FLA schools). But I could be wrong 🙂

  11. If matt rhule is this god of a recruiter all of the apologists say he is, Temple should be No. 1 or No. 2 in the AAC. Heck, Al Golden had the Owls No. 1 in the MAC 5 straight years. There are 125 FBS teams. For Temple to aspire to being No. 72 is a complete joke. No. 72 is ridiculous out of 125.

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