Kareem Ali Really Temple Made

Colin Thompson and Kareem Ali are the newest Owls.

Colin Thompson and Kareem Ali are the newest Owls.

Any time I get off the SEPTA Regional rail at Temple University station, which is quite often, I get to see an anonymous person with a painted Cherry and White face with glasses staring at me with the words “Temple Made” above his head.

Temple football now boasts of  ultimate “Temple Made” person soon to be on its roster, Kareem Ali. According to this great story by Matt Vender, Ali was conceived at Temple. He’s the first documented person to be literally Temple Made–though I’m sure there are a few undocumented ones.

Now he’s going to do his part to make Temple football a Made Man in the college football world.

When Al Golden was at Temple, he had a binder on how to build a program from the ground up and one of the chapters in it was recruiting. “Trust the film,” Golden would always say.

Golden was not bashful about his philosophy of recruiting. He believed that the key of going from the worst program in major college football to winning a non-BCS conference title like the MAC was getting a whole bunch of team leaders, captains of their high school teams from winning programs, then reaching up and grabbing as many as five guys every year who were offered by BCS programs. Golden never got a chance to win the MAC, but I believe he was only a year or two away when he left to go to Miami (Fla.)

Golden had a great school to sell, Temple, and he was a great salesman who was able to lure guys like Kee-Ayre Griffin away from Boston College and Adrian Robinson away from Pitt. Those guys helped fuel three consecutive winning seasons at Temple. When I dashed off an email congratulating Al on his first recruiting class, Al dashed one back: “Mike, we’re not done yet. We’re waiting on a guy from St. Peter’s Prep who could be our best recruit. Wish us luck.”

Griffin was that guy, the last recruit of Golden’s first-ever class and the first of five good recruiting chapters.

It now appears that Matt Rhule has memorized that chapter.

One day after getting Kareem Ali to de-commit from Maryland (Big 10), he got Colin Thompson to transfer from Florida (SEC).

I had been somewhat concerned last week that the Owls offered a guy who had only been offered by Duquesne, Coastal Carolina and St. Francis of Loretto but the recent additions of Ali and Thompson put the Owls back on the right recruiting track. You are going to need a lot of guys like Ali and Thompson to win an AAC title and, if they can convince guys like Shareef Miller to come on board, it won’t be long before the Owls are hoisting a trophy soon.

Mix those three guys with a couple more similar players, stir in a few high school captains from winning programs, trust the film, always call a quarterback sneak on fourth and three inches, bake and watch a championship team rise. At least that’s the fervent hope.


16 thoughts on “Kareem Ali Really Temple Made

  1. Last recruits are often the best. Dick Beck was Bruce Arians’ last recruit and he turned out to be the captain of the 7-4 1990 Owls, Brandon McManus’ high school coach at North Penn and a state championship class AAAA head coach at North Penn. KAG made a spectacular diving interception in the 2011 Penn State game that would have been remembered as the key play in the greatest Temple win ever except for Mike Gerardi turning the ball over the other way.

  2. Is Thompson eligible to play this season or will he need to sit out a year? What a great week for Temple football, finally something to celebrate!!!

  3. could be eligible to play this fall if his medical appeal goes through. dr. robby anderson of north carolina gave him a clean bill of health after florida failed him (actually, the dr.’s name is robert anderson) ….:)

  4. Just seeing the name Robbie Anderson makes me sad :/
    But on a positive sidenote, apparently we beat out Penn State, UCF, and Stanford for Thompson. Thompson would give us the receiving playmaker we desperately need!

  5. Hope this kid gets the medical redshirt for last season from the NCAA. If this kid is deemed eligible, with the tools the coaches will have on offense, they won’t have any excuses if they are shut out in the second half or fail to score 40 against teams the equivalent of Fordham and Idaho.

  6. unfortunately (or fortunately), we will only be playing 1 team as bad as Idaho and Fordham and that’s Delaware State. I hope the stuff in our lockerroom is padlocked that day.

    • Fordham was actually a legit team. They were on of the best in D2 until their QB got hurt.

      • err, no. legit in patriot level fcs (which is the worst of the fcs leagues) but not legit enough to stay on the same field with a well-coached Temple team. More than legit enough, though, to stay on the same field with a poorly-coached Temple team.

  7. Don’t worry three of their players are in jail. Besides, can’t believe that their fans travel all that well. Villanova only brought 2500 the last season TU played them.

    • they won’t bring more than 500. should have played delaware instead. their fans do travel well and we would have had 20K Temple fans and 20K Delaware fans in attendance. I don’t think Matt wanted to play delaware, though.

  8. I think we all see that Rhule is a fine recruiter. But will that translate into wins? That’s the real question. If last season is any indication, all that money that went into that fancy locker room renovation won’t mean a thing. Just read in SI that Charlie Strong at Texas is reducing the “extras,” not adding them on. But maybe Temple just needs to catch up to be competitive? I hope the money came from donations and not the money that was “saved” by dropping 5 sports. Speaking of locker rooms, that whole situation still steams me. Want to and need to see 6 wins this season.

  9. Your first sentence is the $17 million question (the $7 million it cost to build the E-O in 2000 and last year’s $10 million add-on). Would I take $17 million and roll it on the crap table with a guy who never won anywhere else as a head coach? No. But that’s just me and Cincinnati. I’ve long admired the way Cincy does it–bringing in bright, successful, head coaches who have a proven track record of succeeding on game day against better talent–and always thought Temple should have followed that hiring model. Al Golden was what was needed after Bobby Wallace, a program-builder. After Al, I thought we should have gone for proven head coaches.

  10. Tonights lost game, Oct 17th, was a true product of bad officiating!! Out out bounds calls not called; holding penalties that don’t hold water, and a “no ruling on the field”, somehow “called ruling on the field fumble”, not overturned by the replay committee (which could not have been “not overturned either way?!?)…cost us the game!! Pure BS in my opinion!! I understand there r always faults; however, this was an absolute BS “non-ruled on the field” disaster by the officials…Total game changer in my eyes…

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