Good Job, Temple

The best part of this great video is the reaction of the players.

“This jaun is crazy.
They put a lot of effort
into this so I’m really
appreciative of it. I love it.”
_ Zaire Williams

It’s apparent that these are a good group of young men representing Temple University this year and that they are sincere in their appreciation for what they have.

Nothing would please me more than to see these guys transform 2-10 into 10-2.

Hopefully, that happens.

Either way, great job by Temple football in getting this done and to all those who made it happen.


15 thoughts on “Good Job, Temple

  1. What’s more amazing is that these kids have no idea what the locker room looked like before Edberg-Olsen given that most formerv players would have killed for what was ripped out: Bottom of McGonicle Hall, next to a bowling alley with lockers worse than most high schools, no weight room, no turf, and a practice field with graves that periodically collapsed. And yet they won. This team and this coaching staff will have no excuses because the facilities are top twenty-five.

  2. to see what bruce did working with a rock-strewn practice field (now the Temple football indoor practice facility) and a weight room next to the bowling alley in the basement of McGonigle (two 6-5 records against top 10 schedules–it’s like Temple was in the SEC back then) was amazing. Now, with a $17 million practice facility and an indoor practice facility, please just go win. Win. That’s all I ask.

  3. Nice to see these are classy, good kids.

    Rare today.

    Now, let’s roll and win some ball games!

  4. The new locker room should really help with recruiting. The old locker room was on a high school level. Perhaps this is a reason why Ali said Temple was “on the rise” as well. This should also alleviate the notion of Temple cutting football any time soon, as many on this site have speculated. Why invest money into something that you are contemplating ending?

  5. Hey Mike, do you know why Visco left the team? I didn’t even heard about it until I randomly read it today. Now we are stuck with Cooper, so he better have improved his leg dramatically.

    • Nick felt he beat out Jim fair and square in practice competitions and, from what I was told by other players (last year’s seniors), that was indeed the case almost every week. Matt went with Jim because he was the “scholarship” player, according to the seniors. Now that Austin Jones and Jim Cooper are both scholarships kids, it should be a fairer competition. We are not stuck with Cooper. That said, I hope Jim gets his act together. His kicking was not acceptable last year and I think he would be the first to admit that.

      • Not acceptable? His kicking was atrocious. He was beaten out fair and square by visco. visco should be on scholarship with the new kid and Cooper should have to earn it back.

      • Any word on were Visco is now or his future plans? I wish him the best of luck, its a shame when a scholarship gets in the way. Hopefully Austin Jones is the real deal, but since Cooper was an Under Armour All-American (how I will never know), my expectatations are low.

  6. not acceptable is a nice way of saying atrocious. I saw the scrimmage at Neshaminy High last year. Nick kicked a 56-yarder against a rush in grass that was uncut (about a half-foot deep). Nick clearly beat out Jim.

  7. not as concerned about all-american teams (there is a lot of politics involved) as I am pure stats and from an accuracy standpoint and a distance (both on fgs standpoint), Jones’ senior high school numbers match up better with Brandon McManus at North Penn than Jim’s did. I think Jones is going to get very close to McManus, both literally and figuratively.

  8. Ran across this video of the freshman kicker Jones…quite impressive!

    • Awesome video, thanks David! Let the Austin Jones hype begin! We could have won a few more games with any kind of kicking game last year. Hopefully he is the answer because I have no faith in Cooper.

  9. very impressive, David, thanks for sharing. May the best kicker win (I think it’s Austin, but that’s what summer camp is for).

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