Coach Rhule At AAC Media Day

A few things to take from this interview, one that means nothing, the others that mean everything.
First, the nothing part. Nothing ages a man like being either a President of the United States or a Temple head football coach.
I did not notice a single gray hair on the head of Mr. Obama or Mr. Rhule before they took either job. Now there are plenty of both. Al Golden addressed that problem with Grecian Formula.

Now onto the meaningful observations:
Coach Rhule is a very good guy and I would like nothing more than to see him succeed on the job, despite my documented and numerous reservations in the past. He’s a good representative of Temple University.
Rhule seems to have a handle on the team’s problems, the pass rush coming immediately to mind. Moving faster linebackers to ends, where they can use that speed to seek out and destroy enemy quarterbacks, is the key to the defense.
Kiser Terry is now a 285-pound tackle. He used to be a 240-pound end.
The offense will try to spread the ball all over the field and get the ball in numerous guy’s hands. That’s a good thing, if Khalif Herbin is used both as a halfback and a slot back.
Of all the “outside” interviewers, this guy Mark Rogers came into this short interview well-prepared. If only the Temple football beat writer for the Inquirer, John Mitchell, knew as much about Temple football as this guy.
Wonder what coach was looking at in the beginning of the interview? Must have been something distracting him.


16 thoughts on “Coach Rhule At AAC Media Day

  1. Mike – nail on the head.., it is difficult not to like Rhule, he is a Temple guy, hard worker, sincere and relates well with our young men. However the reality is he has been out-coached and out-recruited, which has resulted in us getting outplayed. Rhule should do the right thing and step down if he can’t get the Owls to a bowl game this year. First step would be to let Snow stay home on Saturdays, or at least put him in the press box.

  2. thanks, kj. extremely difficult not to like him,which is why i don’t try. You can love the man and hate the work and right now the work includes hiring an extremely under-qualified staff for big-time college football (a Tenn-Chattanooga OC and a failed Eastern Michigan DC come to mind). what are their qualifications? “well, they are my friends.” that led to being outcoached by 0-9 uconn, fcs fordham and worst-team-in-history-of-college-football Idaho. the proof is in the pudding and that pudding tasted like sewer water last year. He must whip up a good batch of pudding this year or else.

  3. Keeping Snow after last year’s defensive fiasco does not bode well. If Vandy scores as quickly and as often as ND did in the first quarter last season, Snow should be fired on the spot and not allowed to fly back with the team. It wasn’t so much that the defense was outplayed as it was that they kept repeating the same mistakes. They had FOUR Hail Marys thrown against them- a decade’s worth- all because Snow kept playing press coverage. And on offense, they refused to create a game plan geared toward their opponents game after game and then did not deviate from it as the games were played as evidenced against Idaho, SMU, Uconn,and Fordham, games where running the ball would have increased their odds of winning. Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is a sign of insanity. I shouldn’t complain I guess because I keep attending TU games and expect a different result.
    Usually 4 Hail Marys constitute a penance for trivial or minor transgressions. Here, however, they represent truly mortal sins given that they unnecessarily cost TU three games last season.

  4. that season was a kick in the teeth followed by a punch in the gut every week. I will forget it if we all get to make bowl game plans, not before.

  5. Coach Rhule was distracted when a 325 pound offensive lineman from Tulsa walked behind the camera, which reminds me. I think one key to the season will be the O-line and the ability for the QB to identify and adjust to the pass rush. If proper adjustments are made, the Owls can outsmart the pass rush.

  6. John is right. If the defensed gets waxed by Vandy then Snow must go immediately after the game…, we’ll soon know if the university is serious about football

  7. *defense ….., just saw a picture of PJ btw.., he has got to be 10-15 lbs heavier and hopefully stronger than last year

  8. Unfortunately the press coverage, man to man pass defense is what Snow made his mark with at ASU and don’t think that is going to change. The big question is has the defensive back talent improved enough from last year and can the pass rush improve to at least make the 2014 effective. The problem is Snow’s defense may have been great for PAC 10 of 20 years ago but can be even serviceable against current offenses

  9. Unfortunately the press coverage, man to man pass defense is what Snow made his mark with at ASU and don’t think that is going to change. The big question is has the defensive back talent improved enough from last year and can the pass rush improve to at least make the 2014 effective. The problem is Snow’s defense may have been great for PAC 10 of 20 years ago but can it be even serviceable against current offenses

  10. If the Owls don’t play at the very least, a close tough game with Vandy, even if they lose, the season will be another long one. I like to think Temple could actually beat Vandy but then I remember that Vandy plays in the SEC and is used to playing the best. That alone will make it tough. But like I said, if Temple can play a solid game and not get blown out, there’s hope for the rest of the season. Go Owls.

  11. the SEC is a whole different world than Temple football as it is currently constituted. even the most wildly optimistic projections have temple as 8-4 (I’m sticking to 6-6, 5-7 if they lose to Navy) and vandy has got to be one of the four losses (vandy, psu, cincy, east carolina). I’m hoping it’s competitive, a 24-14 type game, but I can see it in the 38-21 range, too.

  12. With any luck, Vandy will still be affected by Franklin’s departure. They do have concerns as evidenced by this outlook:

    Position of concern

    The Commodores return just four of the top 10 tacklers from 2013, and the backbone of the defensive success really started in the secondary. The Commodores lose safeties Kenny Ladler and Javon Marshall, along with cornerbacks Andre Hal and Steven Clark. Ladler was the team’s leading tackler, and Hal was one of the conference’s best-kept defensive secrets. The secondary has been one of the biggest keys in the Commodores rewriting the record book during the James Franklin era.

    Hopefully, PJ, who is bigger and stronger (500 lb squat), will be able to exploit this weakness.

  13. Thanks for the briefing on Vandy. I am hoping for a close game but no Temple W. Temple’s defense will be better this year, but nobody is talking about the lack of an elephant in the room. Temple is recruiting skill players, but where’s the beef?! Let’s not worry about last year’s debacle and focus on the future. Can PJ handle the pass rush? I am glad he is bigger, stronger, and smarter. He’s going to need all three to survive with a shallow OL.

  14. do not understand how we could not keep better tabs on our starters like Zach Hooks (OL) and Robbie Anderson (WR) yet all of our third-stringers are fine academically and in school. this doesn’t happen at Miami under Jimmy Johnson or Howard Schnellenberger.

  15. This will be a good year to judge a little because Rhule seemed overwhelmed at times and they were all Addazio’s players. Now they have basically two recruiting years and they players should be comfortable with the system on both sides on the ball. I don’t expect 12 – 0 but I do see 7-5 maybe 8 – 4 if they win a game their not expected to win. They just can’t cough one up to the Del St Hornets. GO OWLS!!!

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