Click on photo of Brandon McManus to see why the Eagles need to get him or Josh Brown once the final New York Giants' cuts are made.

Click on photo of Brandon McManus to see why the Eagles need to get him or Josh Brown once the final New York Giants’ cuts are made.


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  1. I’d love to see McManus make the Giants and have a long and storied career with several Super Bowl appearances, clutch field goals, Pro-Bowl honors, topped off with a HOF induction.

  2. … and Josh Brown come to Philly … or vice-versa


    Another huge commit for us, three star Chapelle Cook. He is arguably our 2nd best commit. Even better, he spoke of how Ali and himself are now recruiting heavily for us. Also both Cook and Ali mentioned how “Temple is in the rise” and how they love the coaching staff and Temple environment. I just loved everything this kid had to say, love his mentality.

  4. well now, it does not take much to be considered on the rise after a 2-10 season…, Vandy and Navy will tell us much about our coaching staff, team and environment. Worse case scenario is Vandy hammers us, we have less than 20K fans in the stands for Navy, and get hammered again. Best case is Temple shows up against Vandy on national TV, we put more than 20K fans in the stands against Navy and take the game into the 4th quarter. We make FGs and extra points, and create turnovers.

    • The kids were saying we were on the rise, and I’ pretty sure they were talking about more than W/Ls. How surprisingly that we get good news and its instantly met with negativity on this site.

      • not by me … good news all around but I will agree that wins are the bottom line. none of this will mean much if we don’t start winning this year.

  5. Temple also just picked up a major JUCO transfer DE Julio Derosier, who already is on the roster so I believe he is eligible this year. Another high three star prospect. He orginally committed to Miami, so we stole one from Golden. He also had offers from Washington and Kansas.

  6. Unfortunately, Kirkwood’s not eligible until next year.

  7. Matt, pls forgive our ‘ol head’ pessimistic persuasions…, most of us have been Owls fans since the late ’70s and we have been through hell so many times we know what it looks like before it starts

  8. good point, kj. as good a recruiter matt is and he’s very good, ron dickerson pulled in much better recruits and he could not do jack squat on game day. a lot of temple fans who have been through this before are taking an “I’m from Missouri, show me the wins” approach.

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