Coach Rhule Talkin’ About Practice

When it comes to talking about practice, I’m a lot like Allen Iverson. Fast-forward me to Aug. 28 as soon as possible.

You will not find me at the E-O at any of the practices because I’m just not that interested in them. I realize they are a necessary evil to be able to get the job done in the real games and the real games is where they matter.

Still, occasionally it’s interesting to hear some of the developments in the early practices.

Shabazz Ahmed, last year’s starter at defensive end, has been moved to the offensive side of the ball to bolster the OL depth.

There very well could be two Nate Smiths starting on defensive as old dependable Nate D. Smith will hold down his LB spot but Nate L. Smith–who led the state of Pennsylvania in interceptions in 2011–could be moving into a starting spot, according to Matt Rhule.

Khalif Herbin has been very good and I believe the key to the success of the offense will be lining him up on more than one spot on the field. I hope they are able to get the ball into his hands more than the typical 5-7 times a slot receiver is  “targeted” (let alone hit) with a pass per game. To accomplish that goal, I hope Khalif handles punts and kickoffs and is the kind of third-down, change-of-pace, back that got Matty Brown significant playing time as a true freshman.

Other than that, as Jose from Norristown would say, no word on which of the incoming freshman emerges as the speedy and tall target that Robbie Anderson was last season. I hope that development is on the next Matt Rhule tape.


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