Coach Rhule Talks After First Scrimmage

Amazing how all of Philadelphia is buzzing about a “fake” game involving the Eagles when we are only 19 days away from the first college or pro football game involving a “real” Philadelphia team.

Temple is that team and there are 19 days remaining to shocking the world and getting its chance to beat an SEC team. Has Temple really ever beaten an SEC team? I cannot recall one, maybe Doc Chodoff can.

Temple never beat an ACC team before 2011 when the Owls went down to Maryland and won, 38-7, so great things can be done. Temple beat a Big 10 team, Wisconsin, on the road in 1990. Temple beat a PAC-10 team in California in a 1979 bowl game. SEC? Don’t remember. MAC winning teams? Bruce Arians was 5-0 against them.

So here we are 19 days away from showtime and a lot of wide receivers are banged up. Coach Rhule talks about “Matty” and that is Matt Eaton, the true freshman, who seems to be rising above the other true freshman wideouts. Looks like another true freshman, Sean Chandler, has a chance to start at one corner.

Today’s “oh no” moment was to hear that the kicking game was not up to par and that one of the kicks was blocked. Unless 7-footer Devonte Watson has joined the team and is doing the kick blocking, that cannot be good news.

Sad to hear that Jabo Lee is injured again. Would like to see Khalif Herbin now get some snaps at running back. Vanderbilt has no tape on Khalif Herbin and would likely be stunned how elusive he is in the open field. Getting a 5-7 slot receiver the ball in the open field could be more problematic than just handing off to this terrific talent. So scared Herbin is going to be this year’s underused nuclear weapon. Hope coach Rhule proves me wrong.

Temple beating Vanderbilt would finally open some eyes in Philadelphia and at least shed a little bit of the spotlight on 10th and Diamond. Right now, it’s all on the Nova Care Complex.

Hit “mute” before watching this … I can easily envision No. 7 of Temple being Khalif Herbin and doing to Vanderbilt what Tim Brown does here (hopefully, not with the Owls behind 24-0):




11 thoughts on “Coach Rhule Talks After First Scrimmage

  1. A kicking game for temple that’s not up to par is a scary thought considering last year we could have played from the ladies tees and not made par (that’s a reference to distance not sex, I’ve got lots of respect for the ladies…more so than last years kicking game). I hope either Coop gets his groove or the new kids the real deal.

    I also hope PJW doesn’t get killed behind a very young O-line opening against an SEC team. Go owls!

  2. amazing how young our offensive line was two years ago (mostly freshman and sophomores who were responsible for those huge holes in the army game) and some of the then starters like Zach Hooks have completely disappeared. Got to be able to keep kids like that involved and interested.

    • Mike, 2 weeks enough time to fix Special Team problems?

      • yes, make austin jones the kicker and khalif herbin the returner and you solve a lot of the problems right there. rhule has a stubborn streak in him and he thinks just by putting somebody fast in there that’s good enough with the return game (you need a guy who is not only fast, but has the elusiveness of James Nixon, say, and Herbin has both). Mayes and jones look to be ahead of cooper on the K depth chart now. I think the upside of Jones is terrific.

    • Actually what’s more amazing is how the apologist cult keeps throwing out….”but this is such a young team”. So it was a young team in 2012, then a young team in 2013, now a young team in 2014….when does it become an experienced team. I have a feeling if this year turns out to be a losing season we will see a lot of freshman in the staring lineup by year end with the..”well look at all the underclassmen in the lineup, this is a young team” I’m starting to see a pattern here.

  3. Couldn’t comment on Facebook to your piece on Matty Brown. Can’t disagree with your choice of Matt. I would submit that Rich McCoy a three-year starter for Wayne Hardin in the 70’s was a pretty good walk on.

  4. rich is good but matty was golden when bp went down, which was often.

  5. this team will be better if for no other reason than it is hard to be worse than 2-10.., how much better depends on the O-Line, DBs, and ability to kick a routine 40 yard FG….,

    • I’m not all that impressed with the schedule outside of the top four (penn state, vandy, ucf and cincy) but that is offset by the horrible game plans our coaching staff had for Idaho and Fordham.

  6. Mike – saw Navy scrimmage last week…, really think they will avarage over 500 yds per game, and they will be better than Penn State, Vandy, and UCF. Cincy will be a Top 15 team this year, UCF won’t make the Top 25. Navy will finish in the Top 20, their QB is special and can throw the football as well as PJ.

  7. Navy has a sound plan on both sides of the ball. Very well-coached and they pay their coach over $1 million per. You get what you pay for. Still, I think Snow’s only redeeming quality is that he seems to be able to stop triple option teams and I expect Temple to win a 21-17 type game.

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