Winning Is An Attitude

Coach Rhule gives good news on Jabo Lee and makes other comments after 11th practice.


One of the many reasons why I love John Chaney because he refused to back down.

He’d take Temple on the road against the best teams and he’d win a lot of those battles. He instilled the mantra “Winning is an Attitude.”

I’ve got to like what I’m hearing out of the E-O so far this season. Khalif Herbin’s tweet was my favorite: “Temple University will not lose a football game.”

Matt Rhule also said he expects to go to a bowl “this season.”

I expect all 85 players on scholarship and a few more not on scholarship would consider this season a failure if the team does not make a bowl game.

Our fans should take the same attitude.

Anything less is a losing attitude and not reaching that minimum goal of a bowl game should deem this season a failure to every fan living in reality. The “reality” is that this league is more New Conference USA than Old Big East and that Temple’s last seven recruiting classes would have been ranked in the top half of CUSA and one, the 2012 class, would have been the top class in CUSA. Temple should be able to beat teams like Tulane, Tulsa, Memphis and East Carolina right now. The Owls already have proven they can beat teams like Navy and Uconn in the not-too-distant past. That’s the reality.

Winning is an attitude and so is losing. Maybe John Chaney can come down and say a few words before Vanderbilt.


12 thoughts on “Winning Is An Attitude

  1. I am eagerly waiting for the season to start. I think that if the Offensive Line comes together we can eek out 6 to 7 games this season. Next year, the Owls will be contending for a conference championship and may be in a position to win 8 to 10 games.

  2. Winning may be an attitude but it doesn’t, by itself, actually lead to winning. That takes talented players who are all in and coaches who know how to utilize their talent. School’s still out on whether this staff has the ability and skill necessary to do that. We’ll know after the first two games, which I believe are winnable.

  3. gotta be at least 1-1 after 2 or we’ve got problems.

  4. High expectations in my family, Mike. High. If we can shore up that secondary….this could be a very good year. Thanks for your reporting on the Owls! Rob Vaughn

  5. thanks, rob. you did a great job on the news this week. welcome back from vacation. (wendy also did a nice job filling in, but she’s Temple-made, too, so that’s to be expected.)

  6. The two best teams we’ll play this year will be Vandy and Navy.., challenge for the team, coaching staff and fan base will be to hang in there, keep the morale up after an 0-2 start.
    learn, grow, penalty free football, win the turnover ratio battle, and excellent play on Special Teams should be the goal for the first five games.
    if we don’t have a winning record after the first games then this team will be in serious jeopardy. conversely, a winning record after the first five games and the team should be bowl eligible.

  7. 1-1 …after the first 2 games. that’s a reasonable goal. I think penn state is probably better than navy and vandy.

  8. Hey LG, i wish I could agree with you, Cincy, Penn State, East Carolina and Central FL all are as good if not better than Navy.

  9. I mis-typed. Shold have been directed to KG.

  10. Actions speak louder than Tweets.

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