Thoughts On Depth Chart

John Christopher

John Christopher

For the longest time, the only depth chart accessible on–Temple University’s official athletic website–was the one released prior to the Memphis game of last year.

That was a long time ago.

In the last couple of days, though, a pre-game one for Vandy (9:15 p.m., Thursday, SEC Network) was released and here are at least a couple of thoughts from this end. If John Christopher’s ankle injury suffered in Monday’s practice keeps him out, that’s probably one of the worst injuries the Owls could have because he is not only a starting wide receiver, but a snapper on both punts and placements. (The backup snapper is a true freshman.)

Even though the Owls have four new OL starters, they should be in good shape because a lot of those guys saw plenty of time last year and did well. Somewhat surprised to see Averee Robinson listed as second team, but Hershey Walton is a very good player and has the experience edge.

This year’s surprise names are starting safety Boye Aromire and backup fullback Eric Neefe. 

Hopefully, the Cherry helmets return on Thursday night.

Hopefully, the Cherry helmets return on Thursday night.

Here’s the depth chart: 


Left Tackle: Dion Dawkins (6-5, 315, So); Samaj Reed (6-7, 300, r-Fr)

Left Guard: Shahbaz Ahmed (6-3, 285, Jr); Aaron Ruff (6-3, 300 Fr)

Center: Kyle Friend (6-2, 305, Jr); Jacob Quinn (6-5, 295, r-Jr)

Right Guard: Brendan McGowan (6-4, 300, r-So); Leon Johnson (6-6, 300, r-Fr)

Right Guard: Eric Lofton (6-5, 300, r-Jr); Adrian Sullivan (6-5, 280, r-Fr)

Tight End: Wanemi Omuso (6-2, 255, r-Sr); Saledeem Major (6-3, 254, r-Jr)

Wide Receiver: Jalen Fitzpatrick (5-11, 185, Sr); Brandon Shippen (5-11, 185, Jr)

Wide receiver: John Christopher (5-10, 185, r-Jr); Khalif Herbin (5-7, 170, r-So)

Quarterback: P.J. Walker (6-1, 200, So); Connor Reilly (6-3, 215, r-Sr)

Running back: Kenneth Harper (6-0, 225, Sr); Jamie Gilmore (5-8, 190, Jr)

Fullback: Marc Tyson: (6-0, 230, r-Sr); Eric Neefe (5-10, 243, r-Fr)


Defensive End: Praise Martin-Oguike (6-2, 250, r-Jr); Avery Ellis (6-2, 246, r-So)

Defensive Tackle: Matt Ioannidis (6-4, 285, Jr); Bryan Osei (6-2, 250, r-So)

Nose Tackle: Hershey Walton (6-4, 300, r-Jr); Averee Robinson (6-1, 285, So)

Defensive End: Sharif Finch (6-4, 240, So); Jacob Martin (6-3, 230, Fr)

Weak Side Linebacker: Tyler Matakevich (6-1, 235, Jr); Michael Felton (6-0, 215, Jr)

Middle Linebacker: Nate D. Smith (6-0, 235, r-Jr); Stephaun Marshall (5-11, 205, r-So)

Strongside Linebacker: Avery Williams (5-10, 210, r-So); Zayd Issah (6-3, 205, So)

Left Cornerback: Anthony Robey (5-10, 190, R-Sr) OR Anthony Davis (5-11, 180, Fr)

Right Cornerback: Tavon Young (5-10, 174, Jr) OR Sean Chandler (5-11, 180, Fr)

Free Safety: Alex Wells (6-0, 200, Jr); Nate L. Smith (6-1, 185, r-So)

Strong Safety: Boye Aromire (6-0, 200, r-Jr); Jihaad Pretlow (5-11, 190, So)


Placekicker: Tyler Mayes (6-2, 215, r-Jr) OR Austin Jones (5-10, 190 Fr); Jim Cooper (6-1, 195, So)

Punter: Mayes OR Perry Colby (6-2, 180, r-Jr)

Kickoff: Cooper; Jones

Holder: Reilly; Christopher

Long Snapper: Christopher; Corey Lerch (5-10, 200, Fr)

Punt Returner: Herbin; Christopher, Smith, Nate L.

Kickoff Returner: Herbin, Thomas, Shippen


26 thoughts on “Thoughts On Depth Chart

  1. The turnover in the secondary is pretty telling of the talent we had to work with last year. Boye Aromire starting isn’t really a suprise as he had high ratings coming from VT. The overall talent and depth of this team is dramatically improved and yet again shows how rediculous people are for claiming we had a bowl team last year.

    • not as ridiculous as the people who say we didn’t have more talent than idaho and fordham.

      • Reading comprehension Mike. I said, several times actually, that if we had the talent level many on here proclaim (bowl talent/7-8 win talent) we should have won those games on talent alone. Re-read it if you must, putting words in people’s mouths isn’t a good policy.

    • Only needed four wins. Fordham, Idaho State, Connecticut, and SMU should have been wins along with Rutgers and Central Fla. All these games were winnable with the talent the team had. They were lost because of coaching pure and simple.

    • Agreed re: Aromire – looking forward to him actually being able to play. The secondary needs to take a big step forward this year, hopefully the young guns can help (possible tandem of Freshman CBs…).

  2. totally agree, John. Major coaching foul ups led to losses in all of those games. not saying we should have won all, but a qb sneak would have won ru and temple had MUCH more talent than Idaho and Fordham. run the ball against Uconn and they would have held onto that 21-0 lead. that’s a bowl team right there. 28-7 against smu and you give that qb 8 possessions in the second half, when he should have had 5? smh.

    • Wasn’t Anthony Robey frequently burned last year at corner? Has he improved that much or are we short a player in the secondary?

      • yes, frequently burned and turned around 3 times at ND on big passes. Geez, he was great in the Villanova game as a true freshman, knocking down passes all over the place. Has regressed under Snow. Don’t know if that’s ar’s fault or snow’s fault.

      • That depth chart says “OR” Anthony Davis. Another depth chart I looked at has Khiry Lucas and Sean Chandler as starters, and Rhule previously indicated that Chandler was starting. I would be surprised to see Robey start, esp since he lost his #1-10 jersey number.

  3. Agree with that John. Maybe you could make the case the 2013 wasn’t a bowl team but it sure wasn’t a 2 win team either. That’s why I feel anything less than 5 wins this season at an absolute, bare minimum is another wasted season. I look at 5 wins as showing improvement from this perspective:

    1. First Delaware State has to be totally blown out. As much as Daz gets criticism he at least crushed Villanova both times he played them. Temple is not in a position where the program can rationalize losing to FCS schools

    2. Beat Tulsa, Memphis and UConn. Start to establish that Temple is at least in the middle of the pack in the AAC and moving up. Loses to these teams to me will show just the opposite. Start setting a tier of teams that we are clearly ahead of.

    3. Win at least one close game against a top opponent whether an OOC team or upper tier AAC team like Houston, ECU or Cincy. Win a game like this shows the team in maturing and the coaching staff learned something. Losing close again just shows that a “close game, moral victory” mind set to losing is setting in.

    • I would add Tulane to the No. 2 point. Otherwise, I agree. As much as I cannot stand losing to Penn State, that’s expected, but Temple should not be losing to the Tulanes and Tulsas of the world and this staff should at least do what Daz did–win at Uconn.

      • Forgot about Tulane which I agree with you on. I think both they and Tulsa are going to face some of the same issues moving up to the AAC as Temple did coming back into the BE

  4. This is how I see Temple’s season:

    @ Vanderbilt (L)
    vs. Navy (W)
    vs. Del St. (W)
    @ UCONN (W)
    vs. Tulsa (W)
    @ Houston (L)
    @ UCF (L)
    vs ECU (L)
    vs Memphis (W)
    @ Penn St. (L)
    vs Cincinnati (L)
    @ Tulane (W)

    That’s 6-6…critical games are Navy, @ UCONN, and @ Tulane

  5. can’t win a game in football on talent alone. coaching in football is more important than any other sport. that’s why cb west won 3 straight state titles with 5-10, 170-pound white kids. losses to fordham and idaho were the coaches’ fault, not the kids’.

    • I games aren’t 100% decided by talent, but they are not 100% decided by coaching either. The point i have been trying to make is that Temple’s talent last year was only marginally better than Fordham and Idaho, just look at the depth chart this and see all the turnover. We had a pathetic defense, maybe the worst in D1, no kicking game, and no receiving threats other than Anderson. Most of our roster looked like a D2 team. This year, if we played them, I would expect a minimum of a two score win due to our current talent level.

  6. Navy is a loss.., big thing will be if the team is 3-2 after five games and the trending upwards…, can this team avoid key injuries, get better each week, make fuc**n FGs, not get out-coached in the second half, and have a positive net turnover ratio? I know, too many ifs

    but if all yes, then we have a shot at knocking off a few good teams in the second half of the season and go to a bowl.

    and completely agree this team appears to have more talent and depth than the team last year…., unknown is the impact of the having the same defensive coordinator

  7. Navy will be very tough. We’ll see if Temple is ready for them. Vandy is the game that will set the tone for the season. I like to think we can beat them considering all circumstances, but we at least need a close loss. Six wins will be difficult but possible. Again, the coaching will be the key to winning because we have talent enough to win games. Also Mike, everyone harps on that handoff against Rutgers last year as being why we lost the game. While I agree a QB sneak would have been the best and obvious call, there is still no guarantee that RU wouldn’t have plugged it up and won the game anyway. Just sayin’. Last years debacle was more coaching miscues than lack of talent. Didn’t Temple have about 6 guys get free agent contracts from that team? AND some of the best players this year were national level players on last year’s team. I am really excited about watching the game tomorrow night – hope our Owls don’t disappoint.

    • you have one of the best centers in the country in Kyle Friend. I don’t think RU would have plugged it up. rhule realized that was a mistake by going for and making 4th and 1s against uconn with qb sneaks. hopefully, rhule has learned from his other mistakes last year, too. unfortunately, the kids and the fans had to suffer because of them. maybe it’s derek mason’s turn to go shotgun on fourth and inches. we can only pray.

  8. Where is Zaire Williams? Behind Gilmore?

  9. Let’s hope Navy gets beat up big time against OSU this week-end.

  10. The reason we should be expected to beat Navy is our experience against playing Army, both run similiar triple option looks. Navy is a much better football team, but we have the superior athletes and should win the game. Every good team Navy played they lost and their best win was only against Indiana or MTSU. Not very impressive.

    • With last night’s win, the game with Navy becomes even more important. A win at Navy will show that we are back on track to winning on a regular basis. A loss, and the Vanderbilt win will be assumed to be due to the delay, the rain, whatever, and not that Temple was the better team.

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