Night at The Field House

Field House had a big, loud, Temple crowd well past midnight.

Field House had a big, loud, Temple crowd well past midnight.

Anyone who has ever been a Temple fan for 30 years like I have knows the feeling.

The few times we have to walk into a bar to watch a Temple game we have to brace ourselves for asking for the game without getting laughed at or ask for the sound, which they never turn up. For some reason, so-called sports bars love to have music on and will seldom turn up the sound on sports events and never Temple ones. Miller’s Ale House in Northeast Philadelphia is a repeat offender in that regard. Armed with that knowledge, I ditched my plans to make a short walk to the local taproom and decided to attend the scheduled Temple viewing party at The Field House, where I knew the sound would be up.

Despite several logistical problems, I’m glad I did.

It started with a ride on the Route 67 bus out of Northeast Philly to the Market-Frankford Line. The bus ride was cool, a 25-minute one from Alburger and Verree; the MFL not so cool, with a guy walking up and down the train and talking to himself. SEPTA has a police force of 378 full-time officers and I thought to myself if they are not riding the MFL or the Broad Street Subway, just where are these guys? Are there donut shops on the subway? If I was the CEO of SEPTA, I’d have two guys riding shotgun of every train and still have more than 200 officers left to patrol other areas.

That’s just me.

Getting off at 11th Street, I made my way to the Field House. The first thing I saw is a couple of guys wearing Texas A&M game jerserys. Trendy fans. There is nothing worse than a trendy fan. I don’t throw the word “hate” around much, but I hate trendy fans. I guarantee those two guys were from Philly and picked Texas A&M out of a hat to root for, simply because they have been a trendy team. On the subject of hate, I hate every Temple student who walks around the Temple campus wearing Penn State stuff. I walked into the Temple room and told my friend, Dave, about it and he agreed. “He probably has a Duke hat and has a Dallas Cowboy and New York Yankee jersey, too,” Dave said.

That summed it up. Then I spent the better part of the next five hours with real fans, Temple fans, fans like me who stick with their team through a lot of thin and little thick.

After a two-hour wait, though, the next three hours were deliciously thick.

After Brandon Shippen scored a touchdown, I started a very loud “Let’s Go Temple” cheer. Then, as Temple lined up for the extra point, I stopped and told the room, “If he makes this, T for Temple U.” We did a lot of “Let’s Go Temple” and “T for Temple Us” that night. Let’s Go Temple during every drive. T for Temple U after every made extra point and field goal.  So much so that I could not talk for most of the day Friday.

It was a loud, boisterious, crowd and I’m glad I came.

All of those guys and gals will be at the Navy game on Saturday. I hope we get 30,000 other Temple fans that loud, too.  The trendy fans can stay home.


16 thoughts on “Night at The Field House

  1. Temple kids wear gear on campus for every team who has ever beaten us in a bowl game (yes, including Tulane). They also wear gear for every basketball school who’s ever knocked us out of the tournament. It makes me furious. Ohio Bobcats gear is not unusual. UConn gear is very common. In the gym at Temple you will see gear for our most hated rivals.
    No pride whatsoever. I wish we could just expel them.
    Spotted this on bleacher report, kind of funny. If there were no preseason poll, we’d be ranked.

  2. driving up from Virginia on Friday night, will be at the game on Saturday.., can’t wait…, Navy is a better team than Vandy, just sayin’ for the last two weeks…., GO OWLS!! think Navy fans will show up so maybe we’ll reach the 20K paid attendance mark

  3. bring parkas … forecast is for rain … no umbrellas allowed in stadium … hopefully, since this is tuesday, that changes to no worse than clouds.

  4. Mike, is there any way to derail the We the T slogan. it’s stupid and makes TU look like a bunch of ignoramuses because it’s so ungrammatical. If it is to be used, there should be a comma placed after We.

    • we are a university …. we the t does not reflect well on the university. i hate it as much as when kids say “I axed him” when they mean to say “I asked him.” Not a fan.

  5. I kind of agree with Belli about the “We the T” slogan, but if its to stay I guess the Temple T needs to stay on the helmets (for all those who don’t like the T logo!). Speaking of slogans, I really think the “Wild Cherry” idea is clever as heck. But I tried to get a T-shirt at the Temple bookstore once and was told it was not sold by Temple and the design was from a frat or some campus club or something and was unavailable to regular fans. Oh well. I really just want a win against Navy right now.

  6. Hard to believe but Mark Donofrio is a worse defensive coordinator than Phil Snow. His players are always out of position and in bad formations. With the talent Miami has on that side of the ball, it certainly should have done better last night. Thank goodness he didn’t get the Owls head coaching job. Phil Snow would love to have that talent.

    • yes, the kids stopped d’onofrio from getting the much as they loved rhule, that’s how much they hated him and let bradshaw know about it. I think AG tried to unload him on us. I didn’t want any assistants getting the job but even then I said if it was between d’onofrio (who got kicked out of the e-o by Ann Weaver Hart) and Matt, I’d have to go with Matt. Now Vandy is finding out how hard it is for a well-regarded assistant coach to slide into the top spot.

  7. Temple got a top 25 vote in the USA today poll..

  8. Couldn’t agree more about the students wearing psu stuff on our campus it’s frustrating. I also have been seeing a lot of Rutgers stuff which makes me more sick I hate Rutgers more than anyone else in college football. Maybe if we put together a good season some of those shirts will switch

  9. Al Golden is really on the hot seat. Just google fire Al Golden. here’s one letter:
    Hand the Clown his buy out Check and change the locks already…..

    With the NCAA mess over, we should Upgrade.

    No reason to keep Bush League Al around any longer for the following reasons:

    He is in way over his head.
    LOST TO DUKE. NO, WE GOT MOLESTED BY DUKE….There should be NO Coming Back From That.
    He can’t shake his Temple Mentality. Miami is now Temple South University….
    Constantly Blames Players for obvious Coaching Flaws.
    Could not make a solid and quick in-game adjustment to save is Life. Guess that wasn’t required playing Akron and Ohio.
    Under this Clown, Miami’s Defense has become one of the worst Defenses in the Country.
    He is too Stubborn to admit that he does not know how to motivate his players.
    He is a Rest Haven for Mediocrity. Constantly rewards Mediocrity from Players and Coaches.
    He thinks it is wise to run a soft 3-4 zone scheme at Miami, a place where aggressive speed is a Luxury.
    Looks like a POOR Used Car Salesmen on the Sideline. LOL


    I said all of these things when he was at TU. He never beat a winning MAC team in all the years he was here.

  10. Yes, Golden had/has his limitations (I was not sorry to see him go because I thought he had accomplished what he was capable of and had leveled off). But never forget how he elevated the entire program in many ways, on and off the field. He got us fans excited for a decent football future whether you want to admit it or not. He brought the program to only its 3rd ever bowl and handed Addazio a solid foundation.

    • No argument that Golden brought the Owls back and was a great off the field coach. Nevertheless, his game day coaching was horrendous. if you’ve watched Miami since he got there, it’s obvious that he has not gotten better in that regard.

  11. Al Golden was what we needed at the time. Not a good gameday coach, though. Cost the Owls a win at Navy in 2008 when he could have punted and given a triple-option team 80 yards to go with no time outs and 17 seconds left to beat us. instead, handed off to a tailback, fumbled, game over. frank solich consistently outcoached him with lesser talent. That said, as hard as I was on Matt last year, I thought he COACHED a great game at Vandy and that’s not just because we won. Those little flairs out of the backfield had Vandy off-balance the whole game and enabled P.J. to get the counter-punch in that resulted in the touchdown passes to shippen and fitz.

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