Better Call Saul, err, Bobby

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Click on photo of Matt Rhule to see who he can call to bust Navy’s triple option.


11 thoughts on “Better Call Saul, err, Bobby

  1. I’m not concerned about the Owls playing this offense because they’ve played against it for at least ten years. Ohio State never sees it and that’s why they had problems.

  2. good point, but navy does it a whole lot better than army … should be a good game, anywhere from a 5-10 point Owl win.

  3. you guys…, this is the best Navy team Temple has ever played. They have more skilled players in the backfield and great execution up front. Navy will run for 350 yards and score 27 or more points. the question is can we keep the ball long enough to give the defense a chance for oxygen between possessions. the offense will have to put up 30 points to beat this Navy team this year.

    • I think this is a good assessment. Considering Temple was only 2 for 17 on third down, they were lucky that Vandy’s offense completely imploded or things could have been different last week. By no means do I think that Temple can’t beat Navy but this is an entirely different beast. The Owls are going to have to hold on to the ball and keep the chains moving on third down or Navy will wear them down.

      • Vandy’s offense didn’t implode: it was crushed by the D, which beat the hell out of it. In the first half , an experienced offensive line could not block TU’s front four and the Dbacks effectively covered Vandy’s receivers. In the second half, down by two TD’s it didn’t take a genius to know that Vandy had to pass to get back into the game. TU will do the same to Navy’s offense if each player plays under control and carries out his assignment. Option offense is just a variation of the single wing, and depends on deception and getting guys to put themselves out of position by going for fakes. If the nose guards control the center of the formation and the ends have patience the offense can easily be stopped. Ohio State did a poor job in those areas but by the second half their guys got a handle on the offense and shut it down.

    • I don’t think they can stop P.J. Walker

  4. While I don;t disagree that navy is a good team, I don;t see why so many people seem to be putting them in the same category as Alabama or Florida State. This is a team that lost to Western Kentucky last year. With the depth the team appears to have based on the Vanderbilt game, better speed than last year and bigger, I think Navy’s pace can contribute just as much to wearing them down with the 90 degree forecast for Saturday.

    • Bingo. A coach with “Western Kentucky talent” beat Navy last year by two touchdowns. Time for Temple, arguably with a lot better talent, to step to the plate and get a big hit here.

    • The problem with the triple option is when it starts to roll it is hard to stop. Is Navy a top team in the country? No, but triple option teams are always dangerous and Navy is a BIG step up from Army. Luckily we do play Army often so we have seen it, but if the Owls look past Navy they will be looking at an L.

      • good point… keenan reynolds is a better qb than trent steelman (who i liked a lot) but even when temple scored 63 on army, steelman used that option to put up 32 on temple. good news is that our d line and lbs have been upgraded so much more since then and I think we should be able to get enough penetration to disrupt things at the point of attack.

  5. bobby petrino might be a sleazeball, but the man can clearly coach. His formula for beating Navy was simple: Get speed to the outside on offense (Navy has trouble defending the corners but does real well on runs up the middle) and dare Navy to pass. I would put the best three dbs back there and play eight in the box, and make Navy step out of its comfort zone and pass. Petrino did. Now does Satterfield and Rhule have the balls to give carries to Herbin (which I heard all summer he would get by didn’t get one against Vandy) and Jahad Thomas, who do have that speed to get to the corner, or do they bang their heads against the wall with Kenny Harper up the middle? Game plan will determine who wins the game. BTW, Petrino beat Al Golden, 31-13, last week.

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