Throwback Thursday: Navy’s Last Visit to Temple

Navy has a pretty good history of success at Lincoln Financial Field, going 10-0, but only one of those wins was against Temple and that was this one in 2007. The other nine wins came against Army.

Temple’s had some pretty imaginative plays in the Navy series and our second-favorite play was this throwback pass from Adam DiMichele to Matt Balasavage for a touchdown. DiMichele did a beautiful job selling the play, with a hard roll to the right before looking back. That might work even better with the more athletic Romond Deloatch on the throwback end this time.

Our favorite Temple play in the recent modern era (post-Bobby Wallace) came the next year and also involved DiMichele, currently the Owls’ wide receiver coach. Walking up to the line with the Owls holding a lead and seconds running off in the first half, DiMichele feigned taking a knee and, just before his knee was about to touch the ground, rose up and hit Bruce Francis on a long touchdown pass. Navy fell for that one hook, line and, err, anchor, as no one was within 30 yards of Francis, who could have walked into the end zone.

Maybe Adam could show P.J. Walker how that’s done tomorrow in practice.

This might be a good game to polish off the Jalen Fitzpatrick reverse pass or the plain simple Khalif Herbin reverse. If the Owls can get their speedy running backs (Jamie Gilmore, Jahad Thomas and Herbin) to the corners, they can outrun Navy and control the clock and keep Navy’s offense off the field.

Note Matt Rhule’s cameo at the end of this film when he had no gray hairs.



4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Navy’s Last Visit to Temple

  1. What are you expecting for attendance? Last year’s home opener against Houston drew 27k. I’m guessing somewhere in the 30-35k range for this one?

  2. for the first time ever (including Penn state), ticketmaster has issued a warning “few tickets remaining” which means, to me, a crowd in excess of the 35K for the 2011 game against rutgers when 15K were ru fans. this time, i expect navy to bring no more than 10K so with 27K temple fans, my best guess is 37,232 … give or take a couple hundred.

  3. Hopefully the Owls satisfy all those fans with a win so they come back. Can’t lay an egg tomorrow because they’ll think the Owls fooled them again.

  4. Well, my big throwback is for Temple to strip the ball a few times – going back to that last minute loss a few years ago when Navy stripped the ball AND ran it in for the winning touchdown. Still can’t shake that one. But, I agree, keeping the ball out of Navy’s hands with a good time consuming offense, is the best defense. Go Owls.

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