AAC Predictions: Including Navy-Temple

Jahad Thomas' speed to the corners could be just what the Owls need to control the clock and keep Navy's offense off the field.

Jahad Thomas’ speed to the corners could be just what the Owls need to control the clock and keep Navy’s offense off the field. Click on his photo to see this week’s AAC picks. 


7 thoughts on “AAC Predictions: Including Navy-Temple

  1. At the risk of appearing like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football…this is a huge game for the Owls. If they win against a good but very beatable Navy team they could find themselves perched in the top-25. Last week’s surprising win in the house of a heavily favored SEC team drew quite a bit of national attention. If they follow with a win this week they go four more weeks before facing real competition. If you go five weeks into the season undefeated you’re probably in the top-25.

    This isn’t to say we won’t lay down against uconn or Del State but we should be favored in those games regardless of what happens against navy. Hey, I can dream.

    • Almost 0% chance we get in the top 25 after a Navy win. On the national scale, beating Navy doesn’t count for much. The Vanderbilt win was great for our program, but they are clearly the worst team in the SEC. We came into the season barely ranked inside the top 100 by most “experts”, so beating a terrible SEC team and a team we should beat at home doesn’t warrant that high of a jump.

      • Vandy is still an SEC team and a year removed from being a pretty good SEC team. Many people saw Navy force OSU to go the distance so if the Owls were to beat them they would certainly get a number of votes.

  2. Agreed. I don’t think a Navy win lands us in the top-25 but I think it sets that possibility up if the owls win the next two games against fairly unimpressive opponents. The reality is the AAC isn’t going to be mistaken for a power conference but a few wins against national teams could get us some recognition.

    Honestly, I don’t know that the owls will get out of tomorrow’s game with a W.

  3. Navy is the most important game of the year not just because it is the next one but because beating two nine-win teams in a row gives this young Owl team the confidence they need to have a nice five-game run after this. Navy got 370 rushing yards against Ohio State. This is an elite non-BCS team. I’m not convinced Vandy, with 15 returning starters from a 9-4 team, is the worst SEC team yet. I’ll be rooting hard for Temple at 1 and rooting (albeit less hard) for Vandy against Ole Miss at 4:30.

  4. Do we know of any recruits that were invited to attend the Navy-Temple game this weekend?

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