Dodging a Weather Bullet

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Early tailgaters should see nothing more than clouds ...

Early tailgaters should see nothing more than clouds …

Most tailgaters should be in the clear by 11 ...

Most tailgaters should be in the clear by 11 …


12 thoughts on “Dodging a Weather Bullet

  1. Too bad we couldn’t dodge the Navy bullet.

    a) There is the Snow we all know and don’t love.

    b) There is why you don’t take Navy lightly. The triple option flex bone offense is practically a different sport.

  2. hello everyone, sometimes it is not good to be right…., check the previous posts…, Navy is a very good football team, they will win 9 or more games this year and go to decent bowl…, Temple is clearly a much improved team but must get better every game to have any hopes of finishing the season 6-6 or better.., too many dropped passes, costly turnovers, and stupid penalties…, much work to do on the coaching staff in order to get better every game..,

    • Navy’s schedule is a joke, they scheduled only two tough games (Ohio State and Notre Dame). We are the fourth toughest oppopent for them all season. So predicting they win 9 games isn’t really saying much. Temple would have won relatively easily if we had a more stout defensive line that could penetrate and push the pocket but we are set up more for pash rush.

      • Matthew good point. I think our defense is really being built for conference opponents. It will be interesting to see how Navy does once they are conference members and the conference plays them on a regular basis. Also agree with your assessment of Navy’s schedule, not that they aren’t a good team but based on what I’ve read on other sites you would think they were in the top 10

      • Just took a look at their schedule and it looks like they play half of the Sun Belt along with VMI.

  3. Biggest disappointment today was that this was a winnable game. I think the next 2 games will really tell us more about this team and coaching than today did. Delaware State needs to be a blow out win and not having them hang around into the 4th quarter. Uconn is a bad football team this year with a new coach and the kind if conference team Temple has to start beating this year. As for today’s game on defense Snow seemed to have a scheme planned that Navy was able to read. There were about a half dozen run blitzes that went to the wrong side and there just didn’t seem to be any adjustment Plus the d-line just got mauled. On offense to many either dropped passes or incompletions when receivers were open and the failure to capitalize on that 3rd quarter fumble recovery. On the coaching on offense I still don’t get that 2nd quarter stretch into the 3rd where we went into this conservative, up the middle running attack. Still the team is 1-1 where I think most had them 0-2 with still a very good chance to be 3-1 in September

    • My guess is that the conservative stretch was an attempt to spell the defense, but it doesn’t work if you can’t sustain the drive.

  4. well Vandy got blown out again so they clearly suck this year…, agree w/JD in that Temple must find itself the next two games….,

  5. What an embarrassing performance. The defense couldn’t stop anything all day. Very difficult to watch. I felt that Walker was off all day. He was missing some men wide open and it had to come on the day that temple wore their worst helmet design yet. I just don’t feel as if Harper is their solution at running back. I would just love the see someone with a little more speed and maneuverability in the backfield. Mike, I know you really love Harper, but I must tell you, having a little bit more speed in the backfield would be a great help for this team.

    • I dont think a 7 point loss to a quality opponent is embarrassing. But I do agree that the team looks much better and more explosive when Gilmore is in the lineup.

    • love Harper’s intensity. He’s a lunch-pail guy. But The Franchise (BP) was a five-course dinner guy. If we don’t have a five-course dinner guy on this roster, we need to recruit one now. Harper has a spot on this team where he can be a real star: Fullback, not tailback.

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