Rich Barnes’ photo Gallery: Navy vs. Temple

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26 thoughts on “Rich Barnes’ photo Gallery: Navy vs. Temple

  1. Good photos. Should have won his one. After watching this game, I’ve concluded that there is something wrong with the passing scheme. For example, on the interception, I have no problem throwing long. if you’re going to throw to the deep middle though, you have to occupy the safety by making him cover someone. Same was true with the slant to Herbin on the last drive. TU failed to occupy the linebacker who tipped the ball with a back or tight end to open up the slant lane. Moreover, they should have gone back to that play because it was a fingertip away from succeeding.

    • Herbin was running toward me on the interception and was clearly double-covered. in a well-conceived offense (say, any of Hardin’s and the one scot loeffler had here in 2011), the other wr would be running down the other side of the field and p.j.would have the option to look one way and go another. there was nobody going down the other side. there was no option for p.j. to look one way and throw another so he had to be committed to throw into double-coverage. do we actually have real coaches who sit down in meetings and think this is acceptable?

      • another great thing loeffler did was mask deficiencies. he realized chester overthrew everything more than 15 yards deep, so he had him roll out at maryland and hit evan rodriguez with ridiculously easy 8-yard passes and then evan was able to use his athleticism to go 40, 50 yards. chester was 9-9 that day. that was all loeffler.

  2. My question is from a coaching stand point is the issue at the coordinator and/or the position coaches. A lot of people use that tired line about the coaches not being on the field and all and it’s up to the player to execute. Ok there is some validity to that but if that’s the case shouldn’t the coaches correct that, change the scheme or bench players who don’t execute. Sooner or later coaching has to matter, we can’t have an entire staff of good recruiters.

  3. should not there have been a huge red flag thrown by rhule himself when he hired Snow off a 44-point-per-game season (2010) and a 38-point-per-game season (2012)? clearly, this was not the same Phil Snow Rhule knew and respected as a 20-something grad assistant at UCLA anymore. The guy has lost his fastball and it is painfully apparent it ain’t coming back. Also, Rolovich would have been a great choice for OC but when he got cold feet about coming to 10th and diamond, why promote satterfield–a guy whose qualifications seemed to be he knew Matt at Western Carolina–instead of getting a guru type guy with a pedigree of putting points on the board at big-time schools? Then you have a lot of grad assistants who were being promoted to position coaches. this leads to a lot of confusion on the sidelines and time outs when there should not be time outs and, more importantly, poorly conceived game plans and wide receivers who should be playing running back, etc. Satterfield waved his magic wand and made Chris Coyer disappear last year and I’m afraid he’s waving it in the direction of Khalif Herbin this year. All with Matt’s consent.

  4. many picked us to be 0-2 after two games, and we clearly are improved in several areas.., it comes down to talent and coaching. this team lack true talent at some of the skill positions, DL, and at safety…, you don’t think so? how many guys on a this team will play on Sundays? maybe two on offense, Friend and Deloatch., and maybe one on defense…., however, we can make a few FGs and our punter can boom it…, so the season comes down to coaching.., penalties, turnovers, and playing smart football.

    this team has the talent to win 7 games, not sure if the coaches can impart their will for seven wins…, Temple must show improvement every game, even in losses.

    this team didn’t quit Saturday and played hard, if not smart, for four full quarters…, Rhule pissed me off when he alluded to the fact that not all of the players did their jobs as compared to Navy…,, did Rhule do his job as well as well as the Navy coach? f*#k no!!

    • throwing the kids under the bus and not blaming the coaches for anything seems to be a recurring theme these past two seasons.

      • What is wrong with keeping players accountable, they are young men and don’t need to be babied. According to all reports, the players love playing for Rhule so this notion of “throwing the kids under the bus” must not be true in their eyes…and that is what matters.

  5. Everyone is always so quick to blame and bash the coaches right away. We lost the game because our D-Line didn’t match up with their O-Line. When you get run on for almost 500 yards while having 8 in the box, Im not sure what else the coaches are supposed to do. We got beat to the point of attack on 90% of the plays. It’s really as simple as that matchup.

    As for the offense, again we also set a school record last year for YPG and yet people still complain. We have no big targets outside of DeLoatch and no true down field threat because our WRs are all under 6′ ft, so we are forced to dink and dunk much of the game. WE ARE TWO GAMES INTO THE SEASON, a little patience would be nice. Going into the Navy game, I expected us to win. But after watching the game, clearly Navy was the better team due to the matchup advantage. if we lose to Del St. or UCONN, feel free to complain as much as you want….I will be right there with you. But Navy clearly outplayed us and deserved to win.

    • almost set a school record* (sorry tablet is annoying to type on haha)

    • and western kentucky found a way to limit this great team with great talent to just seven points last year. Navy didn’t suddenly get a new injection of talent. Seventeen of the guys who started against Temple on Saturday started a year ago against WK. western kentucky was a freaking sun belt team with 10-straight recruiting classes rated significantly lower than the same Temple recruiting classes. the difference? they had bobby petrino. we don’t. coaching means so much more in football than all the other sports combined.

  6. I think it’s a combination of both players needing to execute the game plan and plays better and I hate to do this but to quote Andy Reid, the coaches need to do a better job putting the players in position to make the plays.

    Really don’t know if Satterfield is or will be a good FBS level OC, obviously he wasn’t the first choice for the job for a reason. I will say if you look at his stint’s as OC at UT-Martin and UT-Chattanooga he did develop offensives that were more productive then before he was OC. At Martin theoffense averaged 20 ppg in the 3 years prior to Satterfield and averaged 32 ppg during his tenure. At Chattanooga it was 19 ppg the 4 years prior and 26 ppg during his 4 years as OC. So for me the jury is still out.

    As for Snow, I agree with your earlier comment Mike, he is a guy who has lost his fastball and I haven’t seen another “pitch” to take it’s place. If you look at his division 1 DC stints this century, I’m not going to say the guy didn’t have a great track record back in the 80′ and 90’s at California and ASU, for the most part he didn’t show major improvement over the period prior to his arrival. At UCLA he did produce a very good defense in 2000 but in 2001 scoring defense started trending upwards. He did leave a defense that lowered its points against from 29 ppg the 2 years prior to Snow’s tenure to 23 ppg. At Washington slight improvement his first year but by his second giving up 30+ ppg and his 2 year average left a defense giving up more points per game over the 2 years prior. At EMU he had one ok defense, his second year but again left a defense the was giving up more points per game than the 3 years before he was DC, 37 ppg average versus 35. I know it’s a simplistic analysis but the trends of his defenses show a continuing increase in points given up. At least you can make the case that under Satterfield the offenses were improved versus his predecessors

    • Great information. I am 100% okay with Satterfield, even though he was our 2nd choice. The offense isn’t a problem, we could just use a few more weapons out wide.

      Snow I expect to be fired sooner rather than later. But we do seem to be drastically improved, even though that isn’t saying much with how putrid we were last year.

      • Even with my feelings about Snow, the one thing I took away from Vanderbilt, and ok they don’t look to be a good team, is that I think the defense is in a better position against most conference opposition this year than last.
        The other thing I don’t like with his defensive approach is that I don’t know if he is up in the coaches box or not, can’t seem to locate him on the sidelines and when it comes to defense I think it’s as much emotion and fire as it is technique, talent and scheme. Watching Marshall vs Rhode Island this past weekend you saw Heater on the sidelines, same when Bradley was DC up in Penn State.
        Too many times it looks like Rhule is getting in the defenses face on the sidelines. No problem with that but it can take away from his overall game management, which to me is one of the primary responsibilities for a head coach on game day.

  7. Stop changing uniforms every freaking week!

    It destroys a sense of continuity and identity to a team that has been trying to develop for 25 years!

  8. Mike, by the way who is the Special Teams Coach this year???

    Can’t find information on him anywhere….

  9. think the defense is better this year because Rhule spent a lot of time this off-season on that side of the ball, and we have more talent and depth in the DB position.., Snow has this job by default…, none of the up and coming defensive coaches want the job and the school won’t fire Snow w/o a replacement in the wings…, the offense can score even w/o a pro receiver or RB so creds to the OC…, and who is the Special Teams coach btw?

    PJ has to get healthy, Zaire has to make a contribution and we keep making FGs then this offense has 7 win potential…, stopping the other teams and making halftime adjustments will determine if this team goes to a bowl game…,

    • Yes, but 2 for 17 in third-down percentage now against a talented but obviously poorly-coached Vandy team is a huge red flag. Vandy of 2014 is the Temple of 2013. Temple had 16 starters from a 4-7 team; vandy has 15 starters from a 9-4 team. The reason Vandy will go 2-10 this year is the same reason Temple went 2-10 last year. Both coaches are/were learning to be head coaches on the job. It’s a different position from assistant coach. It’s like when Acme hires a clerk to be store manager. Gotta hire the hot Shop Rite store manager instead. Two different jobs. Head coach is totally—totally—different than assistant coach.

    • kj, tend to agree with you regarding Rhule spending a lot of time on the defensive side of the ball, as I said in an earlier post he seems to be the one with D when they come off the field more often than not. So my question is how much does that take away from his overall game management, he can only do some much during a game.
      As for no up and coming defensive coaches wanting the job, is that a question of Temple doesn’t have the cash to buy out Snow’s contact and pay the “market” rate for a good coach or does Rhule have deep enough connections to find that type of candidate?

  10. that is a great question and I really feel that his “protecting” his Snow buddy is taking away from the overall ceo job rhule should be doing on gameday. Daz alluded to the problem when he said that “Chuck Heater is head coach of the defense.” You can give the defense to a guy like Heater (or Nick Rapone, whose daughter is a senior at Temple now) and not worry. You can’t give a defense to a guy who has a history of hemorrhaging points like Snow has. You have to watch him like a hawk. That’s why he needs to go.

    • I’ll be happy to be proven wrong but your point about Snow running defenses that hemorrhage points is spot on. The best I think you can expect from a Snow defense these days is his best performance at EMU for a 6-6 team in 2011. Middle of the road to serviceable defense that will keep a game within striking distance of the offense but not dominate. Look at that 2011 EMU defense, 3rd in the MAC that year but the only teams they held to single digits were FCS teams. Even that defense gave up 24 points per game compared to the MAC defensive leader, Temple, who gave up 14 ppg.

  11. … as far as the “connections” go… rhule showed me a lot when he tried to hire Todd McNair, a proven national championship offensive coordinator. The uni dropped the ball by refusing to hire Todd ostensibly because he sued the ncaa. that suit was no connection to Temple and Temple should not have blocked the hire. If Todd was hired, that would have been the first “non-Rhule-friend” who would have been hired to the staf. You cannot hire all of your friends and expect a productive work environment. Hopefully, Matt can lure Heater back from Marshall or Nick Rapone from the Arirzona Cardinals once Snow is fired. After close observation for almost two full years now, I don’t think Rhule has the gonads to fire anyone, though.

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