The Next Robbie Anderson Could Bring Some Juice

Temple commit Cortrelle Simpson catches 3 touchdown passes for over 100 yards in receiving on Friday.

Temple commit Cortrelle Simpson catches 3 touchdown passes for over 100 yards in receiving on Friday.

I don’t know about you but, for the last few months, I’ve heard about Temple having the “next Robbie Anderson” in the fold.

The only people who could stop Anderson were the Temple professors who flunked him out of school. (I would have done what every big-time school does and stash Anderson away in Basketweaving 101, but Temple has a lot of catching up to do in that area. Heck, Basketweaving 101 is how I got through Temple.)

Wish he were slightly taller than 5-11, but that 40 time (4.33) would make him the fastest player currently on the TU roster (Khalif Herbin has been timed at 4.34). Maybe he'll have a senior growth spurt and shoot up to 6-2.

Wish he were slightly taller than 5-11, but that 40 time (4.33) would make him the fastest player currently on the TU roster (Khalif Herbin has been timed at 4.34). Maybe he’ll have a senior growth spurt and shoot up to 6-2.

You know, a couple of guys who were about 6-4, 6-5, who could run like Khalif Herbin, catch the ball like Larry Fitzgerald, and have the moves in the open field like Paul Palmer. A guy who P.J. Walker can just throw the ball up to and the 6-4 size and vertical leap and Temple ‘][‘’ rubber gloves would cling to it. Then strong enough to break a tackle in the middle of the field and fast enough to turn around and make RAC yards.

Temple has played two games this season and I haven’t seen him yet. Temple’s best receiver is a 5-10 slot receiver named Jalen Fitzpatrick, who has done all of the good things we’ve come to expect of him in his last three years at Temple. This guy was clutch enough to catch the game-tying touchdown at UConn two seasons ago, so we know he’s solid.

Still, he’s not likely to do what Anderson did and that’s catch nine TD passes in five games and become virtually uncoverable.

If he cannot do it, maybe Cortrelle Simpson can. Simpson got off to a good start over the weekend and it is chronicled in the Washington Post here.

Hint: If you are 6-4, can run like the wind and have sticky fingers and currently are on the Temple roster, please start making some explosive plays downfield now. You’ve got a one-year head start.


50 thoughts on “The Next Robbie Anderson Could Bring Some Juice

  1. I agree Mike. Why the Owls don’t use DeLoach over the middle befuddles me. He has good hands and is big and fast. I just don’t get why the coaches have abandoned the middle of the filed between 7-20 yards from the line of scrimmage.

  2. they asked deloatch to put on 20 pounds to switch him to tight end and now he’s slowed a little for wr … I would still use him there because he can go up and get the ball and we have too many small wrs. was hoping one of these true freshmen would step up but obviously rhule is not comfortable using them. anderson was a db before the light bulb went on. seems like we do a lot of experimenting switching players.

    • about the middle of the field: it’s open all day long between 15-30 yards after the line of scrimmage. we either go for these little flares out of the backfield or deep into double coverage. don’t know what our thinking is on offense, but it doesn’t seem linear.

  3. Anderson did not emerge until Game 5 last year.

    • let’s hope somebody emerges before game 5 this year. tall, great hands, fast, strong, breakaway ability and a synergy with p.j. walker ala ra. not too much to ask … or is it?

  4. Well it would also help if PJ could stop overthrowing his receivers. Seems like that alone could have made a difference against Navy. And still, the coaching decisions are befuddling, as you and Belli have pointed out. Better get a BIG win this Saturday or the coaching will (still?) be suspect.

  5. The coaching is exasperating to say the least. I watched Navy-Texas State Saturday and even Texas State’s offense is more innovative than ours. Texas State passed for 352 and ran for 211with less talent than TU. They accomplished this because of an innovative offensive scheme . That’s 150 yards more than TU had. Texas State ran off tackle and outside just like Mike said TU should the week before the game. I’m tired of the quick pass outside especially because our ends are not that adept at blocking. The reason Texas lost was because they couldn’t stop Navy even though the back-up QB was playing for Navy and ill-timed penalties.

    • Dennis Franchione is the Texas State coach. He’s a been-there, done-that, type of head coach. Head coach is a different job. You can have the greatest assistant in the world but that doesn’t mean he’s going to be a great head coach.

    • Yds from scimmage don’t mean squat, it’s how many points you score and how many the other team scores. Navy had over 400 yds against Ohio State and got beat by a pretty good margin. With that being said, I would like to see TU try to get outside with some of the running plays and using the middle of the field to stretch the defense. This would force the safeties to not sell out on stopping the run since they would have to respect the pass over the top and down the middle. It would really open up the run game. The offense needs to find a big play maker either at TE,WR or running back.If the TE transfer from Florida is healthy, he is going to open up the middle of the field for us and he will be a difference maker.

  6. That begs the question how much of the offensive success the second half of last season was due primarily due to the Walker-Andersen connection and how much was coaching. Knowing well before the start of spring practice this staff knew that Andersen was gone and the best they could come up with is circle routes out of the back field, bubble screens and the quick out. At least after running a couple of those quick sideline passes, which I’m wondering are more to cover up the lack of a “home run” hitter on sweeps and pitches, how about a 10 to 15 yard slant over the middle.

  7. The slant across the middle to Herbin at the end of the Navy game would have worked had Rhule run a play in which a reciever influenced or occupied the linebacker. Had the linebacker not deflected the pass, it would have been a td. That’s what I mean when I say that there’s something wrong with the offense.

    • I’m sure they are thinking the offense is fine and it’s just the kids fault.

      • I’m sure you’re spot on with that assessment Mike, after all having to work with the current players just gets in the way of the recruiting staff… oops I mean coaching staff, making recruiting visits during a bye week. I get that recruiting is important, just don’t get the fawning on some of the other boards about this recruiter or that, oops I mean coach, at particular high school games. Seems the attitude is if the recruiting ranking is high enough everything will take care of itself. After all 2015 is the “magical” year.

  8. You see what Darren Sproles is doing tonight? THAT’S what Khalif Herbin can do for #Temple .. Of course, if Rhule was coaching the Eagles, he’d play Sproles–an inch shorter and five pounds lighter than Herbin–at slot receiver and he’d make one catch a game.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Why doesn’t TU run isolation pass plays with their backs or move Herbin around? The passing schemes used by the Eagles aren’t complicated and fit within PJ’s wheelhouse.TU, so far, doesn’t even use Herbin as teams use Wes Welker and other receivers like him, i.e. on crossing plays etc. so that he can use his speed. isolate Herbin on a linebacker on crossing patterns and he would almost always be open in space where he could use his speed. I’m quickly concluding that these coaches are clueless. By the way, even if we win big this week-end it will not change my opinion. Del State lost 28-7 to Delaware who lost 62-0 to Pitt.

      • John, I agree with you point about winning big this Saturday doesn’t really show much. My fear is this staff somehow bungles this game and we give a second FCS team their first win against an FBS opponent ever. Talk about a program changing “event” for all the talk about building this program to be attractive to a P5 conference, it’s more likely the invites will be coming in from the Patriot League and CAA to get an easy win on the schedule!!! Anything less than a “comfortable” win this Saturday and not only is this program not improving I will make the claim it is regressing.

  9. They were running up and down the field and penalties kept stalling them? Did you watch the game? If not you have no grounds to speak. The fact is that like the Eagles last night in the first half, they went up and down the field but couldn’t score. Can’t say the same thing about the Owls who went three and out almost ten times against Navy.

  10. Had he thrown it earlier, Herbin would not have been open and any later it would have been intercepted. The yardage total for Texas State was gross yardage. Your figure accounts for 112 yards in penalties. Texas State ran up and down the field the whole game.

  11. I don’t call a game in which a team struggles to come back from a 17 point deficit competitive. Rather, it’s one where the winners believed the game was over. Also, it was competitive at the end only because the Navy coach erringly didn’t go for the first down and tried a field goal thus giving TU a shot.

    • Oh. I forgot a game that we had a chance to tie the game on the last play wasn’t competitive. I’m sure a team that was down 28-0 was much more competitive with that innovative Texas State offense.

      • For more context, Texas State played only two legit teams last year: Texas Tech and WKU.

        @ Texas Tech they lost 33-7, with only 240 total yards (260 gross yards)
        vs. WKU they lost 38-7, with only 130 total yards (145 gross yards)

  12. So again, please prove how Texas State has an innovative offense and how ours is so poorly coached, even though we significantly out-gained (almost set a school record) them last year against much better competition.

  13. They had an innovative passing game and used a read option that focused on getting the ball outside the tackles on the wide side of the field. They also employed a passing attack that used all of the field rather than the sidelines. They did not rely on snap passes, runs up the middle, and failed screens on offense as TU does. More importantly, they used the tight end.

    • We have zero big receiving threats (our receiving core is comprised of hobbits), so using the middle of the field is much more challenging for this current roster. Against Navy, DeLoatch was targeting several times in the redzone and I believe Omuso (might have been Major) dropped an easy TD too. I expect Thompson to be a much bigger part of the offense when he can play.

  14. And yet had a significantly worse offense than ours last year.

    For more context, Texas State played only two legit teams last year: Texas Tech and WKU.

    @ Texas Tech they lost 33-7, with only 240 total yards (260 gross yards)
    vs. WKU they lost 38-7, with only 130 total yards (145 gross yards)

    (accidentally posted this in the wrong place above, my apologies)

  15. What does last year have to do with anything. They have a better offense than ours. It’s more innovative and better coached.

    • Except you have NOTHING to prove that with. Last year is significant because it was the same coaching staffs and the whole year provides a large enough sample size. We had a much more productive offensive, almost the best in history of the school, against much better competition. Im glad the ONE game of Texas State you watched, in which they were down 28-0 at one point, proved how much of a juggernaut their offense is. Oh, it must have been the 2-5 record againt the Sun Belt. Like I said, you never have any factual basis for your posts…you just like to complain. Im fine with criticism when warranted, but you blantantly were grasping at straws and using misleading stats like gross yards.

      • Matt, much more productive in what regards, if you compare it with the 2011 offense last year’s team averaged 16 yards more in total offense versus 2011. The rushing versus passing balance was pretty much reversed, so last year better passing team 2011 better rushing team. The 2011 team did average 31 ppg. If you look at that number, the 2014 offense is basically on par or slightly below the average ppg of those 5 prior years, 27 versus 24. (all numbers have been rounded up, also for 2014 I removed the 2 defensive TD’s to get a more accurate offensive scoring average). As I posted earlier today, my concern with only 2 games so far of course, is that the 2014 offense is at best doing no worse but no better than the 2013 offense.

      • I was saying we had a much more productive offense than Texas State. But as far as comparing this team to the 2013 team, we are 2 games into the season my friend. Sample size means everything. But if we do what the 2013 team did on offense this year, I would gladly take that as it was one of the best in school history.

  16. 4-1 after game 5, anything less and Temple will be clearly taking a step backwards…, this team must get better each game in order to have a succesfull bowl run…, coaching DOES make a difference.., just look at what Franklin is doing at fu*%kin’ PSU…., this Temple team has more talent and depth than last year…., how can we possibly think 2015 will be any different if we don’t learn to win in 2014?

    • KJ, couldn’t agree more about being 4-1 after 5 games, if this team only wins 3/4 games this year and I’m not saying they will, why is there this mantra with some supporters that 2015 is the year. If this team some how loses to Delaware State and can’t start beating the teams that they are grouped with in the conference coming off of last year (UConn, Memphis, Tulsa and Tulane) why does anyone thing the home games against PSU and ND next year will be anything but blow outs. Improvement this is is beating those conference teams you are on par with, those you are supposed to beat (Delaware State) and maybe upsetting a team like Cincy or UCF. That along with beating an SEC team at home, I know Vandy doesn’t look very good now but they were favored in the game, would show a program taking a step forwards.

  17. JD, exactly right. Time has shown that we all were fooled by the Vandy game. I am not convinced that these coaches have improved. When Texas States gets more yards against Navy than we did ( be fifty or 150) something’s wrong. Also, our D looked lost against Navy. They failed to play disciplined football as required.

    • Guys let’s see how it all turns out. Temple is not as good as the Vanday game results and not as bad as they were against Navy especially on D. Remember fokks on defense we tried to get a lot quicker especially in the secondary which doens’t translate much against a Navy team that threw the ball 8 times. We are bieng built to compete in the AAC which has wide open offenses and lots of passing. Just like Al Golden built his team to play smash mouth football in the MAC. Different league, different style. I still think 5-7 wins range possible for this year with solid recruting class coming in again next year. I’m very optomistic about the future. Let’s get going with a stadium plan with a seating arrangment of 33k-35k, like Navy. You put 28k-29k in a staduim that size and the optics improve dramtically.Perception and optics are important, you put 28k at the Linc and it looks like a ghost town. You drive people to North Philly and you improve revenue to include parking, concessions, merchandise sales and people will see the transformation of the Campus. People will see it’s not your father’s Temple University. Build it and they will come!

    • “Time has shown”…are you kidding me??? We have played ONE game since playing Vandy. And Temple out-gained Texas St by almost 1,000 yards of a SEASON…what means more? A game that Texas St got destroyed in and got garbage points and yards or an entire season?

  18. James, good point about the defense being built for the AAC or at least I hope that was the plan. That’s why I feel the Uconn and Tulsa game will tell us a whole lot about this team and what direction it’s heading in. With UConn, you have a team with a new coach, 2.5 coaches in the last 4 years, playing a lot of young players, so-so recruiting class and lost their starting QB (humm where have I heard a similar story before). Tulsa, 3-9 in 2014 playing in a weaker C-USA and now moving up to tougher competition week in and week out in the AAC. 1-2 to start the season with one of those losses a blow out to Florida Atlantic, whose best record the past 5 years was 6-6. So to your point, a couple of good conference wins against those teams and yes I can share your optimism.

  19. I see this site’s lone MRA is out in force supporting his hero. Here’s what would make him a hero to me: Play Herbin at running back and show me I’m wrong. Is he that afraid Khalif would do well? If Herbin falls on his face at RB, I will shut up forever.

    • Ive been in support of using Herbin as an RB similiarly to as you suggested. But please disprove anything I said. I just dont like when people say blatant garbage like Texas State has an innovative offense and is superior to Temple’s….when all the FACTS say otherwise. Im not an apologist for Rhule, I criticize him when warranted. I just dont go to childish remarks like you often do and bs posts that your puppet John posts.

      • “when warranted?” you very RARELY criticize this staff for anything, even though they are 3-11 over two seasons. MRA is an accurate description given that record, not a childish remark.

      • I wasn’t calling that comment childish, rather for need for constant petty remarks towards the coaching staff.

        There are multiple things I disagreed with or haven’t liked about Rhule so far. I think Snow should have been fired this off-season or earlier and also agree that he has shown tendencies to overvalue personal relationships. I think he made several coaching mistakes during games last year too. I just don’t kill him for every possible thing and blame him for everything. I love the way the team improved every game last season and continued to play hard. I like his legitimate passion for Temple and coaching. He is also recruiting very successfully and IMO has this program going in the right direction. I know he wasn’t your choice for coach, but he wasn’t mine either. At the same time you have to realize he was a rookie HC, so I’m using this year as a measuring stick.

      • And also notice Mike that you didn’t disprove anything that I said, so clearly Im not off base with my argument…so why do you have a problem with it?

  20. Mike, we all show you love but Herbin is not the silver bullet for the offense…, this offense will score despite not having NFL caliber talent at the skill positions…, defense is the biggest variable in the bowl run equation….,, not to mention game day coaching

    • give him a chance at rb against del state. … that’s all I ask. I think you will see “a star is born” moment. If not, we will be plodding away the rest of the season with a slow fullback at tailback and not stretching the field. what is the worst thing that can happen? Lose to del state? I don’t think that’s possible even with me and you in the backfield (as long as I just stay in to block).

  21. I would like to see Gilmore get the ball more, averaging over 6 yards a carry so far this season and over 5 a carry last year, plus longest run this year of 27 yards. That being said I can see giving Herbin a try an rb, if not as a full time move as another way to utilize his speed in the offense. Some plays have him in the backfield, other times the slot or out wide, mix it up some. Agree with KJ that the defense concerns me the most. So far if you look at the numbers this seasons offense’s numbers are about on par with last years, rushing per game basically the same 149 ypg in 2013, 150 in 2014, passing is down a little 223 ypg versus 250 last year. Even if you factor out the 2 scores made by the defense this year offense is averaging 24 ppg versus 25 ppg in 2013. I guess the biggest issue that shows me is that the offense really isn’t improving over 2013, only 2 games in so will see. Question is will averaging 24 ppg be more than this defense will allow in most conference games?

  22. I strongly agree with JD. Long before this posting, I was commenting on Harper’s lack of speed. He posses no threat to defenses, but to play devil’s advocate, I think he’s a great athlete and solid football player. Temple simply utilizes him poorly. He is a fullback with the abilities to play “some” tailback.- a true hybrid player. I am not a big Gilmore fan but its hard not to notice that he seems to have progressed the most out of all the RBs. Gilmore, more so than Herbin, deserves the majority of the snaps against Del St. If Herbin is given the majority of reps against Del St, I believe his performance would be overlooked anyways by many, since Del St is an FCS team. Gilmore is an established and proven running at the D-1 level, and seeing Herbin excel on a D-1AA team does nothing for me personally. Putting Gilmore in against Del St is nice way to increase Gilmore’s reps and prepare him for a larger role in the future. Del St is the kind of game that should have Temple running all day. I expect at least 40 rushing attempts. Anything less than 200 yards rushing should be considered a failure.

    • Gilmore should be used like the Eagles use Shady and Herbin should be used like the Eagles use Sproles. To set Herbin in the slot is the biggest waste of a Temple No. 1 draft choice (by his own teammates) ever. Not surprising, given the cluelessness of this staff.

  23. I also have be arguing for Gilmore, even though he was long omitted by Mike, to the starting RB. I wish we had a healthy Zaire, but it is starting to look like that won’t happen any time soon.

  24. Matt, sure sample sample size is key, but even with a 2 game sample the trend is showing an offense that is marginally less effective than 2013. As I asked before what criteria are you basing the statement the the 2013 offense was one of the best in Temple history. Total yards, yes but in scoring no, give me the 2009 or 2011 offense for that. In fact even with getting 1200+ more total offensive yards than the run oriented offense of 2012, last years team only scored 27 more offensive points than the prior year with one more game.

    • Yes JD, I am referring to YPG as being statistically one of the best in school history. I expected us to be about the same or slightly worse because we don’t have our biggest threat Robbie Anderson this year. He was what drove the passing game. He was our deep threat, redzone threat, and a big play threat any time he touched the ball. Without him, we really have no big play receiver and now all our starting WRs are under 6 ft. The lack of height is what has turned us into the dink and dunk/ screen and slant passing attack we currently run, which has frustrated many on here. But the offense was ran totally different with Anderson. We need one of our big freshman to step up ASAP to open up the playbook.

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