Best Result: Good Guys a Lot, Bad Guys a Little

Cincinati had to kick a field goal with 18 secods left here to beat Delaware Sttate, 23-7, in 2012.

Cincinnati had to kick a field goal with 58 seconds left here to beat Delaware State, 23-7, in 2012.

When people ask me about my favorite Temple football games of all time, a lot of them expect me to say the Navy game of 2009 and the New Mexico Bowl win of 2011 or the Garden State Bowl win of 1979.
Nah, I say. All fun games, but not in my top three.
My favorite Temple football game of all time was Temple 45, Delaware 0. A close second was Temple 31, Delaware 8—both at Delaware before capacity houses of over 20,000 fans. (I also enjoyed Temple 56, Uconn 7, at Franklin Field and the 56-28 and 49-7 wins over Rutgers.) At Veterans Stadium, when Delaware was the top-ranked team in Division II (now FCS) football, Temple beat Delaware 36-7 (see inset). I enjoyed that game very much. topranked
All of those schools liked to talk smack about Temple back in the day and it was especially gratifying when Temple did the talking back by pointing to the scoreboard.
You get my drift. When the good guys score a lot and the bad guys score a little, those are usually my favorite Temple football games.

Delaware State is Delaware Light.

Delaware State brings a new meaning to the term “bad guys” on Saturday, perhaps because they are as bad on the field (0-3) as they are in the community.

I’m expecting a big game from the good guys on Saturday, only because Temple needs to get some work done on offense. If it does do good work, the Owls should light up the scoreboard.

Or it could be like Cincinnati in 2012, which plodded to a 23-7 win over the same program.

Hopefully, it will be more like those Temple vs. Delaware scores above.


9 thoughts on “Best Result: Good Guys a Lot, Bad Guys a Little

  1. Was there a reason Cincinnati needed to kick a field goal with 58 second left?

  2. to make the score look better …. no reason. .. I would have just taken 3 knees. at least daz with a 38-0 lead at Maryland and a first and goal at the 1 took 3 knees. then Maryland scored on tu’s third team defense and it became 38-7. easily could have been 45-squat.

  3. Dave, there was a reason Cincinnati kicked that FG. Since it was 4th down you are not going to take a knee with 58 seconds left and turn the ball over, even if the was at the 1 yard line. With the score at that point 20-7, kicking a FG in that situation makes it 23-7–a 16 point lead, which means Del State needs two TDS and two 2-pt conversions just to tie the score. Why is that important? Well, let’s imagine Cincinnati takes the knee and gives the ball to Del State and somehow, they throw a 99 yard TD on the next play. With the extra point it’s now 20-14. Now Del State recovers an on-side kick and gets good field position. They throw another TD with the short field. Extra point suddenly puts them ahead 21-20 with either no time or only a few seconds left. That’s why Cincinnati kicked the FG, to force Del State to have to score two TDs and 2-pt conversions, and that would have only tied the game. Was the previous scenario likely to happen? Probably not. But if you saw any of Temple’s games last year, or Eagles-Giants in the past, you know strange things CAN happen at the end of games.

  4. Mike.. Always enjoy your stuff. Just a quick note, Division II is not the new FCS. The former Div-1-AA is FCS. In 1978, Div-1 (Formerly, The University Division) split into two separate subdivisions due to the escalation of costs amongst member schools. The two factors that determined which sub-division schools could land were (and still are) Stadium Capacity/Attendance and Budget/Scholarships. Currently 15,000 bi-annual attendance averages and 85 scholarships are required to maintain D-1A status. The 85 Scholarship/Budget issue is a factor largely impacting Title IX requirements. Div-1A (FBS) teams must field 7 sports programs and have equal scholarship/coaching funds dedicated to Mens and Womens programs. A school like Delaware or Holy Cross that has the capacity, lacks the scholarship funding.

    The Stadium policy was a large divider initially in creating the two sub-divisions, schools like William and Mary and Lehigh were naturally sorted.

    As for Delaware, they were College Div – Div II – Div 1AA (1978/9 cant remember off the top of my head).

    Beating them was always satisfying. Regardless of their Division. It is a shame the Temple-Delaware, Temple-Villanova, Temple-Bucknell rivalries did not continue through the years. A lot of local history that is completely irrelevant in today’s schema.

    Mike keep on fighting the good fight! Love the site after all these years!

    • thanks, bob, you were a great player at northeast and Temple and your dad was a great coach. There was no division iaa when Temple beat the No. 1 Division II school in the nation … delaware, like most of those dii schools, were later reclassified as diaa. that’s why i wrote that. a school like west chester has always been division ii.

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