Positively Beautiful

Watch Tyler Matakevich’s block on Khalif Herbin’s punt return. Gotta find a way, any way, to get the ball in Herbin’s hands more.

Watching Temple systematically dismantle Delaware State, I am reminded by the admonishment of a cop when a group of runners I was with came along a five-car pile-up on what was then the East River Drive about 30 years ago.

“Nothing to see here, boys,” the officer said, “run along.”

Nobody got hurt, just a bunch of totaled cars. Temple was a Humvee running into a Mini Cooper on Saturday.

To me, Saturday’s game was a thing of beauty. The Owls sped around the corner like a finely tuned machine and let up just enough on the gas pedal in the second half to avoid the 100-0 win. Nobody ever said Matt Rhule wasn’t a nice guy. Temple finally dominated one of these lesser teams like it should every time out.

Afterward, I ran into a beautiful person I respect very much and she said: “Now, Mike, no negativity or I’m going to come looking for you.”

Hey, how could anyone be negative? Before the game, I wrote, “44-7 would be nice; 63-0 would be better.”


Really, when you win, 59-0, there can be no nitpicking. A year ago, Towson dominated one of our conference brethren, Uconn, 31-19, and Towson had its hands full with this very same Delaware State team last week. Sure, P.J. Walker forced a couple of interceptions, but he’s got a bum ankle and maybe he’s not planting properly. The speed runners looked a lot better this week. Is that a product of the opponent or getting more speed back there?  Would have liked to see Connor Reilly loosen up his arm more, but I’ll chalk that up to coach Rhule not wanting to run the score up.

Mostly, all good stuff. Even the uniforms looked good. I’m a big believer in Karma. When you win, keep the unis the same; when you lose, change up the unis. Love to see the Owls come out in the Cherry Helmets with the school logo next week just because I’m superstitious about stuff like that.

If the Owls play next Saturday like they did this Saturday, they should not need overtime to win at Storrs this year. That should be something worth watching. The real season begins then.


15 thoughts on “Positively Beautiful

  1. great win…, still disappointed with the offense as PJ is clearly not the same QB he was last year…, could Robey have meant that much? Finch is a “player”‘ more so than Matakevich.., a few more 19,000 home attendance stats and the campus stadium talk is dead…,

    • Was wondering that as well, I think some of Walker being inconsistent this year is no Andersen, plus as Mike said that ankle injury could be having a real impact on his mechanics. Also last year you also had a couple of solid possession receivers in Alderman and for the second half of the year Christopher. I hoping with Colin Thompson cleared to play he will able to start giving PJ a big target, especially in the middle of the field.
      Speaking of a Robey, I noticed Anthony Robey playing safety yesterday where I think he looked better than at corner.

    • Yes, you meant Anderson. They had a real connection, like Sonny Jurgensen to Tommy McDonald. I hope P.J. doesn’t go through an entire career looking for another Robbie. We need to develop a guy with that speed, those hands, and escapability in the next couple of weeks.

  2. Yesterday was more damaging than progressive. Game was clearly put on schedule to get a gimme to get to six wins and Bowl eligibility. There wasn’t one meaningful rep. UConn is lousy but will look like Alabama by comparison.

  3. Nothing noteworthy from this game. D$U is awful. This was a high intensity scrimmage at best. What is alarming is the lack of consistency on offense and the absence of a playmaker. Also noted that Vandy put up 34 against South Carolina.

  4. MIke , watched Navy Rutgers and Rutgers won because they focused on running off tackle either on direct plays or with counters. Navy’s coach had a brain freeze because they got to the four 1:30 left, no times outs and he passed four straight times. They got sacked 3 times thereby losing any opportunity to tie the score. Rutgers essentially beat Navy up, unlike Rhule who was going to outsmart them.

    • when they got to the four, they should have done what they do best–run the ball. 1:30 is enough time to run 3 plays.

      • It was ridiculous. he’s a good coach too. Let’s see what Western Kentucky does this weekend against Navy. If they win using the strategy you outlined before our Navy game, it again will show how bad our coaches are.

  5. Delaware State had a bad day. I hope they improve in their conference schedule. Rhule should replay the UConn game on Monday. The Owls rolled over like an old, cheap Suzuki Samurai . (I missed the Ida-f-ing-ho debacle). As the team watches how crappy they played in the second half last year, they should become inspired to play four quarters.

  6. Really worried about the offense, it lacks an identity. Team doesn’t run nearly enough and the passing game doesn’t stretch the D enough to keep the free safety from attacking the box. The hurry up offense, when not clikcing, leads to 3 and outs (can you say Navy) and that puts a lot of pressure on the D. On the bright side, I am pleased with the special teams including kickoffs and field goals. This was a major problem last year and cost us several games. Would love to see Wells back, in the few plays i saw of him at Vanderbilt, he reminded me a J. Jarrett with speed. Love to see safeties that are physical and put the fear in receivers or ball carriers especially with the wide open offenses run in the AAC.

    • Kinda concerned we’ve played 3 games and I still haven’t seen one play-action pass. Look at the Eagles use play action, with those quick fakes into Shady’s belly and throws into wide-open windows. Those windows are slammed shut for p.j. cause we don’t create a diversion.

  7. I think Navy beats Western, even though both teams return exactly the same number of starters from last year’s game. Difference? Coaching. Last year, Bobby Petrino was the wk coach and even though Ken Niumatalolo is also a great coach, Petrino was/is a better one able to figure out complex schemes and attack them sucessfully. Coach Hardin gave me a great mini-clinic on how to stop the option saturday before the game. Suffice it to say we did not do what he said we should have done.

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