Throwback Thursday: Fenton’s Kickoff Returns

Temple beat Uconn, 56-7, and 38-24 in back-to-back years not all that long ago.

Temple beat Uconn, 56-7, and 38-24 in back-to-back years not all that long ago.

A couple of years ago, I wrote on this site before the Louisville game that Matty Brown was going to have a kickoff return to the house and that “the opening kickoff of the Louisville game would be a nice time to start.”

Two days later, Matty Brown took the opening kickoff to the house against Louisville.


Sometimes, things happen. People started looking at me like I was Nostradamus after that kickoff.

OK, I’m going to write this as part of today’s Throwback Thursday piece:  Khalif Herbin is going to take an opening kickoff to the house and Uconn would be a nice place to start.

(We’ve already covered the Bruce Francis catch in 2012’s Throwback Thursday.)

I’m saying this not just because Herbin has 4.34 speed and Gayle Sayers‘-like moves in the open field but because Temple has a history against Uconn of shocking the Huskies with back-to-back opening kickoffs to the house, both by the same guy, Mak Fenton.

Fenton’s opening kickoff in the 2001 game led the Owls to a 56-7 win at Franklin Field. The next year, in Storrs, Conn., Fenton took the opening kickoff to the house in a 38-24 win. Both were 94-yard returns.


Temple had plenty of incentive to beat Uconn those days. The Owls were kicked out of the Big East a few months before that 2001 game and told they were being replaced by Uconn. The Owls should have plenty of incentive now, too. If they want to win the AAC, and we presume they do, beating Uconn is a must. They must play like mad rabid dogs from the opening kickoff to the final whistle.

And maybe keep making those wonderful plays in the return game they have a history of making against this opponent.


3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Fenton’s Kickoff Returns

  1. Finch reminds me of Robinson, but nobody reminds me of Wilkerson…, give Snow credit for an opportunistic group…, much better than last year.., hopefully PJ will be healthy enough to play the entire game, we are going to need for him to make plays outside of the pocket

  2. The UConn game will be a defensive battle. Diaco is conservative and will run the ball. How will Temple handle the run against a big Huskie OL? I hope they can learn from the Navy game. How will the Owlfense attack the UConn D? I

    • I’m looking for their immobile QB to go down and go down harder than the four vandy qbs went down. Big opportunity for Averee R., Matt I., Sharif F. and Praise M.O. to shine and I think they are up to it.

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