Game Day: 5 Keys to Beating Uconn

Click on the photo to see who must go down and go down hard multiple times in order for the Owls to beat Uconn (for every click, a penny goes to pay our subscription to get USA Today photos for this site). Thanks.

Click on the photo to see who must go down and go down hard multiple times in order for the Owls to beat Uconn (for every click, a penny goes to pay our subscription to get USA Today photos for this site). Thanks.


40 thoughts on “Game Day: 5 Keys to Beating Uconn

  1. Your keys to the game scare me. The defense may stop the run and get to the quarter back. But I don’t see Temple making the major changes in the offense you suggest. I hope the coaches will move a little in the direction you are suggesting, and that they will progress more as the year goes on, but this week I hope we can win without your three offensive keys, because I don’t see them happening.

  2. Predictions gentlemen?

    Temple 27
    UConn 17

  3. Over 97% of pickers on ESPN Streak for the Cash are going with Temple!!! I have never seen us favored with such a high percentage! ( I always pick Temple no matter what to make us look better haha)

  4. Time for a new offensive coordinator. This is offensive.

  5. How about we run one more QB draw or possibly let’s surprise them with the eighth swing pass of the first half. Maybe it’ll work on the ninth try.

  6. I don’t get this no back offense on first down😨

  7. Herbin has been PATHETIC…now we know why he isn’t involved more in the offense…can’t he catch OR hold onto the ball. Offense looks brutal too, Rhule/Sattefield needs to step things up ASAP and we desperately need some push from the O-Line, which has been abysmal. PJ not being able to throw affectively downfield is killing us.

    • Football gods were kind to us on kickoff. Almost threw up my dinner when Herbin fumbled.

      • I know…I was thinking “you have got to be kidding me”. The offside penalty may have literally saved our season. Also the offense opening it up and not playing in a shell to start the 2nd half is encouraging.

    • nice. we win 36-10 and you rip the kids. classy.

      • Huh?

      • If you are referring to my comment then you are way out of bounds, I made the comment when it was 7-3 and Herbin fumbled the opening second half kickoff. He was horrible the entire game, so it is unfair for me to criticize him? I know he is your man-crush but please. The O-Line was struggling mightily up to that point as well. I like how the players are immune from any criticism, yet you can say ungodly things about Rhule and the coaching staff…just like when we won 59-0 last week and yet you still had to complain constantly about the coaching. Classy.

  8. I lied…PJ with the bomb to Fitzpatrick!!! Nice to see some adjustments….so lucky Herbin got bailed out on that fumble TD…will he fumble for a fourth time?

  9. Glad BC lost to Colorado State at home…always a plus to see The Dazzler fail.

  10. I’m guessing all the Herbin talk will cool off for a while after this one

  11. Where has this offense been? First time his season, they’re targeting the deep middle.

    • What a night and day difference…crazy game. I think a lot of that has to do with PJ being so off deep in the first three games and before the game the coaches said he was still struggling with deep passes. So I think Satterfield gimped the offense to protect against TOs…but with how bad we looked in the first half, I think they decided they had nothing to lose by opening up the offense.

  12. Bigger change?

    Temple 1st Half vs. 2nd Half
    2013 Defense vs. 2014 Defense

  13. Field goal was a great thing to see.

  14. Play action has worked almost every time.

  15. No one ever accused me of being a Nostradamus, but last night I was at the UConn team hotel. While getting ice for the tailgate after midnight, I noticed some Huskies roaming the halls. It convinced me today’s game was ours. We are focused. We Rhule! T for Temple U.

  16. Kudos to the coaching staff they made some adjustments in the 2nd half. Still disappointed in the Navy loss, Western Kentucky beat them today. Some thoughts on today. Thomas is the back with the best burst, he needs more touches at rb. Deloach needs to get the ball more, he is a beast and can do well against smaller defensive backs on the outside. You can also line him up inside as well and he can get down the middle of the field and be dangerous there too. The ofensive line protected PJ great in the second half. Need to see them run block better. Snow has done wonders with the defense, they are playing well and getting turnovers and scoring. Gents we are 3-1 and after a bye week, we have a very winable home game with Tulsa. Love the big leads so the young guys get to play and learn. Herbin had a really bad game. Can’t have him muffing or fumbling punts. Put Christopher back there he is steady. When the season stated I was thinking 5-7 wins, I’m thinking now they can probably get to 7 if they stay away from key injuries, gonna be a nice season with most of the key players returning. We might be building something special here and now.

    • I know everyone on here is obsessed with Navy…but WKU beat them last year, so I’m not really surprised they beat them again in a close game.

      Jahad Thomas was very impressive today and looked very shifty. Although he wasn’t very impressive in earlier game, hopefully he and Gilmore carry the load going forward.

      Props to entire coaching staff…the best halftime turnaround I have seen from a TU team. The defense from last year to this year is unbelievable.

      • Not obsessed but Navy is not a good football team. Rutgers totally dominated them upfront and you saw what WKU did to them yesterday.

  17. Mike, I think you are right, the only way we get the running game going is to have two backs in the backfield, with one leading and blocking for the other. It would at least make the defense worry about the run.

  18. congrats to UCONN, they put 27,000 in the stands, maybe we can do better against Tulsa? has our defense scored as many points as any other defense in the nation? unbelievable…., PJ in the second half looked like an All-American…, we will go to a bowl if we figure out how to run the football..

  19. It may be by design or it may be the backs’ fault, but there is too much east-west running and not enough north-south.

    • cannot believe they are so stubborn as not to try a 2-back set with Harper at fullback, a position he has proven to be a great blocker previously. wait. I can believe it. get the running game going and the play-action passing game becomes that much more effective. we can go 3-5 over the final 8 plodding along this way or we can dare to be great by tweaking the running game. I chose daring to be great.

      • Sorry Mike they run a spread offense that’s what they do. I agree they don’t run the ball well but you don’t change your offensive philosophy after 4 games.

  20. I don’t rip ANY kids. The coaches are paid professionals. They are fair game. But I would not rip any kids who wear the Cherry and White. I’m referring to the guy who ripped Khalif above.

    • I don’t know why you keep referring to the players as “kids”. Last time I checked, being 18-22 years old isn’t a kid. If you can join the military, as I did when I was 19, you aren’t a kid anymore. You always baby the players…when I played college tennis at NCC, I would be okay with any kind of criticism I received when it was warranted. The players are virtually paid based on the value of a scholarship. Don’t get butt hurt over Herbin, I still think he is very talented…but certainly deserved the criticism anyone gave him, as he almost single handedly cost us the game.

      • Of course coaches will refer to their players as kids because of the family atmosphere of a football team. It is perfectly fine to criticize the coaching staff…I think it is also perfectly fine to criticize the players too. They are young men, pretty sure they can handle it. No need to baby them. I wasn’t trying to be rude, just a diehard fans reaction during the game. Herbin played poorly so I said he was playing poorly, how is that wrong?

  21. don’t have to change the offensive philosophy to show a 2-back look at times. It’s called a smorgasbord offfense. gives the defense that much more to prepare for and gives both p.j.and the tailbacks an extra blocker. It”s no-lose situation for Temple.

  22. Hey guys, no one mentioned the game Fitzpatrick had. Opening things up in the middle looked like it made a big difference in the 2nd half. But that TD with PJ running right and passing a long one to his left was a thing of beauty. The Owls still have to beat some good teams but dominating the way they have been to teams they would have lost to last year is a big improvement none-the-less. Building confidence is huge and that’s what they’re doing right now. Just keep it going.

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