Photo Gallery: Temple vs. Uconn

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13 thoughts on “Photo Gallery: Temple vs. Uconn

  1. East Carolina will play on New Years if they can beat Cincy and UCF. if not, look for Marshall or Colorado St to represent.., Colorado St is a good model for Temple.., new high speed coach, building a new on campus stadium, and may wind up playing on New Years Day.., forget Boise St…, Colorado St is the new model for building a program..,

    maybe the PJ will develop some chemistry with Romond D.., this not being able to run the football thing is an huge issue…, let’s hope the OC is still building the offensive playbook

  2. Hopefully the 3-1 start will lead to a nice attendance number next week. I have a hard timing seeing an on-campus stadium until they prove they can draw decent crowds on a weekly basis.

    A 7 or 8 win season would build a lot of momentum in that regard, and looking at their schedule it certainly seems possible- Tulsa and Tulane should be wins (that gets us to 5). Memphis is better than expected, but Houston and UCF both look like they’ve taken a step back from last year and Penn State hasn’t looked great either. Cincy is tough but we played them relatively well last year with a worse team. The only game that seems like a stretch to me right now is ECU.

    • I am also very impressed with Memphis but a worse Temple team easily handled Memphis on the road last year. Memphis has improved; so has Temple. I think both teams improved about the same so I expect a 10-20 point win. Rusty’s second sentence of his first paragraph is the answer to any potential stadium. I think the BOT is waiting to see if we are going to muddle through with these 20K or less crowds before really committing to a stadium. For once, Temple people are going to have to vote on a Temple stadium with their feet. If they stay home and watch on TV, there will be no Temple Stadium.

  3. TU has no choice but build a stadium because Lurie is quoting them extortionate amounts of money to use the LINC. At Vandy I spoke to a high ranking administrator who said the Eagles want 15 million up front and 2 and 1/2 million each year for a five year deal. TU is not going to spend 27 mill plus for five years when another 23 million will get them a functional stadium. I least I think they won’t.

  4. gotta love Lurie and the philly spirit…., waive the upfront costs and charge 1/2 million each year would be fair and reasonable…, look at the deal Pitt gets each year.., hard to be an Eagles fan when they rip off TU every year

    • difference between rooney and lurie is that rooney is very community-minded. He not only welcomes in Pitt for a nominal fee (1/10th of what emple currently pays), he volunteered use of Heinz for WPIAL playoff games. Lurie is from Boston and could not give a whit about Philadelphia or its institutions.

  5. I also blame the state and local pols who gave him carte blanche on a facility half of which was paid with government funds.

  6. Except for trying to impress better and better recruits with a nice stadium situation, if Temple can’t get more fans to the games what difference does it make where they play? – Franklin Field (IMO) is a nice facility and better suited to smaller crowds with less empty seats showing on TV. All those empty seats at the LINC can’t look very inviting to recruits either. Just can’t see Temple ever filling up 50K plus seats unless PSU is coming to town and then its mostly PSU fans anyway. So just accept the fact that Temple isn’t going to need anything bigger than FF or old Temple Stadium. And Belli, are you saying a “functional” stadium would cost 50 million? That’s a lot of bread to hope you’ll get 30K in the seats 6 times a year. The LINC deal is nothing short of ridiculous and makes 50 million look not so bad. If so TU should take a look at the very nice MAC stadiums (20-35K seating) and maybe the very nice Vandebilt stadium (40K). But most realistically, rent FF and be done with it.

    • I have to disagree with regards to the use of Franklin Field as Temple’s “home” field if in fact these dollar amounts Lurie is asking are correct. First off, FF is not as easy to get to from main campus or anywhere else outside of center city than the Linc. At least with an on campus stadium the students are already there and I know for me I’d much rather go to north Broad if I’m coming into the city to Temple’s stadium than FF. If that is the only option on the table what is Penn’s incentive for giving Temple a “sweetheart” deal with regards to rent. How much lower over the long run would it be than building an on campus stadium. Last but certainly not least moving to FF on anything other than an interim basis while an on campus stadium is being finished give the same “vagabond” image of the program that was one of the factors that led to the expulsion from the Big East. Temple will not have control of the scheduling at FF, oh maybe Penn would move their game due to an AAC tv schedule change, for I’m sure a nice rent “premium”. I doubt Penn would let Temple paint the end zones, put AAC logos on the field etc. At least at the Linc we get to do that for a couple of games a year and Temple has their own locker room at the Linc as well.

    • Not so fast, they can make it a multipurpose facility with classrooms on the outer ring of the building that can be used when no games are being played. In addition, don’t forget naming rights, Ex. Independence Blue Cross Field, Chickie and Pete field (I’m being facetious here but you get the drift) parking fees in university lots, concessions and if the students don’t have to take a bus or subway to the game attendance may shoot up another 5k. If we hit 30k per game, very doable. You can use the Linc once a year when PSU and or some other big name school is on the schedule. Look, the biggest problem with Temple Football in the past is this half-assed attempt by the adminsitration to be cheap and not spend the money that is necessary to kick start the program in the right direction. If you have not noticed, the University enrollment is swelling and I dare say there might be 15k-20k living in or near campus in the next 3-5 years. Take a ride up North broad Street some day, it’s not your father’s Temple. Time to grab the brass riing, the future is here, we fumbled it way back when with the Big East to do it a second time cannot be condoned!

  7. Got to get attendance to at least 30k per game to justify a stadium. If they can do that, I see no reason why an investment in a 35k stadium won’t fly. Naming rights, parking and concessions will all generate additional revenue streams for the program. In addition, you make the campus much more vibrant on a football Saturday, however, I think the tailgating experience might suffer a bit because of the cluster parking that will occur in various lots instead of the wide open parking at the Linc.

  8. JD you make some good points, but without knowing what kind of deal TU would get from Penn, it is hard to calculate the pros and cons, but I’m sure it would be nothing like this exorbitant LINC deal. I’m just looking at and comparing available venues. Right now there is the LINC, FF and building an on-campus stadium. What other choices are there? Does the AAC have certain requirements for member stadium situations? Renting must be OK if the LINC is considered OK. So why would renting FF be any different? I do agree that the LINC is easier to get to and park than Penn, but as far as all your other points, if Penn is willing, the other details could surely be worked out. Look, i’m admittedly a cheapskate, so looking at 50 million to build a stadium seems like a lot when filling seats at TU is no guarantee – even on campus, its still a gamble, not a certainty (given Temple’s football history and fanbase) that making attending games as easy as possible for students would necessarily fill the seats regularly. I’ve said it before, that as nice as the on-campus MAC stadiums are, most schools there not only don’t fill them up but often have sparse attendance. Again 50 million is a lot to take a chance on when much less could at least keep things going. I mean, just how bad can Penn’s locker rooms be to make that a deciding factor? And as far as a vagabond image goes, heck, the Eagles used to play there! It’s a visually pleasing venue and historic. On the other hand, taking educated chances is part of building a successful enterprise. But it could also mean failing at great expense. And where is the parking on North Broad for that matter?

    • True don’t know what kind of deal could be worked out with Penn and I have no doubts you are spot on about Lurie. Of all of the things discussed so far I think the biggest issue is control of scheduling of the facility. I mean that is the big reason all but the Delaware State game tickets have TBD for time. Maybe Penn would cede full scheduling control to Temple and the AAC but without that and having the ability to set kickoff times a week or 2 before a game, I don’t think the conference would be in favor of Temple playing there. And it’s not the condition of the locker room at FF, at the Linc it’s Temple’s not Penn’s that TU is using that day. I think that does make a difference with recruits

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