5 Games That Should Give Owls Reason to Believe

P.J. Walker, Temple, Heisman pose,

Click on the photo of P.J. Walker practicing his Heisman pose for 5 reasons to believe.


18 thoughts on “5 Games That Should Give Owls Reason to Believe

  1. The Vandy-USC score was misleading because Vandy ran two kick-offs back. Had they scored their points on offensive drives, it would be a valid argument. And East Carolina v. USC was a two td win only because of a late USC score. East Carolina was in the game right to the end. Like your optimism though.

  2. Mike – nice., college football is so fragile, unlike like any other sport except for maybe pro golf.., so much depends on so many seemingly uncontrollable variables…, truly think it is a game by game, week by week sport.., forget history, tomorrow matters most.., injuries, chemistry, confidence, and coaching effectiveness change constantly, week by week…., can Temple’s confidence, chemistry and coaching effectiveness continue to grow? can we avoid key injuries? This team has the talent to beat every team on the schedule…, but absent of all above we could also lose every game…, the college football season and the NCAA basketball tournament are the two best venues in sports

    • absolutely .. avoiding key injuries and establishing the running game are the only 2 things keeping Temple from winning the AAC. Really scratching my head over Temple’s stubbornness with this 1-back set when giving defenses a 2-back look at times (at times, maybe once or twice a quarter) exponentially increases the effectiveness of the running game. Hardin had a smorgasbord offense–a little veer, a little pro set, an early version of the spread–and all of those looks gave defenses fits. We give them one look all of the time and that’s pretty easy to defend. Are we flexible enough as a coaching staff to incorporate new looks? That’s the difference between TU struggling to get to 6 wins and daring to be great with 8-9.

      • An even better formation to see what Herbin could do carrying the ball now and again would be the occasional use of the Diamond Pistol formation with a 3 back set. Harper at FB, Thomas or Gilmore at RB and Herbin as a hybrid WR/RB. Would let the offense attack the strong side with a power sweep and inside running game and also run a inside zone option attack to the split end side.

  3. cooper should not be kicking off..,, he does not have the strongest leg

    • he’s done much better this year than last, though. I’m sure they have kickoff tryouts. austin jones seems far more accurate, though. I think he’s the next brandon mcmanus and that’s high praise indeed.

  4. Mr. Belli, you failed to mention that a high percentage of Temple’s points have also come from defensive/special teams scores, which would similarly disqualify Mikes assessments. Personally, I like to see points going up on the scoreboard no matter where they come from but will admit that more offensive scoring will be needed to beat the better teams on the schedule (and maybe some of the not so good teams as things pan out).

  5. Offensive scoring gives the impression of being in control of the game (as well as the opportunity to burn the clock) whereas D scoring, as exciting as it is) seems to be a hit-and-miss type of thing that can’t be counted on. That’s why our O has to become more consistent.

    • if we had no guy on the team who could be a dynamite blocking fullback, I think our running game would have no hope. as it is, we have two guys who can fill that role, Kenny Harper and Marc Tyson. why we fail to even try to use one as a blocker in an attempt to show a running game is beyond me. a viable running game opens up the passing game and vice versa. do our coaches have tunnel vision? we’ll find out over the next few weeks …

      • We run our offense primarily out of the shotgun, so I don’t see how using a FB would be possible…outside of short yardage situations. It is a good idea Mike (and would benefit the running game), but isn’t worth changing our entire offense around. Gilmore is averaging 5.0 YPC and Thomas is averaging 4.2 YPC, both numbers are more than sufficient to have an effective running game. I expect it to improve as our young O-Line progresses as the season goes on.

  6. I think the one advantage of using a FB, at least now and again, even out of the shotgun or pistol is that with a back like Harper you can give him those quick hand offs between the tackles. If is is able to hit several of those runs for 4, 5, 6 yards a crack it starts making play action more believable to a defense. Also makes that option to the outside more successful as the defense has to start keying on the FB as well as the outside run. Heard a good comment by Seth Joyner yesterday talking about the Eagles poor rushing attack this year and the impact it;s having on Foles performance. Not comparing college and the pros but he said basically that once you get a ground game going, play action starts to work and once that is working even an average qb can look like an all pro.

  7. This team must keep improving as the remainder of the schedule is daunting. In one four game stretch (ECU, Memphis, PSU, Cincy) Temple will face three QBs who will play on Sundays. Not sure if we have ever faced that type of talent in such a short span. The defense will need oxygen tanks on the bench.., college football is pure drama as this Temple team could easily be anywhere from 4-8 to 8-4. Three keys for the offense: (1) keep PJ healthy, (2) can Romond Deloatch develop into “that guy”?, and (3) the emergence of a running game.
    Three keys for the defense: (1) re-establish depth at the DB position by getting and keeping everyone healthy, (2) stop the run (Navy and UCONN ran at will), (3) increase the sacks per game…, nothing is more demoralizing than putting the opposing QB on his back

    • The tight end transfer from Florida is supposed to be ready. He and DeLoatch would present a formidable receiving corps similar to what PSU presents with Jesse James and the other kid.

  8. More 2 back formations could be a good idea, but I also think more aggressive/creative play calling early in games could open up space for the running backs. For whatever reason the calls seem to be pretty conservative in the first half of games, particularly in the passing game (lots of screens, swing passes etc). Stretching the field a little more right from the start might keep defenses off balance and give the backs more room to run.

    • good point. you don’t have to change your whole offense to incorporate 2-back sets, they should just be run to get the running game going and then passing off play-action. There are plenty of times as well you can use the shotgun. an average team gets between 80-90 snaps a game. You could go 50 snaps shotgun, 40 snaps 2-back. gives defenses more to worry about.

      • Mike, great point. Satterfield seems “locked” into running the entire offense out of a 10 or 11 offensive personnel grouping. No reason why the offense couldn’t go to a 20 grouping with 2 backs or sliding Herbin to the RB position on occasion. As I said in an earlier post why not even go to a 3 back Diamond Pistol on occasion with 3 backs. I have to think coach Rhule has a good understanding of the variety of sets you can run out of the Pistol which is why he wanted to bring Rolovich here as OC. Hopefully Sattrfield will start “learning” more as he goes forward.

  9. very concerned that rhule … who was offensive coordinator when Bernard and matty were successful with wyatt benson blocking … seems very reluctant to over, err, rule satterfield on this 1-back obsession and that’s really what it is. rhule should know better than anyone that nothing opened the passing game more for adam dimichele than faking it to bp and finding bruce francis and steve manieri running free through the secondary.

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