College Football TV Watching Today

Noon (smu vs. east carolina only for masochists but Ball State should cover the 3 at Army):


3:30 (Navy at Air Force appears to be the most appealing here):


7 (Memphis at Cincy):






13 thoughts on “College Football TV Watching Today

  1. With how Memphis is playing game of the year in AAC could be TU-Memphis.

  2. as I mentioned during a previous string, very few compare to college football – it is pure drama every week…,,Temple could finish anywhere from 5-7 to 9-3…, watch out if Memphis can finish Cincy

  3. I have a feeling Al Golden may be looking for a new job soon.

    • That’s the difference between winning 7 to 9 games a year at Temple and the same at Miami. At the former you’re a hero and probably set for 10-15 years. At the latter you’re a failure

    • Love to have him back at Temple coaching the defense, but he’ll probably get a chance at another non-power 5 school as a head coach first. Phil Snow is 59 and from Calif. probably wants to retire there three years from now.

  4. With today’s AAC games the conference is wide open and not saying they will but there is no conference team on this year’s schedule that Temple can’t beat. I thought 6 wins maybe 7 was the potential top for 2014 but now I’d say I wouldn’t be surprised if they pulled of 8 or 9 wins for the regular season. This season has to be where Temple moves firmly into the upper half of the conference

  5. JD, totally agree.., aside from ECU and PSU, Temple has as much talent as any other team on the remainder of the schedule.., can this team show up ready to play every week, can the coaching staff make winning second half adjustments, can we stay away from key injuries, can we figure out how to run the football, and can we maintain the turnover ratio? the answers will shape our destiny….., our record will have a big impact on recruiting, and putting more butts in the seats will help.., note how many empty seats in Cincy last night after thier big loss to Ohio State

  6. wow.., look at the AAC schedules.., if Memphis gets by Temple they wind up at 10-2 for the season, a remarkable turnaround…, Temple has six games in a row which they’ll start the game as the underdog, Houston, UCF, ECU, Memphis, PSU, and Cincy…,win just two out of those six and the team goes 7-5 and on to a pretty good bowl

    • So now because Memphis beats Cin. They are going to go 10-2. Let’s not even play the games, unreal.

    • 7-5 would get temple the best bowl it has ever been to … 6-6 returns us to a place like the military bowl, probably against air force. still, matt rhule was right when he said every team on our schedule can beat us and we can beat every team on our schedule. not willing to split the baby .. we can go 3-5, 4-4 or 5-3. Hope we go 5-3. need to keep p.j., tyler, tavon, friend, etc. healthy for that.

  7. Temple needs to focus on one week at a time. This week it’s Tulsa. The team needs to continue to create turnovers, minimize mistakes and stay aggressive. I think the coaching staff has the kids believing they can win week in and week out and once the kids get the confidence that they can win, look out. Nice job coach Rhule on correcting many of the blunders the staff committed last year. I guess the coaching staff is maturing as well but there is no substitute for talent and the changes on the defense side of the ball has been the difference.

  8. Take out Tulsa, then we will talk.

    One game at a time.

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