Every Saturday Should Be Homecoming

Unfortunately, we only see this much Cherry in the stands on Homecoming or Penn State games like this one in 2011.

Unfortunately, we only see this much Cherry in the stands on Homecoming or Penn State games like this one in 2011.

Every so often, people in Philadelphia get a glimpse of what Temple football could be like to the sports culture of the city.

For the past four years, that every so often has come on Homecoming. Really, I wish every Temple football day was Homecoming for two reasons: Big crowd and a big win. Here’s what has happened the past four Homecomings:

Last 4 Homecoming Games for Temple:

Temple, 33-14
Temple, 37-28
South Florida
Temple, 34-0
Temple, 28-27
Bowling Green

Those of us who go to the games and participate in the tailgate scene know the drill well. Most of the good spots are given to the folks who come to the games just once a year, with the various schools getting tents of their own at prime locations.

To me, that’s OK, too. I’m all for welcoming the 25,000 Prodigal Sons and Daughters who return once a year in the hopes that what they see will convince themselves to become one of us—the 15-20,000 who do not miss a home game.

That hasn’t happened over the past couple of years because even though the wins have come on Homecoming, the sustainability has not. It’s pretty hard to draw good crowds after 4-7 and 2-10 seasons.

Winning at Homecoming is vitally important, but what happens there has to be followed by sustained success. With the Owls right now at 3-1 and owning both conference wins and an SEC win, there’s a big chance for both ahead. They should grab that chance and run with it.


24 thoughts on “Every Saturday Should Be Homecoming

  1. Good article mike but I’d like to see the homecoming numbers over 30k and get Villanova back on the schedule for some local buzz (I can’t even tell you how much I would enjoy watching the try to navigate driving in north Philly but that’s for another article). I think if we want to make a stadium a reality we really need to start showing up in numbers.

    I think the owls were smart in structuring this years schedule by allowing the team to get some winnable games early on to create excitement around homecoming. The back part of the schedule will be a real test but if the owls can carry 5 or 6 wins into the psu game it might go a long way for viewership and local interest. If we were to finally beat psu….

    Keep up the great articles and go Owls!


    • they lucked out by getting uconn as the first conference opponent; nobody knew vandy and navy would be anything but a tough out when scheduled. del state was a fallback plan when we had only 11 games scheduled (like 2011), a really late addition when you consider these schedules are typically made 3-5 years in advance. I’ll be wearing my Al Golden cherry Temple hoodie to ward off possible drizzle. no umbrella since jeff lurie added covered tailgating.

      • actually, uconn is not THAT bad. … they lost to a south florida team by three points and south florida lost by a touchdown to maryland and two touchdowns to wisconsin. I’m thinking maybe the Navy game was an aberration now.

    • If Temple would just schedule Delaware as an FCS opponent instead of Villanova or Delaware St. then there would be over 35,000 just for that game because UD would bring 15-20K to the Link. I don’t know, maybe Delaware just doesn’t want to play Temple??

      • Bring back Tubby Raymond. My recollection was there wasn’t a lot of love between those programs which played a role in killing the series.

      • I thought I read somewhere that Deleware wanted a home and home with Temple…which obviously was not happening.

  2. forecasted rain is the only thing that will prevent having 30,000 in the seats

  3. I’m going conservative: 24K and change

  4. I’ll guess 26,000- with rain in the forecast I’m not expecting a big student turnout. Ultimately the only way I think they’re going to draw big crowds is by putting together multiple winning seasons consecutively. For a program with such a long history of losing, its going to take more than a few wins to get people to come out on a regular basis.

    • great find. do we have a Yulman? I fear our one and only Yulman died in a plane crash this summer. we have guys with Yulman money (Cos), but no even remote sign of wanting to spend it on a stadium, which certainly is his right. Looks like they want to sell Ambler to come up the money for the stadium, but the going price for Ambler is going to fall well short of funding levels. I’ll believe it when I see the first shovel in the ground. If we do build a stadium, I would hope that the press box be named for Al Shrier.

  5. There is something inherently missing with Temple’s fan base and its always been that way, even in successful football periods. So don’t expect very much even if they do put together a string of solid seasons and bowl games. I hope I’m wrong, but….. Way back when they played at Temple Stadium in Cheltenham, did they fill the 25K stadium even in good years? That location was harder to get to than the Linc. I think they used to bus students up there. But the point is, except for playing PSU it seems that 20-30K is Temple’s limit overall. Does that justify a new multi-million dollar investment? Especially after having to drop several sports some of which are so traditional (baseball and mens track?) and successful (mens gymnastics). If the school can’t afford that, how in the world can they afford a 30 million dollar-plus stadium for only 20-30K attendance? IF they can bring attendance up to at least 40K sustainably, then it might be financially feasible in the long run. But, unless some big donors step forth, its taking a huge chance. Sorry for the negativity but I’m trying to be realistic here.

    • they got 14K for west virginia in 1971 or 72; sellout for the first villanova game (13-13 tie) and 17,000 for the bc game in 72 (a 35-7 win) after bc gave temple its only loss in the 1971 season.

    • Yes they can build an on campus stadium. It will be a multipurpose deal with classsrooms so the facility can be used year round. In addition, you could also sell the naming rights and generate revenue calling it whatever field. You also get the benefit of parking fees, concessions etc and you bring people to your campus. Attendance would go up as well since students would not need to catch a bus to get to the game which is a pain. As for the Linc. it is way too big for Temple to be playing in with an average fan base in the low to mid 20k range. Take a ride down th Annapolis someday, Navy has a bueaitful 30k-35k stadium and you put 25k in there and it looks full and can be loud, The optics at the Linc are horrible and we need to get out of there asap.As for those other sports you mentioned, unfortunately they are a waste of money and Temple is not the only school to cut back on these type of programs. If Temple wants to play BCS football they have to get out of the Linc, its expensive to play there and the optics are bad. What is it about Temple people that they dwell on the negative? It’s like they have an inferiority complex. You have to have a vision of the future and a plan to reach that vision. In 5 years, there will be at least 15k-20k students living on or near campus. It’s no longer a commuter/backup school it is becoming a school of choice. Playing BCS Football is another marketing tool for the University.

      • Agree with you about the other sports. Now that TU is in conference with teams from the south, there is no way they can compete in track and baseball, sports which draw less than 100 people. Crew does draw people and gymnastics should not have been cut even thought their meets draw less than 100 people because they have been able to support themselves. . I know that some might argue that drawing fans isn’t the point, but when one looks at the college landscape, less than 20 schools have gymnastics anymore. Finally, playing at the Linc is going to become prohibitively expensive in 2017. I think its better to invest money in a stadium than give it to Lurie especially because other than for a couple of games a decade, TU can’t fill even half of the Linc for any game. If TU built a stadium like Tulane’s they would keep all of the revenue. And if they do manage to become consistently successful and more popular, they could raise ticket prices to match what other schools charge and generate even more revenue.

  6. The place to go for cash is Comcast. Form a relationship with them and name the stadium Comcast Stadium. Look what the relationship with Papa John’s has done for Louisville. A stadium here could not be built for 73 mil as was Tulane’s because of the union tax.

  7. Michigan-Ohio State. Harvard-Yale. USC-UCLA. All of them will pale in 30 years to Tulsa-Temple. Can’t wait for the hoops game, too!

  8. @ John Belli, I heard rumors that a deal was in the works with Comcast/NBC Sports and Temple (similar to the ND deal, but on a local level) with the previous administration. The new administration did not follow up and they turned their back on the deal.

    U of Maryland has a Comcast Center on their campus, but a Div I university, blocks away from their HQ has no such relationship? Hmmm?

  9. Will the new stadium have blue turf? BOTE!

  10. Great news. Kirkwood, the Hawaii transfer, is now eligible. 6″3′ receiver will help immensely as will Thompson who played today.

  11. could not help but notice some of our millionaire ex-temple football players on the sidelines…,, wonder why the school is not leveraging them in the efforts to help build a new on-campus stadium?

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