The Cavalry is Coming: Kirkwood and Thompson

NCAA Football: Hawaii at Navy

Keith Kirkwood’s last action was this touchdown reception against Navy in November. He only became eligible when Hawaii coach Norm Chow granted him his release last week, something Joe Paterno refused to do for Temple quarterback Adam DiMichele. Kirkwood gives Temple a terrific 1-2 punch at wide receiver with Jalen Fitzpatrick.

If Colonel Reno would have been close enough with his 7th Cavalry Brigade to save General Custer, the battle at Little Big Horn might have went the other way.

The Cavalry might not have been on the way for Custer, but it certainly is coming for head coach Matt Rhule and the Temple Owls in the form of impact players Colin Thompson and Keith Kirkwood. Football is often a battle of attrition, with the teams who win conference championships many times being the ones who suffer the fewest losses of starters due to injury.

Almost never do you hear of teams adding new players midway through the season who can make an immediate impact, but that’s the case with Temple adding five-star SEC tight end recruit Thompson and four-star wide receiving recruit Kirkwood. Both got spot duty for the Owls recently, but now appear to be ready to make a full-time impact on Friday night against Houston. Both have been declared eligible. Thompson is a transfer from Florida and Kirkwood is a transfer from Hawaii.

As John Kerry once said, “Help is on the way.”

It could have have come soon enough or at two positions of need. The Owls have not had a playmaking tight end this year or a tall wide receiver who reminds anyone of Robbie Anderson.

Thompson and Kirkwood could fill both needs and Temple will only have to wait a couple of days to find out if this Cavalry has arrived just in time to win this AAC football war. In fact, if you listen hard enough, you can hear the bugle call now:


21 thoughts on “The Cavalry is Coming: Kirkwood and Thompson

  1. With any luck we have a Robby Anderson redux.

  2. The next Robbie Anderson comes in the form of recruit Brad Hawkin. Until then, this 1-2 punch sounds promising. To land an athlete like Hawkin would be monumental to this program.

    On a sidenote, I will no longer read any article where Herbin is mentioned as a future temple running back. He has been nothing short of awful all your long. I do not a credit his punt return against a I-AA school as anything more than a glorified scrimmage.

  3. Today Coach Ruhle emphasized during his press conference that the Owls have to have a better running game. The answer is staring him in the face-a two back scheme- and he won’t use it. Unbelievable.

  4. Off topic but it sounds like the basketball team has gotten some big recruits recently. Obviously last year was a disaster for both football and basketball but things are definitely starting to look up.

    Also the next two games at Houston and UCF should tell us a lot about how good this team is. Right now I’m still not sure if this is a 5/6 win team or a 8/9 win team.

    • Yeah Aaron McKie is killing it in recruiting for Dunphy, awesome to see. I think if we finish out the season strong and finish at least 6-6 we will see an immediate impact for next year recruiting class, as many 4* players are looking at us.

      • Good point about McKie. A lot of people were down on Dunphy last year but it looks like he’ll have things turned around soon. And I’m hoping for a bowl appearance this season, but I think next year they could really have a chance to make some noise.

  5. the time is now…, nothing generates momentum faster than winning..,,bowl games equals increased fan base and better recruits.., Temple will beat Houston if PJ avoids interceptions…, no turnovers equal victory, it is that simple

  6. this is the big one. I can stomach a loss to ecu if we can get this. hope our dl is in their backfield all night and P.J. and Keith Kirkwood develop a symmetry similar to p.j. and robbie.

  7. The Owls have some offensive weapons to win games. What they need is consistency and as KG said above, less turnovers. If the O-line gives PJ some time, Temple has a passing game. Just win this game.

    • that’s why i keep harping (Harpering?) on a two-back set. somebody gets through the line and Harper would be like the Secret Service protecting P.J. until a receiver can run free. Give a qb one extra second and even the best secondaries can be burned.

  8. I really think this game with Houston will be defined by how well our defense plays. Tulsa, a below average team, kind of pushed us around and the D only made a few key stops that turned out to be the difference. Houston has more skill on offense than Tulsa does, so to me that is the challenge. We cannot let Houston manhandle our D or we will be in trouble.In addition, we will need to put pressure on their QB Ward while keeping him in the pocket.Let him beat us with his arm if he can.We did not put enough pressure on the Tulsa QB until real late in the game.

    • yes, i think the defense took a step back against tulsa. our line has the ability to dominate the line of scrimmage with averee, matt i., finch and praise. they all need to beat their man and they are capable of doing that. they just have to do it.

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