Temple Football: The Whole World is Watching


The Sports Bar has taken on a new meaning in American culture, particularly in the past 20 years.

Walk into any one and there are a number of games in different sport on at any time.

Tonight, because of a perfect storm, most of the TVs in every sports bar in America—and some non-sports ones—will be tuned into the Temple football game and I can think of no better time to establish the Temple football brand as a tough and exciting one across the nation than tonight.

For all of the evidence you need, just fast-forward the “guide” section of your TV listings to 9 p.m. tonight. Hit “sports” and this is what shows up:

Women’s World Cup Soccer Qualifying Pre-game Show. Err, no.

PGA Tour Golf. Hey, it’s night time. Who can see what’s happening?

Winchester Legends. Bob heads south of the border to Sonora, Mexico to see Desert Big Horn Sheep. Rather watch sheep watching grass grow than that.

Temple vs. Houston. ESPNU, 9 p.m. Channel 853, Comcast, ESPNU.

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

For a Temple fan who has had to beg, plead and endure laughter for many years walking into sports bars all across America while asking for the Temple football game to be put on one TV, this is like dying and going to Heaven—without the dying part.

Now is the best time to change people’s long-held perceptions and misconceptions about Temple football. Let’s hope the ‘][‘ travels well tonight.


30 thoughts on “Temple Football: The Whole World is Watching

  1. Predictions gentlemen?

    Houston 34
    Temple 27

  2. Temple will win if they score 27 points or more; the defense will hold Houston to under 26 points. this game is in the hands of the Temple offense and the FG team. wild card is turnovers.., I also think Temple will win if PJ finishes the game without throwing an interception. an offense that has struggled and been inconsistent all year vs the top defensive team on the schedule to date

    Houston 25
    Temple 17

  3. Temple 35
    Houston 17

  4. Temple 28
    Houston 24

  5. Temple 21
    Houston 20

    Bonus prediction: Herbin will score a touchdown. His name will be mentioned roughly 3,487 times on this blog in the next week 🙂

  6. Houston 27
    Temple 24

  7. Houston 28
    Temple 24

  8. Somehow I have a bad feeling about this game and see the Owl\s “looking ahead” to UCF and ECU…my prediction is Houston jumping out to a 17-0 lead before halftime and then the Owls rallying to a three point deficit by game’s end….figure 30-27 loss.
    I hope Temple can find a way to squeeze out the win.

  9. So many mistakes. PJ really looks bad and his fumble on the goal line sealed TU’s fate. He has to realize the situation and play for second down. Again, can’t win with big plays alone. Other than a couple of runs where the kid made some moves, there is no running game.

    • I like Walker and I think he has a bright future but he single handily cost Temple any chance they had to win this game with all those turnovers.. He throws the ball up for grabs, he throws 100 MPH to receivers that are 5 yards away from him and on 3rd and long he throws to receivers that are well short of the first down marker. Hopefully he learns from this and moves on to a better game next week.

    • How much do you think the lack of any kind of power run game impacted Walkers trying to force something on that fumble play. Great point about big plays, that all this pathetic offensive scheme Satterfield had put together is. It like he took a couple of pages out of a spread offense play book and that’s all they use. I mean limited vertical passing plays, same with slants and crossing patterns and basically no consistent run game. Don’t know how much can be done with 6 games remaining but even without the turnovers this offense had got to stop being just a notch above 1 dimensional. With Thomas and Kirkwood looks like there might be some more to work with and do we even have a te for this offense. If this offense could put some sustained drives together, the defense looks good enough this year to keep them in games. Even with 31 scored I don’t think the defense played that badly

    • Looked like a fumble to me, yet p.j. was pounding the ground like he was down. bottom line, got to protect that rock like it is a bar of gold. don’t care if he’s stopped at the 1 if he secures the ball. there’s another play to make.

  10. It’s so nice to take a trip down memory lane. This looks like the dark ages of Temple football. God, I don’t miss this terrible play. Hopefully it won’t last past this game. Pathetic game. PJ…grow up or step aside.

  11. 4th and 1…let’s keep Harper (220 lbs) on the bench and send Thomas (170 lbs) in the game. Yeah, that should work. Is Rhule a complete moron or is my common sense getting the best of me? Rhule couldn’t coach a community college to a division title. How is he suppose to be Temple’s answer?

    • The play would have worked had the right guard, who pulled, gotten around the center because Thompson made a great kick-out block. While I would have liked to see the power runner it wouldn’t have mattered who the back was. Houston’s QB has maPJHe has to play smarter and realize that he can’t force the ball against D-1 d-backs.

    • Give me a break. He got stuffed by two defenders behind the line of scrimmage. No running back would have had any chance on that play. The fact is, they lost this game because their quarterback had by far the worst game of his career. Hopefully he’ll bounce back next week.

  12. At least nobody at Moriarty’s tonight seemed to give a damn.

  13. Not that it matters but why did Matt Rhule use a timeout with 6 seconds left in the first quarter instead of letting the clock run out??

    • that’s exactly what I was thinking. If Matt Rhule was a point guard for John Chaney, coach would be yelling at him for a lack of court awareness. his absent-mindedness at times is astounding and that was one of those times. the quarter is a 2-minute time out. don’t need to waste one there and there were 14 seconds left on the play clock when he called a time out with six seconds left on the quarter clock. do they teach math at Penn State? He is dumb as shit. Not a good trait in a head coach.

  14. Now the post game question which players does Rhule throw under the bus

    • good point, jd. when p.j. is running for his life and has no windows to throw into, he’s going to have fumbles and interceptions. I believe in this kid. One bad game does not make a season. I will post tomorrow night (got a 10-hour real-world work day ahead of me Saturday).

      • Good points, I get PJ and the rest of the team needs to execute and the coaches aren’t on the field. But even with Walker still learning and maturing how does this offensive scheme, which has no consistency or pace to develop any kind of rhythm help in that process. How much of this offense has been based in a handful of big plays each game. And please let’s try something, anything on shirt yardage, maybe Thompson as an H back lead blocking for Harper, power I anything but what had been done to date this season. I still think this team will win at least 2 more games this year but it is starting to look like a staff that will win when they have better talent but not through game planning or game time decisions, AG II. Which hey maybe isn’t so bad but I would love to see this program do better than that

  15. “Matt Rhule is dumb as shit.” It just reads so elegantly in quotes.

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