5 Takeaways From Temple’s Week 8 Loss

Click on the photo of Jahad Thomas after making a big stop in the UCF game last year for 5 things the Owls must do going forward.

Click on the photo of Jahad Thomas after making a big stop in the UCF game last year for 5 things the Owls must do going forward.


33 thoughts on “5 Takeaways From Temple’s Week 8 Loss

  1. Mike, I’ll settle for 60%.

    • geez, one guy gets voted (basically) the team MVP by his 105 teammates and is ignored and one guy is the school’s only first-team high school All-American since Kevin Harvey and could have–at this rate–five catches this season (if he’s lucky). Some process.

  2. Nailed it on the offensive side of the ball. Defense may need some more beef on the front line. I suggest Freddie Booth-Lloyd get some playing time as DT or NG.

    • I’d love to see us go 5 linemen (5-2LBs-2safeties) and put Averee Robinson (a 3-time state heavyweight wrestling champ) over the center. No center would be able to handle him. Booth-Lloyd is more suited to playing alongside him at DT with his speed.

      • I get the feeling that the lack of beef on the front line is somewhat by design for this season. For as much as I was on his case last year it seems Snow realized that going the “speed” route on defense was a faster way to get improvement over last year. Does make the D vulnerable to a power running game but even in the Houston game he made adjustments, same against UConn. I do think this defense is good enough to win this year. I do think getting guys like Booth-Lloyd in there will make for a tougher run defense

  3. Before this season, I was excited about the Owls’ run game thinking only of Harper and Gilmore; and now Thomas is a revelation.
    We should be pounding the rock. I know Daz ran too much, but we have some really skilled backs and now there are several guys in the offense who are highly mobile and can throw a real block. Can’t pass without running unless you’ve got a squadron of track stars 6’2″ and above. Our slot guys have great feet but they won’t shake coverage by a taller faster player without a little help. If we had a nice 50/50 run/pass mix using some of the same formations, we could really turn these kids loose.
    It seems like the coaches are trying to play their own game rather than playing to the strengths of our personnel.

    • “It seems like the coaches are trying to play their own game rather than playing to the strengths of our personnel.”

      Bingo. In one short sentence, you have described “the process” inside the E-O.

  4. is the “process” leading to points in a productive offense? three simple things:
    1. don’t beat yourself, cut out the stupid penalties, stop the turnovers
    2. eliminate the second down and 10 yards to go situations, win on first downs and watch the third down conversion rates go up
    3. changes plays at the line of scrimmage, stop snapping the ball and running plays against a defensive alignment you will not work

    if we could only do just those three things above then maybe we can begin to focus on the punt and kick-off return teams..,, why on earth do we fumble punts and kickoffs? who is the Special Teams coach, does anyone know?

    • Rhule is handling the special teams. Same job Golden had his first two years at TU before he delegated it. Last year, Alan M. had it. He’s now coaching in Florida, I think at UCF. I know a lot of people are down on Khalif, but his history at Temple–over three years–has not been to fumble the ball. I think he was too anxious. He needs to calm down, catch the ball, and he’ll be fine. To me, having a possession receiver returning punts is giving up the down–sort of like Chipper Kelly delegating returns to Riley Cooper.

  5. *change plays at the line of scrimmage

  6. Absolutely agree with KJ. Why do audibles only come from the sidelines? If you have an intelligent-quality QB, teach him how to read defenses and allow him to change the play accordingly. I think we can all agree that PJ is both of those traits, even though he’s had his struggles.

    Mike, I agree with one of your points, but once again, completely disagree with another.

    First, a 5-man front sounds like a great idea. I believe our CBs/SSs have the ability to play man or zone, but only against non-no-huddle offenses. If I see a 5-man front against ECU, I’ll flip. A 5-man front is required to be competitive against PSU.

    Second, this Herbin talk needs to subside. Reading these blogs about Herbin is like watching Rex Ryan sink on the Geno Ship! Don’t be that guy Mike, you’re better than that.

    • I guess the kids who voted him No. 1 in the Cherry and White draft (which was everybody) voted for him because they felt sorry for him. It’s been my belief since I was a kid that no one knows who can play and who cannot better than someone’s teammates. They hang with this kid 365 days a year. They know. It would be a shame to piss away his career because he muffed two punts.

  7. Four banged-up players including three LB. Negative Nelly says, “that’s what you get when the defense is on the field too much.” Who will step up? Any Matakevich Tyler mores ready to emerge?

  8. Watching UL-Lafayette. That’s how our offense should be run.

    • ULL is a very well-coached team. us? 18 for 77 on third downs, 3 for our last 23 … if anyone thinks coaching has NOTHING to do with that, they are blind.

    • Didn’t we have a coach from North Alabama once? How did that turn out?

      • He’s from ULL now … 3 years, 9 wins each, 3 bowl wins… difference between him and wallace is that wallace proved he couldn’t coach on the fbs level. this guy has proven it beyond a shadow of a doubt. I hope our coaches were taking notes watching that offense last night … 2 running backs, both over 100 yards and then play-action play fakes off those runs found guys open all over the place. our kids are NEVER open because we don’t establish the run first and then play fake off it.

      • But you didn’t know whether he could coach at the FBS level when you would have hired him. I could just imagine your posts if Temple had hired another head coach from North Alabama.

      • I never wanted us to hire either a) an assistant coach who never proved he could win anywhere as a head coach; or b) a head coach who never proved he could win at the fbs level. wanted a proven winning head coach at the fbs level, like our fellow aac member cincy seems to be able to get all the time. Hudspeth would fit that profile if Rhule falls flat on his face. all you have to do is look at this guy’s games to know he has a clue about how to run a fbs offense. can’t say the same for rhule and satterfield yet.

      • Mikey, you’re talking out both sides of your mouth, You’re raving about UL-L hiring this guy as coach, what a great job he’s done, but you would not have hired him in THAT situation because he was ” b) a head coach who never proved he could win at the fbs level. wanted a proven winning head coach at the fbs level.” You say Temple shouldn’t take a chance but you praise other people who do. You also said, “No surprise ULL has won 9 games in each of this guy’s 3 seasons.” Why is no surprise? He hadn’t proved yet he could win at the FBS level. So then what you’re saying is you WOULD have hired this guy even if he didn’t meet your criteria? Which is it?

      • not talking out of both sides of my mouth at all. his job at ULL qualifies him for TU head coach, not his job at North Alabama. Not in favor of TU (a more prestigious institution) taking the same kind of risk ULL takes.

      • On Oct. 21,at 10:05 p.m., you posted, “How does Louisiana Lafayette .. a school with far less resources than Temple … hire a guy who wins 9 games (and 3 bowl games) in his first three years?” They did it by hiring a guy from North Alabama who did not have a proven record at the FBS level. According to you, Temple CAN’T hire a guy who could turn out like the guy at ULL. You can’t say, look at what ULL did when you’re not willing to do it!

      • for ull that was a minimum risk; for temple, hiring a n. ala. guy was a maximum risk. temple, on the other hand, faces a minimum risk hiring a guy who proved it at the fbs level. in hiring wallace, dickerson, berndt, rhule and (even golden and arians), temple hired guys who no one could predict how they would do. with Hardin, on the other hand, they hired a guy who had a pair of No. 2-ranked teams at Navy. It’s no surprise that he was the only winning coach (career) at Temple. so tired of Temple having a crap shoot every coach it hired since. at least cincy fans probably knew what they were getting in Kelly, Jones and Tuberville.

      • If you’re trying to say Hardin is the all-time leader in wins at Temple, agreed. Bu the is not the only winning coach in Temple history. Pop Warner was 50-15-8 with a trip to the inaugural Sugar Bowl. Not bad credentials for North Broad Street. But still, you would do not have had the vision to hire a guy from North Alabama that you now would hire in a heart beat. Problem is, you now probably be competing with a lot of other schools to get him.

  9. Mike, the Owls now have two four star receivers, a QB who can throw and run, and a posse of running backs and yet the offense is inconsistent. The fact is that the running game has too much east west and not enough north south and the passing game has no scheme that I can discern. Who but the coaches can be blamed for the offense but the coaches.

  10. 125, huh? And yet we hang in there most of the time. Shows what we have out there on the field as players. Our big plays help keep us in games but a consistent grind-it-out O is very lacking.

  11. A win at UCF would be huge, but without some adjustments its doubtful. With Temples players its possible but not if it goes the way things went at Houston. By the way, Houston seems to me is a pretty good team, bowl bound for sure – wait and see. Temple? Maybe, but very questionable. A win at UCF would almost assure it.

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