Good Day for Some Old-Fashioned TU Plays

Feet on the floor and butts out of bed. It's game day.

Feet on the floor and butts out of bed. It’s game day.

Sometimes I wonder if these spread offense guys ever plan for a rainy, windy, muddy day.

We shall find out today. In any endeavor, there should be a Plan A and a Plan B and this is one of those days to go with the Plan B.

Time to get out those old Temple football movies and put some current actors in those roles.


A good organization, like the Diamond Marching Band, has a Plan B. Photo taken this morning.

This would be a good time for some smash-mouth, old-time, Temple plays from way back, say, earlier this decade. Bernard Pierce (played by Jahad Thomas) behind Wyatt Benson (played by Kenny Harper) behind Steve Manieri (played by Colin Thompson).

Grind out those 3, 4, 6-yard runs and put a premium on protecting the football and killing as much of the clock as possible to keep the ball out of the hands of the high-octane East Carolina offense.

Another great ex-Temple play that could work today is the short rollout by Chester Stewart (played by P.J. Walker)  where he throws no more than a 5-yard pass to Evan Rodriguez (played by Thompson) and he turns it into a big gain. That play helped even a historically inaccurate quarterback like Stewart go 9 for 9 in a 38-7 win at Maryland in 2011 and could help jump-start the confidence of the way-more-talented Walker today.

In a few hours, we will find out if this Temple coaching staff is capable of improvising and adjusting.


27 thoughts on “Good Day for Some Old-Fashioned TU Plays

  1. Ain’t gonna happen.

  2. I take it back. Two back set and roll out pass to TE. Great to see.

    • I also like what looks like a bit of a mean streak in Thompson, on a short pass on the TU side he tossed the ball in the ECU defenders face on the way back to the huddle. Looks like the has a TE that can be used more

  3. May we put aside the acronyms and agree on one thing: 5-3 with a win on the road at Vandy, at home versus a Top 25 team, and the development of disruptive defensive and special team units represents tangible progress. As a reminder, this team never beat a MAC club with a winning record.

  4. If I told you at the beginning of the season that Temple would be 5-3 after 8 games (with wins over Vanderbilt and a ranked team), everybody on this site would have signed up for it, in a heartbeat!

    Not a pretty game, but they figured out a way to win. last year’s team would have lost this game, even getting 5 turnovers. Nobody should be satisfied yet, but this is a huge win. Rhule still has a lot of work to do and Walker has not impressed me at all this year. That being said, they are still 5-3!


    Congrats to Coach Rhule, his staff, and the players.

    wasn’t pretty but i will take it.

    we r one win from a bowl game after going 2-10 last year.

    and with just 8 seniors our future is bright.

    still have to fix the offense but we can truly beat anybody left on the schedule.

  6. Looks like it wasn’t the “Same Sh*t, Different Saturday.”

  7. Congratulations coach Rhule. The team hung tough and kept the outside noise out. If they play solid D and minimize mistakes on O like the did today, it could be a 7 win season. All Owls should be proud today. Keep working the process, this young team grew up today.

  8. It seems all the games today are sloppy: cold, wet, and windy. Didn’t Buddy Ryan say that good teams win in November and December?

  9. PS Good analysis. Defense and ball protection were the only ways to win this game.

  10. cold, wet, and pleasantly surprised….., hats off to Rhule for setting the tone early in the game by getting on the officials after the late hit call on the ECU QB…, seems like the rest of the calls went our way…., hats off to the “D” for playing hard all game..,

    sort of reminds me of the AG teams…., piss poor offense and a defense that bends but doesn’t break…, going under center vice the shotgun probably didn’t work out but PJ did not turn the ball over despite the fumbles.. we have to find some offense.., all said we are 5-3 with a chance to go to a bowl game…, winning ugly is better than losing

  11. Progress. Following up with a win over Memphis will keep Owls in the race right to the end. But let’s also make this clear. We are not Boise of the East. This does not mean the administration will begin building an on-campus stadium tomorrow. It does not mean we have the (insert position here) in the country. It’s one very good win and progress for a downtrodden program. Let’s stop the rollercoaster of emotions.

  12. Great win for the program.

    Coach Snow has built something and I must say I was wrong about him and Rhule.

    This proves that they can “get off the mat and fight back. Hit the other eam in the mouth.

    I admit I was wrong.

  13. team in the mouth

  14. I’m upset that I didn’t get to,witness one of the best wins in Owl history but my daughter was married today. Maybe I’m a jinx. In any event, Ruhle implemented what many of us have been saying should be a regular part of the offense,

  15. hopefully there’s 1 maybe 2 more wins the rest of the way.

  16. If we get the next 2, I can stomach losing out after that (and winning the bowl matchup with bc or rutgers).

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