John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports’ TU-ECU Photos

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17 thoughts on “John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports’ TU-ECU Photos

  1. Tyler “May-Tackle-a-Village” Matakevich

  2. how about just simply “number 8″…,

    just met with a very nice AD marketing rep.., plans underway for a new stadium using Colorado State as the model for how to get the project funded and approved…., looking at a sub terrain type of structure…, relationship with the folks at the Linc are poor at best…, just don’t understand why the folks who run the Eagles organization don’t have a sense of “Philadelphia Community”

  3. projections include 30 months to build and ready for the 2018 season..,

    purely by my own scratch math and knowing construction projects are never completed on time, this project would have to be financed, announced, and started before July of 2015…., wow

    long pole is the financing and city approval…, not sure if the University has the stamina or access to deep pockets to pull this off.., ambitious yes, but fortune favors the bold and they have my support…very comforting to know Temple has a vision and plan., staying at the Linc just does not pencil

    • It’s disheartening to see those 22K crowds swallowed up by 50K empty seats, that’s for sure. Plenty of benefits to stay (keeping Nova from moving in being one and attracting the Joe Philly fan who won’t go to N. Philly) but I’m beginning to think Nova football has even less of a future and Joe Philly won’t come to Temple ever.

      • Mike, I just don’t see Villanova moving even if TU leaves the Linc. It’s not just having a place to play at the FBS but all the other on campus infrastructure that would need to be upgraded as well. At best I see them leaving their football program right where it’s at. Plus, Lurie isn’t going to let them lease the Linc at any cheaper of a price and if by some chance it did come to pass I believe that would put Nova in with UConn as having stadiums the furthest from campus in D1

  4. Villanova can’t sell out a 10, 000 seat stadium; they aren’t moving. if they did decide to go to the BCS for football, wouldn’t it be a kick in the face if the ACC invited them in. As far as the stadium for the Owls go, the union tax will add at least a third to the cost of whatever is built.

    • John, that is one of the big issues along with navigating city politics, with regards to time and cost. The 30 month time frame mentioned by kj for construction is certainly realistic based on looking at the new stadium projects at Houston and Tulane.

  5. I feel there is a lot of prestige playing at an NFL stadium as few NCAAF teams have claim to that. Then again I made the same argument for keeping “TEMPLE” on the side of our helmets. What worries me is the lack of information/thinking/decision given how close the timeframe is.

    I know Lurie is hiking up the cost to kick us out, but I can’t help think he’d rather have some revenue over none. Then again playing on the field a day before an NFL game is probably a large driver.

    I won’t go to Franklin and traffic in N. Philly would be a nightmare. I hope we stay in our nest.

  6. While Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are only a few hundred miles away from each other, they are actually worlds apart when it comes to class of the NFL franchise. I have been to several Pitt home games. The stadium looks like it is Pitt’s stadium. They change everything over. It is a completely different environment. The Eagles do not have the same level of commitment to Temple as the Steelers do to Pitt.

    I am for an on campus stadium. Get out of the Linc and get into a Cherry and White stadium, not a green stadium with a few cherry stains!

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