5 Things Temple Must Do To Beat Penn State

Click on the photo of Chester Stewart rolling out and completely one of many ridiculously easy  5-yard rollout passes to Evan Rodriguez and imagine P.J. opening things up at PSU with the same type of passes to Colin Thompson.

Click on the photo of Chester Stewart rolling out and completely one of many ridiculously easy 5-yard rollout passes to Evan Rodriguez and imagine P.J. opening things up at PSU with the same type of passes to Colin Thompson.


22 thoughts on “5 Things Temple Must Do To Beat Penn State

  1. Five things:
    1. Offense must score 21 points or more
    2. Finish the game with less than 45 yards in penalties
    3. Makes all FGAs
    4. Keep the turnovers to two, or less than two
    5. Sack the PSU QB two times or more in the 4th quarter

    Realistically, PSU will be the best defensive team we’ll play all year. And our offense is getting worse each game, fairly good chance Temple will go down in a shutout. Look for PSU to gain over 500 yards with over 300 of those yards coming in the second half. Temple D will wear down from the Temple O going most of the game three and out…., Temple plays Cincy next, then Tulane. Tulane beat Houston

  2. 1. Balanced pass/run ratio
    2. Two back set and get the TE involved in the passing game
    3. Defense gets to the QB
    4. Few turnovers and penalties
    5. PJ’s accurate

    Really feel like this game is winnable if we learn from Memphis. But, week after week little changes in “the process”.

    • the process is a stubborn one. too stubborn IMHO.

      • a couple of observations.., the defense is playing winning football.., the offensive line is a work in progress, and no Sunday players at the skill positions which all equals losing football. really difficult to run the ball when the opposing D can play 8 in the box.., catch 22 bc they can afford to play 8 in the box and not fear getting beat down the field…, doubt in the running game will net 50 yards against PSU.., PSU will play 5 or 6 man fronts with 8 to 9 in the box…, PJ will be lucky to finish the game w/o injury

  3. a good way to counter that would be to roll p.j. out, bring the rush to him, and have him dump the ball over the rush to a guy like Jamie Gilmore or Jahad Thomas, who is pretty shifty in the open field. What we do is come out with 3 wides, who never get separation, then give P.J. an empty backfield (no protection) and expect him to pick out a covered receiver in roughly one-tenth of a second. the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Someone should cut that out of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary and leave it on Marcus Satterfield’s desk tomorrow morning.

    • Mike you know I agree with you on the insane overuse of the 3 wide single back formation. I like the idea of rolling out PJ, but worry that if PS loads the the box and has better edge rushers he could get knocked down a lot. I don’t follow PS as closely as many others due so I could be wrong.

      • ben, i hear you … i think you mean 3-wide receivers, though. no separation and no qb protection in that formation. it’s a formula for disaster and marcus satterfield inexplicably loves disaster.

  4. I really have to give the coaches props for using Nate L. Smith on that last punt return. That’s got to be a positive play for Temple going forward. I hope Khalif Herbin, who has the best vision of any high school running back I ever saw, comes back and the coaches use him like Darren Sproles but Smith will do well as a punt returner until KH comes back. You really have to be as dumb as a wall not to see the great vision this guy has:

  5. Mike – you have to let go at some point…, hope the coaches think twice before using KH on any type of returns.., this team can’t afford turnovers and KH can’t catch a cold.., almost like a golfer suffering from the jitters on three foot putts.., I don’t see any Rod Streaters or BPs in the next recruiting class, and we certainly don’t have any on the depth charts…, Thomas gets caught from behind and doesn’t have a 15 carry per game frame

    • got to use him. cannot give him the life sentence for a couple of muffs. remember, this kid was MVP of the entire team (twice) in spring ball. He didn’t get that honor for being a nice kid. He got it because he could be a difference-maker. I hope they don’t give up on him. He’s not a slot receiver (never caught a pass in high school from that position). He’s a running back. Put him at a spot where he’s comfortable. He can still help Temple. That’s why I cringe why Jamie was attacked for dropping a ball. They brought Jamie in to be a running back and they don’t give him a chance to run the ball in space. He doesn’t have a long history of catching the ball. Give these wonderful kids a chance to do what they do best first.

    • I agree with you on Jahad. We need to recruit Samir Bullock out of Archbishop Ryan. Runs like Bernard Pierce and will not get caught from behind. everybody on our roster (even Zaire Williams) has gotten caught from behind. BP never did. Matty rarely did. We need another one of those kids. Bullock is that kid and he’s being under-recruited now. MVP of the best league in the state. Long-time Temple fan. Great kid.

  6. I’m pretty worried about this game. Our defense needs to keep swarming to the ball and gang tackling because 4th and 5th string PSU players break tackles by our starters.
    Also, above kj says PJ will be lucky to finish without injury- I’m gonna go one step further and say it’ll be something below the knee- just ask BP or DiMichele. Even struggling he’s the most critical player on our offense- PSU has a way of taking that guy out of the game when it counts.
    If our O-Line can step up and protect PJ and the running backs we’ve got a fighting chance. I think it’s important the guys know that they really are protecting their teammates from potentially season-ending injuries. It’s war.

  7. Psu fan here. Root for temple when not playing us. See you guys taking this one in a close one. Our d is very good but look for Walker to have a few explosive plays. On offense psu can’t get out of its own way and the cobbled together o-line can’t protect Hack, who hasn’t played well even with time. Hope I’m wrong but see Walker the difference maker in this one. Good luck and no injuries

    • Thanks, Matt. Very classy post. I rooted for PSU every game this year because I wanted a Temple win over PSU to be that much more meaningful. As it turns out, it will be the most meaningful PSU-TU game. When have the two schools ever played with a bowl on the line for both teams? Never.

  8. Penn State’s backups (in the past) could break tackles by Temple’s starters. Penn State’s backups (now) are walk-ons. Doubt we will see the same discrepancy in ability we’ve seen in the past. East Carolina is better than the same Northwestern team that beat PSU, 29-6. Temple will just have to play well in a big spot again and I think Temple will.

    • Skill players for psu are still pretty good, but it’s hard to form a coherent o line with converted dt’s and redshirt freshmen who just aren’t physically ready to play at this level. Hard to get anything going on offense. Sanctions and recruiting ( or lack of) really hurt there. Will prob be an ugly game, but temple should make the explosive plays. Like the site btw

      • thanks, matt, … I see another 13-10 type of game. ficken is real good after being real bad as a freshman. I think our freshman kicker is real good, too.

  9. The game will rise or fall on TU’s ability to get to Hackenburg and cover PSU’s super tight ends. If Hack gets time those guys will kill us. Hope Snow doesn’t play conservatively because, as Friday showed, all prevent does is prevent you from winning.

  10. No clue as to who will win this weekend. Think Temple and Rutgers are in a position with PSU right now where it’s more mental than anything else. Maryland managed to “break through” this year. I’m looking at another game like the 2011 game hear.

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