Today IS The Day

The key to the game, simply.

The key to the game, simply.


15 thoughts on “Today IS The Day

  1. I’ve been an owls fan since the seventies. The best I ever felt going into a psu game was in the Palmer, Reinstra days…which were close games but we always came up short. I don’t think the owls will win today but I think we at least have a shot of stealing the game. Go Owls!

  2. When you make absolutely ZERO halftime adjustments, you coaching morons, you will lose the game! I’m sick and tired of seeing a good first half thrown away by no coaching adjustments.

  3. The spelling of “Regression” has been changed to PJ Walker.

  4. Four turnovers in the second half. Undisciplined play will never beat PSU. Just another disappointment and its all on the offense again.

  5. At Happy Valley. PJ’s reads are terrible. Clearly lacks confidence. Needs to be coached up. Focus of next two games should be anything to restore the kid’s swagger. No future without this kid.

    • Think maybe Rhule needs to look at moving DiMichele to QB coach and try and hire an experienced receivers coach. Seems like there might be something to work with in the receivers that red shirted this year but their going to need to be coached up. Seems like PJ needs a coach that is focused on the QBs, plus if Nutile is fully recovered from his knee injury by spring practice I would have to say that unless Walker lights it up these last 2 games need to go into camp with wide open competition for the starting job.

    • I agree. No future without him. They drop him back 90 percent of the time. They need to roll him out 90 percent of the time. Clearly he’s more comfortable throwing the ball out of the rollout, as he was on that touchdown pass to Fitz today and the td pass to fitz at uconn.

  6. Another year another loss to psu. As frustrated as I am with the loss we just lost to a better team and program. I’m hoping the owls can manufacture another win with solid defense so they can get bowl eligible.

  7. The realist in me says a split in the next two games creates a Bowl situation and momentum heading into the best home schedule in program history in 2015. The cynic says we are still a third-tier program that can’t cover a double-digit spread against a below-average Big Ten team.

    • One bright spot on that note Tulane was hammered by Memphis (who is having the kind of performance this year that Rhule’s “process” better produce on 2015), knocked out of bowl contention and looks like they are going with a freshman QB the rest of the season, Lee, who had 3 INTs today. Tulane plays ECU next so hopefully they are down for the count come 12/6. Considering Temple and Tulane have equally inept offenses, but with their defense even the “Satterfield Scheme” should be able to get a couple of TDs and our defense should be able to handle the Tulane “attack”

  8. Temple grad here, class of ’79….., this is absolutely terrible…, the PSU team today was the weakest we have played since 1975. and, this was our worst performance since 1975…, we look like a Div II team…, I’m so embarrassed.., we need Sunday skill players on offense and right now we have zero on the roster, and zero in the next recruiting class …, coaching staff deserves an “F”

  9. This one was hard to watch today. Listening/reading comments about the game afterward was even harder. Seems like a familiar feeling I’ve been having lately. I’m tired of hearing patronizing “Good effort for a Temple team” or “Temple played hard” comments. Damnit, we need a team that desires this win just like its fans do. This team (and OC and DC) just looked like a bunch of guys Temple imported from around the country to show up to play (or coach) just another game. Penn State has kids who genuinely want nothing more than to go play football for Penn State since they were kids.

    With everything that has happened for the past few years since the bowl win, it has been a struggle to have much pride for this squad. It feels awful. Even with the Vandy win and ECU win, any quality win feels more lucky than good. I can’t feel good about going to a bowl this year, even with 2 winnable games left.

    • Desmond Howard on ESPN said it best, “at some point in time coaches have got to ‘coach up’ the talent they have” .., two and three star kids can beat beat four and five star kids provided they are taught first how not to beat themselves…, stupid penalties and turnovers have nothing to do with ability.., I am so sick and tired of watching Temple players commit stupid penalties and turnovers.., and how hard is it to find to a realiable kicker?

  10. Halftime adjustments last year … not much better this year:
    Game First Half Points Second Half Points
    Notre Dame 6 0
    Houston 13 0
    Cincinnati 20 0
    UConn 21 0

  11. This was probably the best chance Temple had to beat Penn State since they have now been cleared of all sanctions. The problem all year for Temple has been the play of the QB. Hopefully next year one of the Red shirt frosh QB’s, either Nutile or Lenny Williams can take over and be productive and actually lead the offense down the field instead of going 3 and out 90% of the time!!

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