5-Part Tommy Tuberville Game Plan Matt Rhule Should Expect

Tommy Tuberville has watched Temple film and seems to be confident in his game plan.

Tommy Tuberville has watched Temple film and seems to be confident in his game plan. We’ve obtained a copy of the Cincinnati game plan and, if Matt Rhule makes counter moves, Temple could win. If he sticks with “the process” it’s a loss. Click on Tommy for his 5-part plan.


28 thoughts on “5-Part Tommy Tuberville Game Plan Matt Rhule Should Expect

  1. It’s been uncanny how prescient you’ve been this season about what TU and its opponents are going to do. I hope you’re wrong this time. Nevertheless Kiel is going to pick us apart unless we hit him hard in his bad ribs and have our cornerbacks press their receivers. The problem with employing a press is that Cincinnati may have the best receivers the Owls have faced.

    • Problem is we have to knock out two qbs. Munchie Leguex played the whole game against Tulane in a 38-14 win. the 5 counter moves are: 1) fullback to lead block in running game; 2) sticking jahad back there for the whole game following those lead blocks; 3) using nate l. smith (I’ll call him Anyone L. Else), not john christopher, as the punt returner; 4) taking a gamble with press converage and hope tavon/and/or sean chandler can step in front of one for a pick six; 5) bring the TE for run support and max protect or p.j.; don’t split him out. Of course, Rhule would rather lose with “the process” than play chess with Tommy. Checkmate.

      • Mike, I noticed on one of the UCONN games earlier this year the announcers were mentioning Diaco and “process” as well. Why is it that process only seems tied to the teams at the bottom half of the conference. Ok, you can say we are at the top of the bottom or bottom of the top I suppose. So far all I’ve seen from the “process” is that it took 2 seasons now to get to where this team should have been last year, beating teams it was favored against!!!

  2. This matchup is like the Gulf War , Matt Rhule’s strategy akin to Saddam’s strategy.

    I thought he had a few brain cells but I was wrong.


  3. Mike, I becoming afraid this might be the last stand of Temple football. As you say, they will not fire Rhule. He does not seem capable of developing and implementing a quality game plan. I doubt the University will be able to put together the $$ for an on campus stadium with a mediocre (at best) team. With the current stadium arrangement coming to an end, I don’t see much light at the end of the tunnel.

    • that’s why I was so adamant about not hiring Rhule when they hired him. they were rolling the dice on a $17 million (the eventual cost of the EO) crapshoot, that someone who had not won a game would somehow be successful because he was a nice guy and well-liked by his players. the world is littered with nice guys who finished last. If he fails and to me several 5-7, 4-8, 2-10 type seasons are abject failures, they will turn the E-O into the nicest field hockey and men’s soccer facility in the country.

  4. Aren’t you guys reading the other boards with comments like, and I quote, “This program is 100% on its way up”, “This is a good season. Going from 2-10 to Bowl Eligible will be very satisfactory progress.” and the best “program is aimed at having a breakout year in 2015”

    • Are they the boards limited to delusional substance abusers?

    • again, with idaho and fordham are your schedule and 16 starters returning from a 4-7 team if you don’t go 6-6 your first season there are major red flags raised. even finishing 6-6 this season is no more than treading water given those facts. daz would have killed to have idaho and fordham on the schedule if he didn’t exit stage right first.

  5. Why has Khalif Herbin not played?? Wasnt the concussion like 5 weeks ago?

    • I have the feeling that they are using that concussion as a convenient excuse for not playing Khalif, who has fallen into their doghouse. I wish Rhule was as quick to put some of his assistant coaches into that doghouse as he is his players.

  6. Does this description of Franklin remind anyone of another head coach?:

    Interesting take from USAToday’s Misery Index (PSU #9) …. Reply
    I couldn’t sum it up nearly as well as this:

    From USAToday: Part of the deal with Franklin is that his charisma makes people believe too much. The same stuff that makes players go hard for him and sometimes play above their ability filters to a fan base that is pre-programmed to ignore reality until the moment it smacks them in the face. Because of his ability to sell himself and the fact Penn State locked up some big-time recruits quickly, the Penn State fan base elevated Franklin to Paterno-like levels of sainthood before he ever coached a game there. That’s a bad recipe for a letdown, and now the knives are out, dissecting why quarterback Christian Hackenberg has regressed, why Penn State can’t protect him and why the 6-5 Nittany Lions look right at home in the soft middle of the Big Ten. When you sell as hard as Franklin sells, it’s never pretty for a fan base like Penn State when things don’t go their way.

  7. Too many people at TU don’t realize that the whole program is in a knife fight and that it’s losing and likely will be on life support.

    • John, I think next year is make or break, if Rhule can’t put together a season like Memphis did this season it is not going to be too long before the bottom of the conference starts catching up and passing TU. I don’t think Diaco is going to get 5 years at UCONN, have to think SMU will go out and try to hire a proven HC. Funny, don’t hear anything about an on campus stadium these days. But hey as some of those delusional substance abusers posted…”I trust this staff” !!!!!!

  8. Another factor is that as a result of Louis Katz’s death and Cosby’s recent downfall, two of the biggest donors have been lost. In fact, I think if Cosby offered money, women’s groups at TU would protest against accepting it.

    • People are the inside told me that Bill soured on TU football noticeably after Ron Dickerson was fired. He still supported verbally but has not contributed a dime (although he bought out Jerry Berndt’s contract to hire Dickerson). Lew Katz probably would have donated a lot of money to a possible stadium. Don’t think Drew shares a lot of his dad’s same passions (he pulled out of the Inky).

    • With Tulsa canning Blankesnship, what do you think the odds are that they go after a successful, experienced HC. I have a bad feeling that Temple is the “top of the bottom” of the AAC and some of the bottom is going to be moving up on us.

  9. We’re doomed. This is what Ruhle said in a press conference according to Mitchell in the Daily News:

    “There was a real focus on recruiting by the staff and not a lot of practice by the team,” Rhule said. “We really tried to get them to focus on the last week of school before fall break, so it was really an academic week as well as resting, recovering and lifting to make sure we’re at our best physically for the last two times.”

    With an eye on 2015, they also got extra work for many of the players who will not play in 2014.

    “We also took an opportunity to work the young guys, work the redshirt freshmen kids that aren’t really playing, so we worked them trying to move the team along for the future,” Rhule said.

    Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/colleges/temple/Highlights-from-Matt-Rhules-AAC-teleconference.html#r3BiRKdMGppt23F8.99

    Hey, when you have a process, who needs anything else. By the way, Mitchell had the Owls 5-4. It’s not the first time he’s gotten such a basic fact wrong.

    • That is the one thing he seems to have in common with his legion of lemming supporters, everything is recruiting, recruiting, recruiting. Not making light of the importance of it but then what, the players just put together a scheme, game plan, etc. Sooner or later you have to coach the talent you’ve brought on board and I just don;t see a whole lot of evidence of that.

      • Really puzzling to me when you’ve got a lot of work to do on your current season you are worrying about next season. we have guys jumping offsides and illegal procedures all over the place and we’re worried about giving them a rest? Geez. How about using that week to drill and then change up the offense so Tuberville won’t be laying in wait for us like a Marine sniper.

  10. Mike Kern had the Owls never playing Vanderbilt before (they played them twice before, once as recently as 2006) and he had “Willie Shaw” as the current Vandy head coach. Close. It is Derek Mason. He also called P.J. Walker P.J. Clark in a preview last year. That”s a little like the New England Pats’ beat writer calling Tom Brady Tom O’Brien. More important, though, the lack of focus on fixing the major problems of this season is appalling. We really are doomed. I’ve never bet a Temple game (nor will I ever because I’d gladly pay for a win) but if anyone who takes a dispassionate interest in this game is looking to make a little money feel free to lay the 3.5. Rhule really feels 3-4 wides with no wr separation, no running game and no qb protection is really the way to go. That’s some damn great football acumen right there.

  11. Mike, I actually think the stadium has one last shot next season and I don’t see this happening. If this team is competing for the AAC championship next season and manages to beat either Penn State or Notre Dame here then I think there is still a chance to generate fund raising momentum. Realistically, I think Temple gets blown out in both those games next year which will best case be like neutral site games for Temple.

    • Pretty much thinking the shovel has to go into the ground at the beginning of 2015, not the end, so that’s why I discounted next season. got to plan to get it built before the linc contract is over or we’re looking at the Doomsday Scenario of Franklin Field. Program’s over if we have to spend 1 day at FF. The carpetbagger’s from Indiana do not seem to fully understand that.

      • Depends on when the contract for the Linc expires, end of the 2017 season or 2018 season. If we are playing at the Linc through the 2018 season, based on the construction time frames of Yuhlman at Tulane and TDECU Stadium at Houston may not have to consider FF even if ground broken at end of 2015. Those 2 stadiums took 20 and 18 months from start to finish. So even if it say it took 24 months here start to finish team could go from the Linc to a new Temple Stadium

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