5 Moves That Will Guarantee a Temple Win

Matt Rhule could have used the bye week to fix all of the recent problems (offsides, illegal procedures) and tweak the running game and pass protection schemes. If he uses these 5 steps, it's a guaranteed win.

Matt Rhule could have used the bye week to fix all of the recent problems (offsides, illegal procedures) and tweak the running game and pass protection schemes. Click on the photo for 5 simple tweaks that would guarantee a Temple win over Cincy.


10 thoughts on “5 Moves That Will Guarantee a Temple Win

  1. Of the 5 items you listed might get the press coverage and maybe more use of the TE. Even at that I think it’s slim for those 2. I would like to see a return of those roll outs that the offense used with Stewart and Rodriquez. Was a relatively safe pass and the one advantage I see over that pattern versus the quick screens is that the play is going more vertical. Used to remember Rodriquez would regularly pick up 8 to 10 yards with an occasional big gainer.

  2. I don’t expect to get any. Just pounding my head against a wall so frustrated by this staff’s lack of “getting it.” If I were Rhule, I would have said, “You know what. I wasn’t happy at the execution so we brought the team out the Sunday after Penn State and went full pads and went over every play we did wrong until we got it right.” Instead, he basically said they went to the college football equivalent of Club Med–rest, rejuvenation and recruiting. This is really a cluster bleep of the highest level. Too bad the administration doesn’t give a crap.

    this is what Bruce Arians did after a Temple loss pissed him off:


    does our coaching staff get pissed off after losses? Don’t see evidence of it.

    • What bothers me is that the coaching seems to be the last thing this staff and the MRAs feel is important. I mean after the Memphis loss, one of the first topics on Owlscoop was about recruiting needs for 2015. None of the problems ever seem to be coaching related, it’s all the players.

      • Nate L. Smith rips off a 30-yard punt return on the final play of the Memphis game, plays the entire PSU game on defense and Rhule says “I don’t have anyone else” when asked if John Christopher was returning punts again. Was Rhule talking to the defense when Smith ripped off the punt return? Nobody follows up on the question. None of the MRAs on the Stepford board question it. Dumbfounding. One of many things Rhule is never pressed about.

  3. He threw PJ under the bus in a story in the Daily News today asif none of it his his and Satterfield’s fault for running a mess of the offense.

  4. Saw that article. I wonder how many of those players who pushed for Rhule before he was hired will feel the same way about him after this season. If I remember Buddy Brown was a big supporter of Rhule’s on twitter, now he seems buried way down on the depth chart. Unless there are big changes, see more of the same for next season and how will 2 most likely national TV blow out losses (PSU and ND) help his recruiting “prowess”

  5. Rhule didn’t throw PJ under the bus. Simply stated, he’s not playing well (which is a fact). He also stated on more than one occasion that PJ is unable to play to his potential without good protection and WRs who can make plays for him. I’m not a fan of Rhule, but I absolutely encourage a coach holding his players/coaches accountable for there play/coaching.

    • PJ is a product of the offensive system put in place by Rhule, a system which often leaves him with inadequate blocking and a passing scheme with no safety valve. On top of that if all those good passes he’s thrown that were dropped are considered, he’s not playing badly at all. Can’t blame the kid when he;s simply trying to win, especially during the PSU game where he had to run for his life at least three or four times. Also, Rhule should take blame for not taking blame for his inept scheme and failure to adapt as the season has progressed.

  6. I don’t think Rhule threw PJ under the bus at all. He is trying to motivate him. We have many glaring weaknesses on Offense and QB is just one of them. Next year there will be an open competition at QB and it would not surprise me to see someone else at the helm at some point next season.

    Regarding using Thomas at tailback, I agree to an extent. He is only dangerous in space and is not effective between the tackles.

    • disagree, fred, only because 90 percent of p.j.’s bad throws, ints, reads are off pressure. you ditch this ill-advised (that’s a nice way of putting it) 3-4 wide look and go to max protect with a fullback and a running game and have p.j. throw those same passes off play action and there’s comparatively very little pressure and the receivers are much more wide open. Give P.J. that chance. If you don’t and are his coach and complain about him, you are throwing him under the bus.

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